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Ignite Millennial Leadership: 6 Steps To Unlocking Next Generation Leaders

by Andrew Senduk

“Millennials will represent 75% of the global workforce in 2025” ~ Deloitte Millennial Survey

After building several multi-million dollar digital companies with millennials and for millennials, Andrew has experienced first hand that millennials are the future. Millennials, who are often referred to as “Generation Y”, are the innovators, builders, buyers, sellers and influencers, and the 21st-century requires a different type of leadership for this growing demographic. If you want to play the new game, you better play by the new rules.

In Ignite Millennial Leadership you’ll not just learn a framework for leadership but also a guideline to live your full potential. Every chapter ends with practical lessons that can be incorporated immediately. After reading Ignite Millennial Leadership: 6 Steps To Unlocking Next Generation Leaders you will:

  • Understand how to become more inspiring and increase your influence
  • Know how to grow your self-awareness and lead better
  • Understand tactics to strengthen your confidence as a leader
  • Be able to train your mindset into a growth-mindset and see your life change
  • Know the best strategies to implement excellence in your daily life

Grow Your Medical Practice and Get Your Life Back

by David Finkel

Do you own your practice, or does your practice own you?

If you’ve ever dreamed of growing your practice, but were afraid the time and lifestyle costs to your family would be too high, then this book will transform how you approach running your medical practice.

Here, concentrated in one book, is your map to grow your practice and get your life back. This formula has helped thousands of physicians grow their medical practices in a way that increases their personal time and freedom.

You’ll learn:

– The real reasons why physician owners work so hard (and how you can have more personal time while still earning more).
– A simple four-step formula to sustainably grow your medical practice.
– How to develop your practice systems, team, and culture to give you a stable base upon which to grow.
– How to apply the six practice accelerators to reach your goals faster.
– How to work less and still earn more by applying proven business best practices to enhance your medical practice.
– 12 cash-flow secrets to increase your practice’s profitability.
– And much more.

This book is filled with practical, concrete insights and examples to grow your practice so that you earn more, enjoy more, and serve more. Best of all, you’ll learn to do it in a way that allows you to work less.

Technologies for Development: From Innovation to Social Impact

by Silvia Hostettler

This open access book presents 18 case studies that explore current scientific and technological efforts to address global development issues, such as poverty, from a holistic and interdisciplinary point of view, putting actual impacts at the centre of its analysis. It illustrates the use of technologies for development in various fields of research, such as humanitarian action, medical and information and communication technology, disaster risk-reduction technologies, habitat and sustainable access to energy. The authors discuss how innovative technologies, such as unmanned aerial vehicles for disaster risk reduction, crowdsourcing humanitarian data, online education and ICT-based medical technologies can have significant social impact. The book brings together the best papers of the 2016 International Conference on Technologies for Development at EPFL, Switzerland. The book explores how the gap between innovation in the global South and actual social impact can be bridged. It fosters exchange between engineers, other scientists, practitioners and policy makers active at the interface of innovation and technology and human, social, and economic development.

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