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by J Jay Brighton

Gianni Temprono is inspired to become a professional gunfighter after watching the movie The Fastest Gun Alive. When old enough, he’s sworn in as a federal agent and hired to gunfight for the government. Dryfire, Vol.1 begins his tale of firearms training at the US Treasury Department in DC, and his first assignment in the mountains of West Virginia, where he chases moonshiners and bombers, encountering hardened gunfighters on both sides of the law.
Dryfire is a true story, based on actual events and gunfighters. It is the first volume in the 12 volume series The Gunfighter Chronicles.

Jack Ma: Biography Of A Self Made Billionaire

by R.G. Knight

Jack Ma’s Biography – The Story Of A Self-Made Billionaire!

When Alibaba founder and CEO Jack Ma was a young adult, he applied to over 30 jobs and got rejected by all of them. Today, the 53-year-old’s e-commerce company is valued at $519 billion, although Ma didn’t start achieving career success until his 30s. He says: “In life, it’s not how much we achieved, it’s how much we’ve gone through the tough days and mistakes”.

This book covers the entirety of Jack Ma’s life, the challenges he faced and his struggles – how he braved all odds and swam against the tide to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world today. It will give you a detailed insight into his early life, how he struggled with his education and business, how he handled pessimists and critics and how he learned to use the power of good company, sheer will and grit to achieve his dream.

The well-structured book focuses on Jack Ma and his complete story, starting from his childhood. Unlike other boring biographies, it is interesting and engaging to read. The book captures the life of Jack well – his struggles, failures, strategy and thought process. Particularly, how Jack connected the dots in life and what we can learn from him.

It’s a perfect gift for your son, daughter or anyone who needs a dose of inspiration/motivation. The book contains valuable lessons from Jack Ma’s life.

United Press Invades India: Memoirs of a Foreign Correspondent, 1944-1952

by John Hlavacek

How does a humble, Midwestern boy from Illinois end up reporting world events from India for United Press? He comes by way of boat, but only after reporting from Japanese occupied China during the Communist takeover.
Such is the life story of John Hlavacek, foreign war correspondent for NBC News and Time-Life. John left his career reporting from China with the American Military Attach�© s Office from 1939-1944 to join United Press as a war correspondent. He reported world events from India from 1944-1952.
During John’s time as a war correspondent, he was witness to the transformation of British colonies into the free countries of India, Pakistan, Ceylon, and Burma. He met and befriended Gandhi, Edmund Hillary, and Tenzing Norgay. John also details the life changing event of meeting and courting Pegge Parker, his future wife.
John’s tale of his time in India was written from the collection of letters he sent home to his family detailing his life over seas. He had originally intended the letters to be something for his children and grandchildren to read down the road. After re-reading the letters later in life, John realized that he had “created a (personal) history of the United Press service in Southeast Asia,” and subsequently wanted to share it with others.

Douglas Bader

by Robert Jackson

Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader, whose dazzling success as a fighter pilot with artificial legs made him a national hero, was a British national treasure.

His courage was remarkable, as was the way he defied his handicap.

The film Reach for the Sky brought Bader’s life into cinemas, and Robert Jackson’s classic biography was the first to document his life.

After a lonely childhood Bader’s early reputation as a sportsman and a daredevil made him popular with his contemporaries. But he was also an irritation to his superiors, a pattern which continued throughout his life, and hid an academic ability which won him a scholarship to St Edward’s School and a cadetship at the elite RAF College in Cranwell.

After his accident, Bader was determined to rejoin the RAF. As a pilot, he was an tactical innovator, a man who confronted the methods of other pilots. When he was a Prisoner of War, Bader’s antagonism toward his guards, and his political pronouncements in later life, sometimes provoked his colleagues, but never lost him their lasting respect and admiration.

After retiring from the RAF he combined a full-time job with Shell with all the demands of being a celebrity; his inspiration to the disabled gained him many accolades and finally a knighthood.

Both aggressive and charming, Bader’s outward personality was famous. Robert Jackson describes the evolution of that forceful character, and the motivation behind his remarkable achievements.

â??Its style and structure make it readily accessible and, like your favourite armchair, it is easy to relax into at the end of a busy day.’ Frank Burns

Robert Jackson has been a full-time author since 1969, specializing in aviation and military history. A retired member of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, he has flown a wide variety of aircraft, ranging from jets to gliders. A prolific author, he has written both fiction and non-fiction

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DE ECONOMIE: Ik steun haat (Dutch Edition)

by Jose Ruben Amador

Ik moet dit om te beginnen zeggen:
Geef jezelf geen illusies.
Dit is een boek van afzettingen.
Nu zal ik op zo’n manier haat opwekken.

SuperGal vs. GOD

by Lori Hynson

What happens when a fiercely self-reliant and controlling SuperGal is faced with a life-or-death crisis she can’t fix, and must make a crucial choice when she encounters God in a hospital corridor? 

Living the life of a fiercely independent, accomplish-it-all, has-it-all-together SuperGal, Lori appears competent and successful to the world. But behind closed doors, she is anxious and stressed, trying to maintain control over her out-of-control life. 
What happens to that same tired SuperGal when, trusting only in herself, she gets caught in a life-or-death storm? 
Lori wasn’t looking for love. But when she meets Ben in mid-life, her battle-hardened heart begins to melt. Six short weeks later, her joy turns to despair when he becomes critically ill. 
As Ben’s condition grows ever more desperate, Lori turns her back on the God she only knows from church on Sundays–the God who isn’t responding to her pleas for Ben’s recovery. God wants her to turn to Him for help, but she can’t. She hardly knows Him.  
Finally, on her darkest night, as the doctors work to save Ben’s life, Lori stands helplessly in the corridor near Ben’s hospital room. 
She believed she could save the day. 
She believed she could save this man. 
She was dead wrong. 
Shattered by her failure, Lori is out of time and flat out of hope. 
And finally, God has her right where He wants her. 
The doctors have no more answers. But someone in that hospital does. When she encounters two mysterious strangers in the corridor that very night, everything begins to change.

Killer Patty Colombo

by Annie Steen

A true crime anthology headlined by Patty Colombo. Patricia Columbo and Frank DeLuca were arrested for the brutal murders Columbo’s parents and brother in Elk Grove, Illinois. Twenty-year-old Columbo had been kicked out of her parent’s home two years earlier and began living with DeLuca, her thirty-six year old married boss. The pair later killed her parents under the belief that they would receive an inheritance but Patty had been written out of the will years earlier.

Killer Bodybuilder Kelly Ann Ryan

by Ana Benson

The world of professional bodybuilding is interesting and intriguing. It is more than just strong and muscular bodies. As a matter of fact, there are many hidden aspects of it which include the use of steroids and other dangerous substances. Kelly Ann Ryan was an all-American girl who started out as a gymnast trained by Béla Károlyi. Her interest in the sport led her to a very successful bodybuilding career.
She met her future husband in 1999 and the two of them quickly became the power couple in the world of fitness. But all of their dreams will come crashing down in 2005 after a jealously fueled evening in their Las Vegas mansion that led to the death of their assistant Melissa James.

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