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Este libro entrega consejos prácticos para la gerencia diaria de una empresa. Los gerentes tenemos que lidiar a cada instante con problemas éticos o morales y no contamos necesariamente con una formación académica para responder a estos retos.

Debido a esto, escribí este libro con una serie de recomendaciones para tomar decisiones basándome en el milenario libro de confucio “Analectas”. Es como si tuvieramos la suerte de poder contratar como consultor externo al sabio Confucio nacido hace más de 2000 años atrás.

Marketing Playbook for Social Media: Using Social Media to Drive Sales and Build Brand Awareness

by Mark Lamplugh Jr

This book contains helpful information about how to use social media to promote your business and boost your sales! The information in this book will help you to create and grow a strong social media presence for your business that will allow you to obtain the all the potential that social media has to offer.
Social Media is being highly adopted by the wider population therefore it is imperative to deliver the right message to the right platform. By reading and taking action on each chapter, you need to learn how to build your social media presence for you can obtain the full benefits. This book will explain to you tips and techniques that will allow you to successfully increase your sales through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other Social Networking Sites!

Create: How to Write Your Book and Create Your Legacy

by Annika Jacobsen

Attention Thought Leaders: Your Ideas Deserve to Be Heard.

Entrepreneurs and thought leaders want to create their legacyâ??something that is an extension of the big dreams that drive them forward in lifeâ??they just need a conduit for making that happen. Create helps you put your ideas and unique perspectives into a book to create that legacy.

Rather than feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the writing process, Create guides you step-by-step through an infrastructure that you can work with right away. It keeps you focused while amplifying your ideas in a beautiful, meaningful way so that you can affect the most lives.

If you are looking to…

– Get unstuck and create life-changing opportunities for yourself by telling your story,
– Discover a catalyst for increasing business ROI, switching careers, or launching a new product or service,
– Get your book done now and not put it off for another five years,
– Identify and change the self-sabotaging behaviors that are stopping you from writing your book,
– Declare to the world that you are undoubtedly a thought leader,
– And create your legacy by sharing your vision for the future with others, in a way that adds real value to their lives,

Then this is for you.

I Am: Escape Distractions, Unlock Your Imagination & Unleash Your Potential

by Bruce Kasanoff

The stories you tell yourself have immense power, but what if those stories are doing more harm than good?

The right stories will lead you to great success, but the wrong ones can hold you back.

– Are you struggling to advance in your career?
– Do you feel stuck, personally and/or professionally?
– Are you afraid to go after what you really want?
– Do you feel overwhelmed?
– Is your inner monologue holding you back?
– Are you fulfilling your true purpose and potential?

“I Am” gives you tools to:

– Pay attention to the stories circling in your head. Everyone has these; it’s part of the human condition.
– Unlock far better and more positive narratives, by experimenting in a lighthearted way that is designed to produce profound insights for you.
– Discover new stories that are invigorating, positive, self-affirming, and–this is the important part–strong enough to push aside your old, negative tales.

“I Am” is a universally useful, remarkably personal book. It gives you a path to find your own answers, ones that you can easily tailor to your unique struggles and aspirations.

You get 68 passages that begin with the prompt “I am…”.

– Some are thought-provoking, designed to unleash your creativity and imagination
– Others are positive, comforting, and inspirational
– And a few are so utterly unexpected that they can push even the most skeptical reader out of his or her well-worn thought patterns

Bonus: All book owners can participate for free in the authors’ ongoing webinars, designed to help you keep using positive stories instead of negative ones.

“This book is like hot chocolate for your brain. Read it slowly, savor it, and you will be rewarded each time you repeat.”
Carmen Simon, cognitive neuroscientist and author of Impossible to Ignore

“Both poetic and mindful, offering a transformative path towards positivity, creativity, and unleashing your highest potential.”
Christoph Zohlen, Managing Partner, Radius 1 Consulting GmbH

The Book of Public Speaking: Learning to Speak for Purpose, Impact and Profit

by Corey Poirier

Public Speaking is the # 1 fear in the world, above death. Mastering the craft to public speaking is also one of the shortest paths to creating long term impact, and opening doors never before possible. The Book of Public Speaking is your keys through those doors and your launching pad to impact lives on a regular basis.

Competition Authorities in South Eastern Europe: Building Institutions in Emerging Markets (Contributions to Economics)

by Boris BegoviÄ?

This open access book provides answers to key open questions concerning competition policy in emerging economies, with a focus on South Eastern Europe. The contributions address two major issues. One is the design of competition policy and the national competition authorities that enforce it, including the topics of competition advocacy and state aid control; the other is the use of economic methods in competition law enforcement, especially in the cases of relevant market definition and merger control.

Many lessons learned in the countries of South Eastern Europe can be applied to the emerging markets of other regions. As such, the findings presented here will be highly relevant for officials and staff at national competition authorities, advisers to legislators shaping national competition policy, competition law professionals, and university students alike.

Couponing 101: Everything You Need to Know About Couponing

by Brandy Morrow

Have you ever been in the store and watched one of those ladies with their coupons in action? Maybe you have watched the show on television about extreme couponing and wished that you could find those types of savings.

This book is going to give you all of the information that you need so that you can start couponing TODAY!

From learning the coupon lingo to how to get your coupons and even how to check out at your favorite stores, nothing has been left out. Written by a seasoned couponer, this book is going to provide you with all of the information that you need so that you can start couponing and start saving as much money as possible.

Imagine going to your favorite store and saving 99 percent on your purchases, or even better, getting paid to take the items out of the store. All of this is possible and the information in this book is going to show you exactly how you can do it!

12 Simple Steps to Succeeding and Thriving in Spite of a Bullying Boss (Whether Your Boss Likes It or Not)

by Pauline Wadley

Have you ever tried to “deal with” your bullying manager only to fail? Have you ever tried to figure out how to please your abusive boss only to have the rules change every day? Have you ever gone above and beyond to try to impress your bullying boss only to be criticized for whatever you do? Have you ever tried to make yourself an invaluable asset to your toxic supervisor’s team only to have your cruel supervisor dismiss you as worthless? Have you ever tried to calm your angry boss only to have their fury escalate? Have you ever felt that your workplace success was hampered by how much you hate your boss? And have you ever gotten frustrated or discouraged by your lack of success in improving your employer-employee relationship?

I have. And I’ve learned that, unfortunately, more often than not, trying to please, calm, or “deal with” a bullying boss is a pointless waste of time. Simply put, these types of mean managers are jerks who enjoy making you feel worthless and miserable and enjoy destroying your self-esteem, so nothing you do is going to impress or change them. And even though they’re wrong about you, nothing you do will ever convince them otherwise.

However, you can still win this game! Even though your boss is a jerk, you don’t have to let your bad boss destroy you. In fact, if you know what to do, you can even use your current awful situation to improve your career success! Your terrible boss thinks they have the upper hand, but they really don’t. If you use the right techniques, you can succeed in your career despite a bullying supervisor! And this book will teach you how.

Instead of trying to teach you how to “deal with” or please your abusive manager, this book will focus on your personal employment success. This book is geared toward teaching you how to use your current terrible situation to your advantage so that you can ultimately succeed and thrive professionally, despite your bullying boss trying to tear you down and make you fail.

You’ll learn:
* How to manage the stress of working under an abusive supervisor.
* How to gain the emotional strength to use your current horrible workplace situation to advance your career.
* Why working for a mean supervisor who you justifiably hate can actually be an incredibly valuable experience.
* How to use your current unbearable workplace to develop your employability skills.
* How to use your awful workplace to learn about yourself, gain personal strength, and improve self-confidence.
* How to not only survive in difficult workplace conditions, but also thrive.

And, as someone who has worked for more than my share of cruel managers, I don’t blame you one bit if you hate your boss!

You can triumph over your bullying boss! You can succeed and build a great career for yourself despite your terrible boss wanting to destroy you. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

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Designing Sustainable Technologies, Products and Policies: From Science to Innovation

by Enrico Benetto

This open access book provides insight into the implementation of Life Cycle approaches along the entire business value chain, supporting environmental, social and economic sustainability related to the development of industrial technologies, products, services and policies; and the development and management of smart agricultural systems, smart mobility systems, urban infrastructures and energy for the built environment. The book is based on papers presented at the 8th International Life Cycle Management Conference that took place from September 3-6, 2017 in Luxembourg, and which was organized by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and the University of Luxembourg in the framework of the LCM Conference Series.

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