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Arrows Across Eons: Becoming Tina Turner

by Katherine Carlson

God? Tina Turner? A twelve-year-old kid?

Somehow everything is profoundly connected in the most magical of ways. A young Canadian girl resists everything that doesn’t feel right and finds shelter and inspiration in the powerhouse example of Tina Turner. Years later, the grown-up child moves to Los Angeles and literally bumps into Ike Turner, who then delivers her to Zelma Bullock-queen mother of Tina.

Coincidence? Not likely. Just the Divine Design at play.

Arrows Across Eons: Becoming Tina Turner is a tale of synchronicity in action-a story about coming of age and coming out. It is a chronicle of personal transformation and spiritual uplift, a literary account exploring how we can evolve our consciousness and our conscience-one shimmy at a time.

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