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Knoxi’s World: Cody Musket Series Book Three (No Pit So Deep 3)

by James N. Miller

Which Is More Terrifying: Watching the Children Suffer, or Actually Doing Something About It?

A midnight escape in a crippled aircraft carrying a rescued child. Jagged peaks below, dodging bullets, losing altitude. And she asks herself, “Is this what it means to do God’s work?”

Knoxi Musket has a scholarship to play basketball for Texas University, but that must wait. International power brokers are enslaving thousands of children with impunity. Someone must bring them down. The 3-year-old boy she is protecting holds the key.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Knoxi’s World is a thrilling adventure that will inspire you from beginning to end.

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The Grave Man – A Sam Prichard Mystery (Sam Prichard, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Private Investigator Book 1)

by David Archer

Meet retired cop, Sam Prichard.

Sam Prichard was a cop, and a good one, until the bullets took out the joint of his right hip. Now he’s trying to learn to live without being a cop, and getting to know his neighbors, learning to walk again and even ride a motorcycle. Life is bearable, barely, but then he gets asked to find a missing child, and the lure of getting back into some kind of police work is too much for him to resist. When he teams up with computer whiz Indiana Perkins, he suddenly becomes one of the best investigators he’s ever even known.

Now, he’s found the missing child, but it’s thrown him right into the middle of something that may be a drug war–or could be a chance to stop the next 911! There’s no way out for Sam, so he’s in for the ride of his life, but when the girl he’s becoming fond of is suddenly drawn into the line of fire with her own little daughter, Sam is ready to forget all the rules and do whatever is necessary to win the day.

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