Free fantasy Kindle books for 17 Aug 18

Father of Vampires (Saber of Certainty Stories Book 2)

by Larry Greatman

Gordon Vitt is doing pretty good for himself. He’s young, he’s healthy, and he’s just been named to a well paying position with the Royal Guard. What more could a goblin ask for? But when a seedy antiquities dealer named Harrison Jones waltzes into town selling an unbelievable story, he finds his life turned upside down. Along with Jones and the inexperienced enchanter Rebecca Raventree, Gordon is tasked with escorting a bratty royal on a quest to find the most dangerous being in existence. Along the way they’ll have to contend with belligerent hicks, ludicrous creatures, and each other. And all that before the real danger even begins. The ancient power they hunt has designs of its own, and by the time all is said and done everything will have changed.

This novella is the perfect introduction into the world of The Saber of Certainty!

The Zi’veyn: The Devoted Trilogy, Book One

by Kim Wedlock

Magic is formed in the heart – specifically, in a fifth chamber tucked between the left ventricle and aorta. Like blood, it cannot form outside of a living body, and so the existence of magic loose in the world, raw and unshaped, is an absolute impossibility.

And so, when magic is discovered – raw and unshaped – loose in the forests of Turunda and tearing the land to shreds, the Order of Mages is accused of sabotage during an already tumultuous time.

With the Order under close scrutiny and wars raging all around them, only Rathen Koraaz, a banished mage and deceased by all official records, has the time and the expertise to handle it before the world collapses beneath itself. With the help of a renowned historian and an inquisitor of the Hall of the White Hammer, they set out on a search for answers and solutions, until desperation leads them to chase the legends of an extinct people and the original users of magic.

Harbouring secrets of faith, magic and vengeance, the group flee harpy attacks in the wilds, riots in the cities, and the eternal hunt of imperial assassins even into the harsh depths of the desert.
But is there any truth to the legend? And, if not, how far will their world crumble before they can find an alternative?

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