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Switchin’ Out Hearts: A Sci-fi Romantic Comedy

by Jim Norton

Dr. Oliver Leftov is pissed! The year is 2055. We are on the way to work with Dr. Oliver Leftov, the Transplant King, of Transplant Memorial Hospital, Chicago, Illinois. He is about to turn 70 years old, and he is angry about losing his youth. In this futuristic age of convenient body part transplants, the only thing that has not been done is a total body transplant. This, of course, implies the severing of the spinal cord. You are welcome to join the doctor as he completes this amazing feat and then discovers life after whole body transplant.
If you’re looking for a book that it is an easy and fun read, this book is for you. Satire and absurdity and silliness abound in this novel. We make fun of pretty much everything except love. We even have talking pigs!
I wrote this book for two reasons. First, as far as I know, this plot has never been done before â?? a person getting an entire body transplant. Second, I like to make people laugh. I don’t know if I’m being immodest when I say I cracked myself up so many times writing this book because I wasn’t always ready for what my plot was going to bring me. I would write a line and without any warning, I would find myself laughing out loud.
Now you don’t have to laugh out loud. You may be one of those people who laughs entirely inside with no outside noise. That works. I just make fun of human beings in general and American institutions specifically. You’ll probably be taking a look or a sample of this book, and you’ll find from the beginning I’m just kind of a smart aleck. I don’t have a lot of reverence for very much except I do totally revere love any and all kinds of love.
If you find a message or some kind of lesson in this book, then I will be startled. I wrote this book because I enjoy making myself laugh, and I love causing other people to laugh. So if you laugh (either out loud or not), and enjoy this book, then I have accomplished my purpose.
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