Free non-fiction Kindle books for 14 Aug 18

Manipulation: The Complete Guide to Changing People’s Perspective and Thinking

by Amanda Filip


In this book you’ll find some of the best manipulation techniques, the ones that can easily give you access to almost anybody’s mind. By learning and applying them, you will have the chance to create a great positive change in your life and reach your goals faster.

Python: 2 Books In 1: Learn Python Programming

by Kevin Spencer


2 Books In 1: Learn Python Programming

Python For Beginners

Learn Python Programming Easily

Want to become a good Python programmer quickly?

This book aims to make sure that you fully understand what you’re getting into in terms of programming, as well as making certain that you get the logic behind everything that you’re doing. 

Python is an extremely useful language for you to learn, and it’s also pretty easy. The handy thing, too, is that Python is similar enough to a lot of different languages that when you learn Python the right way, you aren’t just learning Python – you’re actually learning a variety of programming concepts that you can then apply to a huge number of different languages that you may choose to study.

This book contains: 

  • How to set up Python
  • How to work with Variables
  • How to control Flow and lists, File Input/Output
  • An overview of the concept of Methods
  • The explanation of the concept of Object-oriented programming
  • A step by step tutorial for a beginner project

And much much more…

Python Programming

A Practical Guide To Python Programming

What is Python

Python is a general purpose language which has many different application levels. Right from scientific computing to web development, not to mention mathematical computing and the desktop graphical user interfaces. 

Why You Should Buy This Book

At the end of this book, you will have developed the mind of a Python developer. If you have been looking forward to building a strong foundation in Python, this book is right for you. It will help you get coding fast on the advanced concepts of Pythonprogramming. It focuses in delivering a solid foundation in learning advanced Python concepts.

What This Book Contains

You will learn: 

  • How to program in Python
  • Software to code and run Python
  • Dictionaries
  • Python Object Oriented Programming
  • How to define and use Python functions
  • The different Expressions and Statements in Python
  • Python conditional statements and recursion
  • Best naming practices to use in Python language

And much much more…


Don’t Break It: Lessons on Calm

by D.H. Kim

About seven years ago, I started writing a collection of essays on calm. I called it “Don’t Break It”. I added to it when I learned something new about maintaining calm that I didn’t want to forgetâ??â??just in case they could come in handy for myself and possibly others in the future. Those essays have since developed into this book “Don’t Break It”, a curated collection of those same essays, which aims to convince myself and any reader that everyone has the capacity to control anger and rehearse discipline until calmness becomes the mind’s default and not something that is exclusively called upon as a reaction to anger.

I didn’t expect to write a book, nor did I think I was capable of it. But the endless desire to resolve my anger management gradually pulled me towards sharing my progress with the broader world. I hope this book will steer you even the slightest towards the direction of less anger and more calm.

Home Improvement Solutions : What Every Homeowner Should Know Book 5

by Jacy Elsesser

This is the fifth book in our Home Solutions series. We will be covering a wide range of home improvement topics in each book. This book is a great reference book to the topics we covered in our podcast. Whether you are a new home owner, have owned a home for years or just love home repair topics, these books will give you an in-depth explanation and help you maintain and fix projects around your home. We give our recommendations for products we like, top-rated companies, and items every homeowner should have in their tool bag. You will learn routines that you should do every year, plus we added some histories and tangents.

The Perfect Speed Handicapping System

by Jim Johnson

This is a must have manual for use in the handicapping of thoroughbred horse races – Jim’s unique systematic application points out various factors utilized in ranking selections for wagering based on early speed, medium speed, late speed, speed rating, class and average purse. This system teaches suggested bankrolling techniques, and proven trial and error wagering methods, of which only 5% of race track patrons are knowledgeable and places the student in the best possible position to determine his/her ultimate success in wagering strategies. As a bonus, Jim provides a method of determining which barns are very confident in their entries in any given race by teaching a unique method to advise you on which horses the barn/backside personnel (owners, trainers and their staff personnel) have wagered. Jim’s system was featured in the September 2008 issue of “American Turf Monthly” and awarded “Best New Thoroughbred Handicapping System for 2008”. Featured in May 4, 2009, issue of “Thoroughbred Daily News” when my system correctly predicted the winner of the 2009 Kentucky Derby, “Mine That Bird” at 50-1 odds and paid $103.20. Jim has also written a book “Greyhounds – The Ultimate Speed Machines” for sale on this web site (regarding greyhound racing).

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