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Hear My Love

by Michelle David

Sweet Christian Romances make up this collection of stories sure to warm the heart and give one pause…
Violet is slowly losing her hearing. She worries about both her hearing loss and a budding romance with Brian, with whom she feels a kindred spirit. She begins to push him away but Brian has other ideas, coming up with a novel way in which he can communicate how he feels for her without words…
Willow is faced with tragedy when both her parents are killed in a car accident. Having lost her will to live, she is ready to give up on life until she meets a tall handsome stranger who claims to be her Guardian Angel..But he’s an angel that is no longer welcome in heaven but commissioned to care for her to prove his worth in order to gain absolution. And the only way to do this is to be her protector and her guide…But he falls in love with her which is strictly forbidden in this supernatural Christian romance.
Bill is a cowboy bounty hunter who has been hired to escort Katy, the pastor’s daughter, to the small town of Shadow Creek to help find her wayward sister. Neither is happy about the arrangement, but here in the Wild West, they both unexpectedly find love and a renewed faith.

Rafe (Shifter World: Royals and Alphas Book 1)

by Dana Archer

Sometimes the greatest finds are unexpected.

After five centuries, Rafe Alexander knows what to expect from lifeâ??boredom, broken by the occasional call from Shifter Affairs.

No matter what the job, he always accepts their plea for help. As a Royal shifter, he’s the strongest of their kind. And without a mate, he has nothing to live for. Whatever the risk, he’ll take it.

But the task that leads him to West Virginia changes everything. A father is dead. A shifter child is missing. And the human female connected to both tragedies is hiding a secret.

Rafe must figure out what she knows, but his interest in Jasmine goes far beyond the case. She’s his true mate. And she doesn’t trust him. He can’t blame her. Loving him is more dangerous than the killer targeting her family. The only difference is that Rafe won’t ever let her escape. Nobody keeps a shifter from his mate.

Royals and Alphas are the tamer versions of the Royal-Kagan books by Nancy Corrigan. Enjoy getting lost in the Shifter World without explicit love scenes or harsh language. Please be advised that fight scenes are shown on the page and darker topics are referenced but never shown.

Each series (and each book) in Dana Archer’s Shifter World can be read independently, but for readers looking to experience the events in chronological order, the following reading order is suggested.

Rafe (Royals and Alphas, book 1) – A possessive Royal shifter has to convince a protective human mother with secrets to trust him in order to stop a killer. Ohâ?¦and to fall in love too.
Devin (Royals and Alphas, book 2) – Crazed shifters aren’t worthy of love. Everyone knows that. Except Devin. He’ll fight for his little slice of heaven using every wicked tactic he knows to keep his true mate coming back for more.
Josh (Royals and Alphas, book 3) – As a human living among shifters, Josh isn’t considered worthy of the shifter female every male wants. But Mira is his mate. He’ll prove it or die.
Sean (Royals and Alphas, book 4) – Maturing is a dangerous time for shifters. Their hormones drive them. Sean wants nothing to do with females or his primal side. Until a one night stand changes his mind.
Nic (Royals and Alphas, book 5) – Disagreeing with the wolf you’ve been born with is not a fate any man wants. Losing the woman you love because of your wolf isn’t either. Nic is in for the fight of his life, then. He won’t lose the woman he loves.
Ethan (Royals and Alphas, book 6) – Choosing between his true mate and the mate of his heart isn’t an option. Ethan will claim them both. If he can keep them alive until he’s alpha.
Xander (Royals and Alphas, book 7) – Being a BBW woman in a man’s world is hard. Being the human true mate to two dominant shifters is harder. But Gwen knows a secret – Women are powerful.
Rick (Agents of Shifter Affairs, book 1) – A man with nothing to lose is dangerous. But a shifter fighting for his true mate’s future is unstoppable. Nothing will stop Rick from being the mate Mya should’ve ended up with.
Anton (Royals and Alphas, book 8) – Nyx had one goal – Destroy the most feared member of the Shifter Council. Not fall in love with him. Or clear his name of murder. But a smart woman knows when to change her game plan.
Ilan (Agents of Shifter Affairs, book 2) – Assassins don’t nurture life. They take it. But an unexpected baby changes things. So does a true mate. And when death comes knocking, there’s no one better prepared to beat it.
Kade (Royals and Alphas, book 8) – Kade and Zoe’s story. Details soon.

Faith in Love (Arden’s Glen Romance Book 1)

by C.M. Albert

Full of grief and jaded by love, corporate philanthropist Egan MacGuire is given two options by his boss: take a leave of absence or kiss his job goodbye. A road trip with a friend is just the distraction Egan needs to figure out how to get his life back on track.

Celeste St. Angelo left the bright lights and big city for the mountains of North Carolina to open the next phase of her flourishing Angel Therapy business, a healing and wellness center. With the grand opening looming she has no time for distractions, especially love.

When divine timing sparks an unexpected romance, will Egan and Celeste be able to leave their troubled pasts behind and find the courage to have a little faith in love?

His Semi-Charmed Life: Camp Firefly Falls Book 11

by Lisa Hughey

His Semi-Charmed Life (Camp Firefly Falls Book 11)

Going from princess to pauper wasn’t exactly the fairy tale ending Penelope Hastings believed in as a kid. She grabs at the opportunity to work at Camp Firefly Fallsâ??home of her most treasured childhood memories and the haven where her spoiled heart expanded, and her perspective changed, after an encounter with an older boy. Now she’s hoping that the camp can work its magic one more time and help her craft a new life.

Rags to riches entrepreneur, Diego Ramos, never wanted to see Camp Firefly Falls againâ??the site of the most hated year in his teenage life as camp counselor, and his most regrettable moment ever. That one clash with an entitled little girl had a profound impact on him, changing the trajectory of his future. So, when his assistant books a corporate retreat at Camp Firefly Falls, he’s more than a little unsettled at the irony.

Now, twenty years later, Penelope and Diego are reunited. A second chance at happiness won’t come easy when their reversal in fortunes and unexpected sexual attraction complicates everything. Will they be able to work through their regrets and memories, and learn that love is the greatest fortune of all?

I was so thrilled to be chosen to write a story set at Camp Firefly Falls. Check out books from these wonderful authors, Gwen Hayes, Zoe York, Violet Vaughn, Jamie Wesley, Farrah Rochon, Lily Danes, and season one of camp!

Winning Back His Wife (CFF #1) by Gwen Hayes
His Counterfeit Campfire Bride (CFF #2) by Gwen Hayes
Crushing on Cooper (CFF #3) by Violet Vaughn
Skinning Dipping Dare (CFF #4) by Zoe York
The Time of His Life (CFF #5) by Jamie Wesley
Mr. Right Next Door (CFF #6) by Farrah Rochon
One Last Fling (CFF #7) by Lily Danes

Camp Firefly Falls
Are you thinking of Dirty Dancing? Yeah. So were we. And Indian Summer, and all those fantasies we had about making out with Matthew Broderick on the dock�

But this isn’t a flashback to our youth (at least not entirely). We’ve got hot, sexy, modern, adult stories, intersecting with some of your favourite romance series, from award-winning and bestselling authors Gwen Hayes, Violet Vaughn, Zoe York, Jamie Wesley, Farrah Rochon, Lily Danes, Cate Dean, Lisa Hughey, Tamsen Parker, Kait Nolan, Kate Willoughby, and Ally Decker.

Knocked Up By The Billionaire (The Fake Partner Book 1)

by Tasha Fawkes

Brady Shaw is the sole heir to a billion-dollar oil empire in Texas. However, he has no desire to take over the family business. He’s too busy pandering in women, booze, and all of life’s other temptations.

When his father shuts down the flow of money, Brady is presented with an ultimatum: marry and produce a grandchild within a year, or spend the remainder of his life like the rest of the worldâ??poor as fuck.

Dana Sommer is a hard-working college student down on her luck. After losing her scholarship due to budget cuts, she now must find a way to, not only pay her tuitions, but also get her hands on $50,000 to settle her brother’s gambling debt, or she could lose the only family she has left.

To resolve her impasse, she answers a Craigslist ad with a very unusual offer that could solve all her problemsâ??marry a rich, spoiled playboy for one year and bear his child. The reward? Half a million dollars.

Chasing Red

by Isabelle Ronin

Chosen as one of Goodreads’ 21 Big Books of Fall

They said she was going to be my ruin…
Then let her ruin me.

Caleb Lockhart has everythingâ??wealth, adoration, a brilliant future. Until a chance encounter with a siren in a red dress changes everything. Until he meets the woman he dubs Red.

Veronica Strafford’s past makes it hard for her to trust anyone. Now, kicked out of her apartment, she reluctantly accepts Caleb’s offer for a place to stay.

Caleb feels intensely drawn to Veronica. And, for the first time in his life, he really wants somethingâ??someone. Too bad Veronica’s heart might just be the one thing Caleb can’t win.

Chasing Red Duology:
Chasing Red (Book 1)
Always Red (Book 2)

Praise for Chasing Red:
Chasing Red is a perfectly sweet romance, with just the right amount of spice.” â??Foreword Reviews
“Readers will be chomping at the bit while waiting for the next installment!” â??RT Book Reviews
“Readers will swoon over Caleb.” â??Publishers Weekly

Bubbly Champagne Dreams (Dreams of Getting Up Book 1)

by Ty Khea

Kierra Williams will do anything she has to do in order to survive. She falls into a life of stripping and turning tricks to keep her head above water, but she’s ready for a good man to charge in and make her his queen. When fly boy, Adonis, rolls through, she thinks he’s the one to save her, but all Adonis wants is a piece of the sexy dancer and tries his best to evades all her attempts to sink her claws into him. Her friend Brandi, is also playing the survival game and itches to be swept off her feet by a man since she’s not getting it from home, but she isn’t as good at the game as Kierra.

Drama, betrayal, and violence ensue as everyone try to claw their way to the top. Will they all get what they desire, or will greed be their ultimate downfall?

Missing Pieces

by Ivy Smoak

From Amazon bestselling author Ivy Smoak comes a breathtaking summer romance about the most unlikely of couples.

Hailey – He’s still in love with his ex. And I refuse to be a consolation prize. So why did I just agree to a spur of the moment road trip with him? I just have to keep reminding myself that I’m doing this for me. It has nothing to do with the gorgeous man staring at me like I’m a crazy person.

Tyler – Why is she climbing into my car uninvited? I don’t care how sweet her smile is. Or how long her legs are. This isn’t some aimless summer road trip. But I can tell from the way she’s looking at me that she knows the truth. I’m not driving toward something. I’m driving away from something. Someone.


â??â??â??â??â?? “Tyler + Hailey = Dynamite!”
â??â??â??â??â?? “Definitely one of the best books I’ve ever read!”
â??â??â??â??â?? “Perfect! Simply, perfect!”
â??â??â??â??â?? “5 Beautiful “He Was The Missing Piece To My Puzzle” Stars!”
â??â??â??â??â?? “Crazy loved this book.”
â??â??â??â??â?? “A masterpiece. THE BEST BOOK YET.”
â??â??â??â??â?? “Wow. Wow. Wow.”
â??â??â??â??â?? “I would give this more than 5 stars if I could!!!!”
â??â??â??â??â?? “A true love story.”
â??â??â??â??â?? “Their romance is explosive.” – RT Book Reviews

Scrambled Babies

by Jim Norton

“Oh my God! This is not my baby!”
Paeton McPhilomy was on a jet headed for Los Angeles with a baby that was NOT HERS!
A normal person would immediately report the mix-up.
But Paeton was a celebrity! She was about to be crowned Miss USA mother of the year! She was also the year’s best selling romance novelist!
Try a sample of Scrambled Babies to see how a celebrity reacts to this impossible scramble!
Be ready for lots of laughs, lots of social satire, and a rollicking romantic comedy!
This satiric romantic farce will make you wonder about people in “high places!” The tone is also rather raucus!
We are also the authors of “Dolly Recycles,” a modern romantic comedy, and “100 Incredibly Short Plays, Volume 1, Firebike, a humorous middle school mystery, and How to Survive Your First Year of College.

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