Free biographies and memoirs Kindle books for 16 Aug 18

2 Months in the woods: An Unedited Journal

by Andrew Hamlin

No roads, no bars, no cell reception, no Netflix. The following is an unedited journal I wrote while living and working at a remote salmon hatchery in Alaska. The following pages detail my daily routines, feelings, and personal struggles.

Crimson Morning: The Philosophy of Travel

by Jonathan Beam

It took me many years and quite a few countries to learn what I now know about compassion, community, and the forces that we align ourselves with. I found the essence of this knowledge in the very first time I left home and in one particular family in the heart of Mexico. Since that very first time I, a stranger, was shown a hot meal and a place to lay my head I have found open hearts and open homes in nearly every country I have visited. The generosity I was shown provoked in me a sense of worldwide community, and I have since hosted people from multiple countries around the world. The tensions we feel and hear every day in the media are a stark reminder of how far we have yet to come as one human race, not Christian or Muslim, American or Asian, but as human beings.

Crimson morning is a short non-fiction book laying out the travel philosophy of one adventurer as he hikes through the Andes Mountains on his way to Machu Picchu. At once both thought provoking and entertaining, Crimson Morning starts out with a shocking scene, blood in the streets of Cusco.

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