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Democratic Transition and Redefining Foreign Policy of Pakistan

by Abdul Rahman

Elections in Pakistan have always been influenced by Feudal Lords and Traditional Politicians who disappear after winning NA/PA seats and Reappear after five years with New Set of Lies and promises and Our simple People believe in them. Thus, the poor are deceived every now and then. This game is on for decades and still exists in one or other Form. With PTI Emerging as the most favourite party for The General Elections 2018 especially among Youth followed by Religious Alliance MMA at All Pakistan basis and GDA at Sindh Level. The PPP and PML-N have been sidelined due to their poor governance Model and Service Delivery. The Voting Trends have changed and People Have started looking for New Faces and Putting weight after them to test them for a tenure.P Pakistan’s Foreign Policy has always remained the Arab Centric with Saudi Arab having the Central role and Even its alignment towards the US since Independence. Pakistan has never revisited its Foreign Policy holistically to suit the Needs of the country on an independent approach.

Humans: from the beginning: From the first apes to the first cities

by Christopher Seddon

Every few months a discovery about the human past is announced that makes national or even international news. Humans: from the beginning will appeal to anybody who reads about these discoveries, is intrigued by them, and would like to know more about prehistory.

Now brought fully up to date for 2015, Humans: from the beginning is a single-volume guide to the human past. Drawing upon expert literature and the latest multi-disciplinary research, this rigorous but accessible book traces the whole of the human story from the first apes to the first cities. The end product of five years of research, it has also been planned from the ground up to take advantage of the eBook format and ease access to visual matter, references and glossary items.

Humans: from the beginning is written for the non-specialist, but it is sufficiently comprehensive in scope, rigorous in content, and well-referenced to serve as an ideal â??one-stop’ text not only for undergraduate students of relevant disciplines, but also to postgraduates, researchers and other academics seeking to broaden their knowledge.

This 32-chapter work presents an even-handed coverage of topics including:

-How climate change has long played a pivotal role in our affairs and those of our ancestors.
-How humans evolved from apes at a time when the apes were facing extinction.
-Why the last common ancestor of humans and chimpanzees (our closest living relatives) might have been more like a human than a chimpanzee.
-A possible Asian rather than African origin for the earliest humans.
-Why the Neanderthals were not the dimwits of popular imagination.
-How language and modern human behaviour evolved: an examination of theories including those of Robin Dunbar, Steven Mithen and Derek Bickerton.
-How the small group of modern humans that eventually colonised the whole of the non-African world might have started from Arabia rather than Africa.
-David Lewis-Williams’ theory that the cave art of Ice Age Europe was linked to a shamanistic belief system that might be rooted in the very architecture of the human brain.
-Why the Neolithic transition from hunter-gathering to agriculture was a lengthy process, with many down sides.
-Colin Renfrew’s still-controversial theory that the spread of farming communities in Neolithic times was responsible for the languages now spoken in many parts of the world.
-How an â??Urban Revolution’ replaced egalitarian farming communities with socially-stratified kingdoms and city-states in just a few millennia.
-How the complex, technological societies of today have much in common with not only the earliest states but much earlier primate societies.

Cellphone Investigation Series: Preparing, Analyzing, and Mapping AT&T Records (Cell Phone Investigation Series: Carrier Records Book 1)

by Kevin Metcalf

Too many officers believe that they cannot understand, analyze, and map cellphone records without using an expensive program or sending the records to an analyst. Even if a program or analyst produces a report, most investigators do not understand the basics of cellular networks and cellular records enough to use the information effectively.
The goal of this book is to provide an overview of cellular network concepts and a systematic method to prepare and analyze call detail records using Microsoft Excel, and map the locations using Google Earth Pro, which is free. Cellular network concepts have been simplified and explained in common language to provide clarity in the interpretation of reports and maps and the step-by-step guide provides an outline for preparing, analyzing, and mapping records. This knowledge is essential not only for officers and agencies without mapping and analysis software but also for those with access to use them more effectively.

Qualitative Research in European Migration Studies (IMISCOE Research Series)

by Ricard Zapata-Barrero

This open access book covers the main issues, challenges and techniques concerning the application of qualitative methodologies to the study of migration. It discusses theoretical, epistemological and empirical questions that must be considered before, during, and after undertaking qualitative research in migration studies. It also covers recent innovative developments and addresses the key issues and major challenges that qualitative migration research may face at different stages i.e. crafting the research questions, defining approaches, developing concepts and theoretical frameworks, mapping categories, selecting cases, dealing with concerns of self-reflection, collecting and processing empirical evidence through various techniques, including visual data, dealing with ethical issues, and developing policy-research dialogues. Each chapter discusses relative strengths and limitations of qualitative research. The chapters also identify the main drivers for qualitative research development in migration studies. It is a unique volume as it brings together a multidisciplinary perspective as well as illustrations of different issues derived from the research experience of the recognized authors. One additional value of this book is its geographic focus on Europe. It seeks to explore theoretical and methodological issues that are raised by distinctive features of the European context. This volume will be a useful reference source for scholars and professionals in migration studies and in social sciences as well. The publication is also addressed to graduate and post-graduate students and, more generally, to those who embark on the task of doing qualitative research for the first time in the field of migration.

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