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North Korea Solution รข?? THE UNIFIED REPUBLIC OF KOREA! Tear down that DMZ wall Wise Leader Kim Jong-un! President Donald J. Trump: Asking You Wise Leader to peacefully UNIFY North and South Korea.

by Richard W. Linford

North Korea Solution – THE UNIFIED REPUBLIC OF KOREA! Tear down that DMZ wall Wise Leader Kim Jong-un! President Donald J. Trump

Tear down that DMZ wall Wise Leader Kim Jong-un, Eternal Father of the Korean People, Eternal Father of The Glorious and Prosperous and Free Reunification of North and South Korea KIM JONG-UN, and his wife Ri Sol-ju, Eternal Mother of the Korean People. Honoring You and Respectfully Asking You to peacefully UNIFY North and South Korea. President Donald J. Trump, Melania, Ivanka, Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, Kellyanne Conway, Mar-a-Lago! Create THE UNIFIED REPUBLIC OF KOREA!

A short story. An allegory.

The Cleansing Trilogy


All three ‘Cleansing’ Books in one place on one file or one book for the paperback,
The Cleansing
The Cleansing Aftermath
The Cleansing Last Stand

Follow a young soldier as he delves into a world collapsing around him, there is no way out from the oncoming plague and no easy answer to the questions that he must ask his demons, in the first book witness the world’s collapse at the hands of a group of shadows whose motive is unclear, destination unclear, all that is for certain is that this young soldier is going to have to live through it all.

In the second book watch and feel as the world is still reeling after the effects of the first, nothing is the same and nothing will ever be how it used to be, without saying too much watch the collapse of a world and the minds of those within it.

In the third and final book delve into a world blown open by the events in the previous two, try and run from a mind which will eat your every waking minute and absorb every breath you have to offer.

This is how one boys average life cycle from twenty to thirty years old is transformed in ways you have never seen before, you will cry and you will want to run as far away as possible as you feel each second of his pain and agony as he sifts through the ruins of Mother Nature.

The Indian Soldier

by Sunny Rajput

This story Is an inspirational story which revolves around a boy who has relighted not only his parents name but also his country’s name too. He did something that is appreciable and also an inspiration for all teenagers. The story proven that if we have decided to archive something in our life then no one can ever defeat to achieve that.

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