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Self-Help Power: 3-IN-1 Bundle – The Most Complete Program to Focus Yourself into Proven Multiple Self Improvement Techniques & Practically Apply Success … into your Real-Life (Self-Help Series)

by Daniel White

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If you are looking to boost your self improvement route, you might want to take the Self-Help Training Bundle or the Practical Self-Help Bundle and start to scale up your mindset improvement roadmap.

If you’re serious about getting into a process that will completely change your life, you can look for the Complete Daniel White program, the Self-Help Power Bundle.

3 Manuscripts included

1. Start Self-Help: The Practical 3-Step Method

This practical 3-Step manuscript has been designed to start your self-help route off on the right foot, without any lies or obvious and useless tips.

Start Self-Help is also perfect for those who have already started their route, but have still not found the right program to get into the right processes and achieve their personal goals, once and for all.

Making a list of what you are going to learn might be simplistic, but there are a number of established facts which might be useful to have written down.

1. You will understand your biggest problem and how to solve it
2. You will recognise the unique way to finally get your results and how to get there
3. You will be able to make your personal growth route without overlooking key rules
4. You will know how to clearly define your goals and achieve them before you lose motivation
5. You will become aware of your subconscious motivations and objectives to make them conscious and realisable
6. You will learn how to control your mood and stop being slowed down by it
7. You will realise how to be focused on your objectives without being inattentive because of futile reasons
8. So much more

These are just a few of the things that you are going to learn how to successfully apply in the 3-Practical-Step method.

2. Smart Self-Help: A Practical 13-Technique Collection – Without Lies

Every technique is result-oriented and without any lies.
All of Daniel’s students have the opportunity to finally change their life in a practical way, without running the risk of losing their time using untested and non-functional techniques.

Here are a few of the smart and practical techniques you will be able to instantly start to apply.

1. Just do this one activity every day and change your life in two weeks
2. Think this way and achieve your goals without excuses
3. Make your personal anchors and take control of your emotions
4. Take actions like this and don’t let your personal growth stop for any reason
5. Be at peace with yourself thinking and acting subconsciously

3. Self-Help Coach: 3 Advanced Lessons – Exploit Real-Life Rules & Secrets

When Daniel realised what were the common points between all the functional approaches, he started to develop the 3-Practical-Step Method explained in the popular manuscript by Daniel White.

If you have already read the first book in the series, Start Self-Help, you are ready to identify which of the three steps we are focusing on this time.

If you are looking for a boost to quickly improve your personal growth, you now have the possibility to learn and apply the most advanced of Daniel’s methods, usually reserved for his direct students.

You will have access to all unrevealed methods, discovered during 20 years of research and actively applied by the man who has coached thousands of people during the past 2 years.

If you are looking for a theoretical and inapplicable manual, then you are not in the right place.

Daniel White has selected a set of rules and secrets from the self-help methods for explaining them in 3 advanced lessons.

1. When I was young but pathetic
2. When I took the decision
3. When I will (never) die

Investing in Brokenness: Lessons from Living with an Addict

by Matt Moore

Are you struggling to rescue your friend or family member from addiction? Discover a powerful method to help your loved one navigate the road to recovery.

Is an addict ruling your life? Does your friend or family member’s regressive behavior leave you feeling frustrated? Are you running low on options and hope for a full recovery? Matt Moore has spent over 25 years developing professional treatment programs. But his firsthand experience in helping his own brother overcome decades of substance abuse is what makes his methodology so profound. Now Moore is here to show you how to help your loved one to create life-altering change.

Investing in Brokenness: Lessons from Living with an Addict is a step-by-step support system for empowering drug-dependent friends or family members along their recovery journey. Vividly illuminated with personal accounts, you’ll learn how to offer meaningful aid and encouragement at every stage of their return to sobriety. Through Moore’s methods, you’ll help your loved one finally break the cycle of resistance and regression and embrace a new drug-free future.

In Investing in Brokenness, you’ll discover:

  • Fundamentals of the Change Process and how to help loved ones stay focused on recovery
  • Techniques to ensure you aren’t enabling destructive behavior, but are part of the solution
  • How to offer the right kind of support and structure to maximize positive outcomes
  • The Three Essentials you’ll need to help an addict in their journey towards sobriety
  • The innovative “Good Life” model for empowering progress, and much, much more!

Investing in Brokenness is a life-changing how-to manual designed for anyone supporting an addict’s recovery. If you like real-world examples, practical techniques, and straightforward advice from an experienced professional, then you’ll love Matt Moore’s powerful program.

Buy Investing in Brokenness to pave the way for your loved one’s recovery today!

The Transformation of Israelite Religion to Rabbinic Judaism

by Juan Marcos Bejarano Gutierrez

The link between the religion of biblical Israel and the religion we now identify as rabbinic Judaism is often controversial. The controversy is often linked to theological agendas rather than an honest approach to Israel’s history. The religion of ancient Israel is linked to rabbinic Judaism is many ways. The two are linked by a shared belief in the one supreme God who created the world, chose the the Jewish people to be His people. This relationship is based on a covenantal relationship and is reflected in a shared attachment to the land of Israel, Jerusalem, and Temple, and the same sacred calendar.

The religion of biblical Israel slowly transformed into what we now refer to as rabbinic Judaism through a process which saw the emergence of the biblical canon. The canon was analyzed, interpreted, and lived out in practical ways. That process of interpretation led to the rise of sectarian groups each vying for its correct interpretation of sacred texts.

Della (Cowboys and Debutantes: Historical Book 2)

by Vivi Holt

Introducing Cowboys and Debutantes! Enjoy these clean and wholesome, sweet historical western romances. These riches to rags shorts prove that love can be found in the most unexpected places, and that money does not always make the man. But as our debutantes know, it sure helps!

Della Stout can hardly believe it when her father tells her he’s lost it all – the money, the house, the servants, their entire fortune. But things only get worse when they inform her she’s to be sent west, as a Mail Order Bride. When she meets her husband to be, she’s less than impressed – by him and the dusty little town he lives in.

Clement White has spent his whole life working toward this moment. After opening a bank in Montana Territory, he feels as though his dreams have come true. All but one – he realizes there’s no one to share in the fruits of his labor. A Mail Order Bride seems like just the thing to complete his life, that is, until she arrives. Suddenly he’s saddled with a woman who doesn’t know a stovetop from a wash tub, and to make matters worse she wants nothing to do with him.

What happens next? Find out in this fun, romantic caper set in the old west.

Discerning and Destroying the Works of Satan

by Kathy DeGraw

Enjoy this FREE chapter preview from Kathy DeGraw’s new book “Discerning and Destroying the Works of Satan”

Unlimited Anointing

by Dennis Goldsworthy-Davis

Enjoy this FREE chapter preview from Dennis Goldsworthy-Davis’ new book “Unlimited Anointing”



Do you ever wonder if you could preach the gospel with such passion and power as Billy Graham, teach the word of God like Joyce Myers and TD Jakes, and get excited about saving souls into the kingdom like Paul and Jan Crouch, including hosts of great men and women past and present who followed Jesus with great passion? They all understood one thing, that God loves us passionately and gave us His best and all. Likewise, wants us to love Him passionately and give our best. It also makes perfect sense that we give God our best and our all.
And you don’t have to wonder any longer. The power, passion, zeal and driving force behind those passionate Christian is available to all believers in Christ when we embrace the Holy Spirit. It is not for selected few as some people think. Becoming a passionate Christian is about letting Jesus shine through you as you live every day having Him in the center of your life. It is about doing great, as well as small things for God. Becoming A Passionate Christian will:
-Open your eyes to see the love of God for all humanity in a new way.
-Show you how to experience – the peace, love, joy, freedom, fulfillment, power, fellowship and hope that is in Jesus regardless of circumstances you find yourself in.
-It will help you to recognize the things that actually hinder or kill Christian passion.
-Give you the keys to becoming passionate and show you the steps to take to get there.
-Enable you to be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit and be energized to pursue God with passion.
-Introduce you to examples of people from the past and present, whose lives show us how they became passionate for God.

God is waiting to meet you in this book and you will be forever changed and blessed.

Bind Not the Heart: A Windflower Saga Novella (The Windflower Saga Book 7)

by Aleksandra Layland

Set in the medieval-like world of Kimbria, “Bind Not the Heart” tells the story of Sister Ermentrude, the Godmother and cousin of Lady Keridwen mentioned briefly in the epic fantasy novel “Of Wisdom and Valor: The Art of War. The Path of Peace.” (Part II of the Windflower Saga trilogy).
Ermentrude’s family are mixed-race horsemen, descendants of the indigenous Kimbrii people. She and her twin brother Ermen grow up in the quiet setting of Hesket village, riding often to the high mountain meadows where their father keeps their herd, expecting to lead a simple village life. However, their paths will follow very different directions as each decides to do something to uplift the lives of others outside their sheltered and peaceful homeland.
In a heartwarming tale which weaves the early lives of several characters from “Of Wisdom and Valor” together and tells the story of the sweet romance of Lady Keridwen’s parents. It also introduces new characters who influenced the lives of Ermen and Ermentrude. In the end, we learn a great deal more about the capable and courageous Sister Ermentrude and the impact she had on so many lives, especially in her service as a teacher in remote rural schools far from her homeland and her family.
While “Bind Not the Heart” is based on characters in the novel “Of Wisdom and Valor,” it can be read alone. It’s also available in “The Wisdom and Valor Treasury, A Windflower Saga Collection,” which received a Silver Medal in Fantasy Fiction in the 2017 FAPA (Florida Authors and Publishers Association) Book Contest.

Martin Luther King, Jr.: A legend and a symbol of the nonviolent struggle for racial equality and justice


Martin Luther King, Jr.

A legend and a symbol of the nonviolent struggle for racial equality and justice

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Almost everyone has heard Martin Luther King’s name. He organized and led marches in support of African-Americans’ rights. King was against racial discrimination and segregation. This was the era whet, in the south, whites and African-Americans were divided in everything – schools, churches, neighborhoods and even hospitals.

Inside you’ll read about

  • The top 3 decisions that made Nelson Mandela a great leader
  • The ways Nelson Mandela changed the world
  • How Nelson Mandela inspired the world
  • The top 5 ways Mandela changed South Africa
  • How Nelson Mandela became an inspiration for the aged – a case study of Elizabeth Marie Mkame
  • How Nelson Mandela showed courage
  • Seven leadership qualities exemplified by Nelson Mandela
  • The best three books about Nelson Mandela

And much more!
From his story come lessons of perseverance, patience, determination, and grace, as well as the fact that even legends are still human beings with flaws.

Melody’s Christmas (Heartwarming Holidays Sweet Romance Book 1)

by ID Johnson

Can Christmas magic help her hear the music again?

Melody Murphy shared her love of music with her father, but after tragically loosing him on Christmas Eve two years ago, she no longer has any interest in music or Christmas. She returns to her hometown of Charles Town, West Virginia, to help her mother save the family antique business, content to stay focused on her work. However, when a chance encounter with an adorable five-year-old leads her to befriend an attractive single dad, Melody begins to realize she’s been putting her life on hold, something her father would’ve never wished for her. Will she learn to hear the song in the falling snow again?

Reid has recently moved to Charles Town to start over after his wife walked out, leaving him alone to raise their son, Michael. When Michael decides he needs Melody Murphy in his life, Reid needs to find out what it is that has his son drawn to the young woman like a magnet. The closer he gets to Melody, the more he begins to believe he might get a second chance at love after all. 
This is a sweet contemporary romance with Christian themes, perfect for holiday reading.

A PRIMERA VISTA: Cuentos breves para el corazón (Spanish Edition)

by Karina Alvarez Toledo

En este libro está todo, – casi todo-, lo que me ha electrizado en esta vida.
Hay cuentos, pensares y sentires muy breves en su mayoría.
Algunos son alegres, otros son tristes, furiosos, esperanzados, irreverentes.
A mí me ayudó escribirlos, me abrí en canal, me interrogué hasta tocar el techo de mi misma.
Así conquisté la libertad de ser quien soy y no quien querían que fuese.

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