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Ancient China: Magic and Mystery


Ancient China

Magic and Mystery

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Much of the material in this text comes from the Bamboo Annals and the Records of the Grand Historian and later historians who studied those sacred texts. The bamboo Annals were discovered in 281 AD inside the tomb of King Xian. The Records of the Grand Historian were reportedly written by Sima Tian and continued by his son, Sima Qian. Only fragments remain today, but the original may have been written just prior to 86 BC.

Inside you’ll read about

  • The Yellow Emperor’s Curse
  • Bronze and Bones
  • The Zhou – Mandate from Heaven

And much more!
Many of the Chinese kings mentioned here are characters in computer games and graphic novels. Those games and graphics do reflect something of the nature of these intelligent and clever people, although they may be enveloped in fantasy to some extent. China is replete with artifacts revealing the magic and mystery of this ancient civilization. And where would we be without a little mystery and magic?

Strategy Six Pack 6 (Illustrated)

by James Brooke

Palace intrigue, high seas piracy, the first war in Afghanistan, Elizabethan politics and TR’s take on the War of 1812 – it’s all here and more in Strategy Six Pack Six, another awesome military multi-manual for historians and tacticians. In this six-pack: The Suppression of Piracy by Henry Keppel and James Brooke. Queen Elizabeth by Jacob Abbott. The First Afghan War by Mowbray Morris. The Naval War of 1812 by Theodore Roosevelt. Oliver Cromwell by Elbert Hubbard. Plot and Counterplot: Jane Seymour and Anne of Cleves by Martin Hume. Includes image gallery.

ELEANOR OF AQUITAINE: Convincing Beauty – the most powerful queen


Eleanor of Aquitaine

The most powerful queen

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It goes without saying Eleanor of Aquitaine was a force of nature. She was the wife of kings, the mother of kings, a duchess in her own right and a tool of no man. She was headstrong and independent in an age when women were essentially to be seen and not heard.

Inside you’ll read about

  • Childhood in Aquitaine
  • Conflict
  • Penitent Crusade
  • A New Kingdom
  • Rebellion, Ransom and Retribution
  • Palace Politics
  • The Third Crusade
  • Ransom
  • Sunset

And much more!
Eleanor’s life was as extraordinary as the times in which she lived, and in many ways she was the most modern woman in medieval France. The book tells you about bright events of the lives of her husbands and sons who left a mark in the history of Europe.

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