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Highlander’s Stolen Love: A Medieval Scottish Historical Highland Romance Book

by Alisa Adams

~ In the Highlands, the course of true love always has to surpass obstacles. ~

It is the year of our Lord 1356.
A war that will last one hundred years ravages across the Kingdom of France.

Doogle of the Clan Macleod, comes to France to fight alongside the French. Stubborn and brave he plans to return to the Highlands upon defeating the English.

Beautiful Louise Duroc, a farmer’s daughter, although educated knows little from the outside world. Meeting Doogle intrigued her as he is similar to her beloved father. Strong, compassionate and focused on his beliefs.

Finding each other is not enough.
They will also have to save each other from destiny’s traps, in the midst of war.

Can love blossom or will fate rip them apart?

This is a tale of love, friendship and the will of a man to claim the woman he loves.

“Highlander’s Stolen Love” is a standalone historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words.
No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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String of Treason (The Sorceress’ Child Book 2)

by Mira Kanehl

What if you had to fear for your life because you stood up for a friend?

After a meltdown with Bingham, Delmar fears he is outlawed. Again. As the legend closes in on Delmar, he entrusts his life to Mayme, his girlfriend, who takes him on an enthralling voyage into her Hawaiian existence. And for a few spellbinding days it seems the looming catastrophe is kept at bay. But Delmar must explain to the missionaries he disembarked with that they are outlawed, too. Will he escape the string of treason that seems to tighten around his neck the more he tries to flee?

REGENCY ROMANCE: Pride and Persecution (Historical Clean Read)

by Julia Fellowes

A penniless lonely spinster or a wealthy, unloved spouse. If you had to be one or the other, which would you choose?

Roseanne Wood is an only child to impoverished parents. Now that she has come of age, she must be married, and her haughty father has promised her to the rich Earl of Thurshdon. His wealth will keep her in more comfort than she has ever experienced. The only problem is, Roseanne cannot stand this odious man! She tries her best to like him, but thinks she would be better off as a penniless lonely spinster. Much to her parents’ disapproval.
The Earl of Thurshdon is a manipulative man not to be messed with, and he will use his power to ensure Mr & Mrs Wood keep their promise, at any cost. Since her parents refuse to listen to her pleas, Roseanne decides she must come up with a plan to free herself from the engagement.
Baron Rupert Rodell has a terrible reputation for how he treats young ladies, which he is finding hard to shake off. When Rupert meets Roseanne for the first time at a ball, he finds it hard to resist her. Although Roseanne is not normally flirtatious, she will try anything to get out of her engagement. Anything at all! But she never expected what happens next…

PRIDE AND PERSECUTION is a story of love and corruption you’ll find hard to put down. If you’re seeking a suspenseful historical romance that’s neither too long nor too short, passionate (yet not sexually explicit) featuring vivid characters in the Regency era, then you’ll like Pride and Persecution. Read it today!

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Simplicissimus: Der Abenteuerliche Simplicissimus Teutsch (German Edition)

by Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen

Simplicius wächst als einfältiger Viehhirte auf einem Bauernhof im Spessart auf – fernab jeglicher Bildung und sogar in Unkenntnis seines eigenen Namens. Beim Schafehüten lockt der Zehnjährige mit seinem “Sackpfeiffen”-Spiel einen Trupp Soldaten an, der sich im Wald verirrt hat. Sie plündern den Bauernhof, foltern den Knecht, schänden die Frauen, morden und brandschatzen. Auf Anraten der übel zugerichteten Magd flieht der Junge …

Charming the Earl: Regency Romance

by Grace Austen

In this clean and wholesome Regency Romance, Anna Quinlan is soundly snubbed by the man of her dreams.

Shocked and frustrated, she increases her efforts to snag the earl, having no comprehension of what really drives the man… You can grab this historical story now for the Low Price of only $0.99 and ALWAYS FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

Lady Anna Quinlan is attending her first ball. But she has already fallen for the earl, Edmund Rothschild. She is certain that with her beauty and clever ways, he will fall in love with her. Innocent and naïve, Anna has no idea how the real world works.

The young earl, Edmund Rothschild, has devoted his life to helping the needy. He is ridiculed and harassed for this passion, but he doesn’t care. He certainly has no time for simpering young women whose only desire is pleasure, stature, and wealth. Edmund is convinced that no girl could possibly see beyond her own nose to the hurting masses.

And for the most part, he’s right. Until something happens that creates a jolting shift, cracking his world wide open.

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Crowned By Love (The Yorkist Saga Book 1)

by Diana Rubino

England, 1471. Denys Woodville does not know who she is. Adopted as an infant, she now lives with her mother, Elizabeth Woodville: now queen and married to Edward IV.

Denys makes numerous attempts to uncover her true lineage, but each effort comes to an abrupt and tragic end. Queen Elizabeth metes out Denys’s ultimate degradation, when she marries her off to the ambitious Valentine Starbury.

But as her feelings for Valentine strengthen and bloom into love, she finally finds out who her family is… and the truth about her past.

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