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Studs Up!: Seven short stories that are almost entirely nothing to do with football …

by David Lindsay

Studs Up is a collection of seven novellas and short stories. Each one tells a tale of ordinary people whose lives are crossed by a game we call football. The stories are not about football, they are about life and how, sometimes, football just gets in the way. So, we’re clear, are we? This is not a football book. Good, I’m glad we got that sorted out. It’s a funny book though. It’s been written to make you laugh, and whether it’s an occasional snigger or a full-on rip-snorter, I hope that it does.

Warning: Although there is no football contained in this book*, it has been processed in a factory that also processes football, and some cross-contamination may occur. Probably quite a lot, actually. It has also been written in an environment that has lines producing sarcasm, slander, comedic rhetoric, mild sexual innuendo, profanity and wild fantasy. Should symptoms such as â??being offended’ occur, you should immediately seek the opinion of someone who will tell you to sit down and have a quiet word with yourself.

*This is a lie pretty much up there at FIFA level.

Spears of the Sun (The Star Sojourner Series Book 3)

by Jean Kilczer

A fanatic general is plotting to conquer the galaxy, and only Jules Rammis can stop him.

It’s not that Jules looks for trouble. As an astrobiologist, he’d rather study the intriguing alien plant/animal species, Blackroot. But his telepathic abilities seem to attract the wrong aliens… and people.

This time it’s General Ki Rowdinth, crazed leader of the Vermakt people. The psychotic tyrant intends to extort the combined gold depositories of Earth and all the colony planets to finance an army that will rule the worlds. If the Worlds Government doesn’t agree to Rowdinth’s demands, he vows to engage a dark-energy weapon that will destroy Earth.

It looks as though only Jules, with his powerful telepathic abilities, stands between the rat-like general and the total annihilation of our homeworld.

Spears of the Sun is a standalone novel and can be enjoyed even if you haven’t read other books in the series.

The Kingdom: A Gripping Urban Fantasy: Berkeley Blackfriars Book One

by J.R. Mabry

An unhinged tycoon. A lodge of evil magicians.

A plan to steal every child from the face of the earth.

Fr. Richard Kinney is having a crappy week. He’s not at all sure he’s the best leader for the demon-hunting Berkeley Blackfriars, his boyfriend has just broken up with him, and his last exorcism did not go well.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Kat Webber is in over her head. After discovering her brother’s comatose body in the midst of a demonic ritual, her heart sinks as she realizes he was up to something sketchy, maybe even evil.

Reaching out to the Blackfriars for help, Kat and Richard uncover a lodge of evil magickians who make every avocado in the world disappear”then every dog.

Ë?Ë?Ë? It’s a race against time as Kat and the Blackfriars try to stop the magickians from eliminating their next target-every child on earth.

Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Preacher, The Dresden Files, and the Mercy Thompson series will love this spine-tingling yet humorous supernatural suspense novel.

This book contains adult language and sexual situations. Not appropriate for children…

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