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The Pretender: A Blackguard in Disguise (Caselli Family Series Book 1)

by Ta`Mara Hanscom

South Dakota: 1975. Eighteen-year-olds could order 3.2 beer in a bar and loaded guns were kept under the counter. Frankie Valli sang My Eyes Adored You, and American soldiers returning from Vietnam struggled with their new reality.

It’s within this tumultuous season of American history that Tillie Caselli meets Noah Hansen, and neither of them are never quite the same.

Torn between a life of living by his own rules and wanting desperately to be the man who can make a girl like Tillie Caselli his wife, Noah Hansen has to learn how to grow upâ??and fastâ??before someone realizes just how wonderful that girl really is.

Effie (Cowboys and Debutantes: Historical Book 1)

by Kit Morgan

Introducing Cowboys and Debutantes! Enjoy these clean and wholesome, sweet historical western romances. These riches to rags shorts prove that love can be found in the most unexpected places, and that money does not always make the man. But as our debutantes know, it sure helps!

Effie Stout is in her third season and beginning to worry if she’ll ever find a husband. But just when she sets her sights on a good prospect, the unthinkable happens. Her family falls into ruin. Forced to become amail-order bride by her step mother, Effie does her best to live like the other half and not get her or her would be groom killed in the process.

Forrest Lang agonized over whether or not to send away for a mail-order bride and when she arrives, he soon discovers he should’ve left well enough alone. The woman is a disaster! How can he come to depend on a woman who can’t even peel a potato? Problem is, he married her. Now what? Find out in this fun romp full of humor, faith and love.

Mail Order Bride Captured & Turned Into An Indian Bride

by Emma Morgan

When Anna Carpenter’s mother is diagnosed with tuberculosis, Anna’s life is turned upside down. With her parents forced to move to New York for treatment, Anna feels she had become a burden on her family, and she heads west to find a home as a Mail Order Bride. But Anna’s life takes yet another turn when her stage is attacked, and she is kidnapped by a tribe of angry Indians and held for ransom.

But as her time with the Indians passes, Anna finds herself more worried about her life with her intended than her fate with the tribe. While the Indians seem kind and gentle, their tales of the settlers’ treatments of them are much more disturbing. With time, Anna finds herself drawn to Mingan, a brave warrior of the tribe, and a man with his own deep sorrow. So when a meeting with the settlers leads to violence, Anna finds herself forced to take a stand, and make a choice that could change the path of her life forever.

Mail Order Bride: A Time To Plant: Mail Order Bride Western Romance (A Time For Love Book 1)

by Terri Grace

Honora, the youngest daughter of the Freiser family decides to leave the terrible life her mother and siblings are subjected to after their father dies. Her only solution is to find a rich farmer in the West to marry her. But she also hopes to fall in love with her husband.

Richard Bland has recently been widowed and his heart is broken when he finds out a deep secret about his dead wife. Can he let go of the past and find love again?

Can these two find the love they so yearn for?

A Time For Love is a beautiful series of stories that follow the journeys of five noble women and the honest man they finally find on the frontiers. Each book is also a delightful standalone with satisfying happy-ever-after.

No Pit So Deep: The Cody Musket Story Book 2

by James Nathaniel Miller II

A Baseball Star Fighting Child Trafficking Head On

Cody has become a baseball icon, but he plays a more dangerous game, running his secret paramilitary division of Planned Childhood, raiding traffickers, and rescuing children.

Ë?Ë?Ë? The Cartel Takes Revenge And Gets More Than They Bargained For

Cody and Brandi are devastated when a South-American cartel retaliates by abducting Knoxi, but the six-year-old helps her parents and fourteen avengers lead fifty children on a jungle escape to freedom with a rogue army in pursuit, inspiring a whole nation to rise up and fight for liberty. Knoxi becomes a child celebrity, Dawg and Silverbelle receive a surprise gift from Heaven, and miracles occur which leave hardened special ops warriors scratching their heads.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Cody Gunned Down By Police

Finally, after being gunned down accidentally by police, Cody lies in Methodist Hospital, his life in the balance.

Then, a trip to Heaven and a surprise ending that shocks the world.

Ë?Ë?Ë? “This is a book that will change your worldview. 5-Stars is not enough.” – Lynda Filler, Puerto Vallarta

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Mail Order Bride: A Runaway Hope (Hope Out West Book 1)

by Katie Lockwood

Beth Simpson is desperate to escape her dark secrets and leave her past behind. Answering an ad to be wife to David and mother to his three little angelic girls was an offer she couldn’t pass up. So she leaves everything behind to attempt a new life out west.

Amelia Miller, her coach mate, shares her journey in that she too seeks a new life for herself. But where Beth is escaping, Amelia is seeking adventure. And where David and his girls are a dream, Amelia is becoming mother to two wild, constantly fighting twin boys who could make anyone wish they didn’t exist, their own father included. And as Amelia discovers, he’s not exactly brimming with warmth himself.

Little Grove holds both promise and fear for both women and their new lives as mail order brides. For the one, she cries herself to sleep, questioning everything that brought her here as wife to a gruff, seemingly uncaring man and his unruly and undisciplined boys.

For the other, she can’t believe her incredible luck, and finally starts to relax and feel truly at home as wife and homemaker, feeling blessed beyond measure. That is, until a surprise from her past catches up to her, threatening to unravel the careful plans she’s made to leave it all behind…

This is part 1 of a 3-book clean and wholesome Mail Order Bride sweet romance series by Katie Lockwood and Emma Maas.


by J Singh

Being diagnosed with a chronic condition makes Jasmeet depressed. But a surprise is in store for him when he attempts an unorthodox approach to his problem.

Lucinda – More Than Enough Bride (Young Love Historical Romance Vol 3 Book 1)

by Misty Shae

Fleeing from trouble, Lucinda Jenkins becomes a Mail Order Bride for a man whose sister wants to see him settled after they face tragedy. She travels to Oklahoma but fears that the past will come calling.

Jordan Russell has had his fair share of pain and when his sister finds him a bride, he doesn’t think she will stay by his side. He’s surprised when she’s even more than he’s ever hoped or prayed for but they have to face her past before the future can shine bright for them.

Lucinda’s story is one of the amazing tales in the Western romance collection, Young Love Historical Romance Volume 3, by #1 bestselling clean Christian romance author, Misty Shae.

Each story is a great read in itself, and can be read alone, or even better read them all as part of this adventurous feel-good series.

Washington’s Lady

by Nancy Moser

Known for moving first-person novels of Nannerl Mozart, Jane Austen, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Nancy Moser now brings to life the loves and trials of the first First Lady of the United States. When a dapper, young George Washington comes into her life, Martha Custis is a young widow with two young children. Their love and loyalty toward each otherâ??and the new nation they fight for, lasts a lifetime and is an inspiration even now, after 250 years. Washington’s Lady was a Christy Awards finalist.

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