Free horror Kindle books for 17 Aug 18

The Haunting of Riley Watson: A Haunted House Mystery- Book 2

by Alexandria Clarke

After King and Queens burns down the second time, Lucia and her crew seek sanctuary at White Oak. Unfortunately, Lucia can’t escape the leftover spirits, and the ghosts from her own past return to haunt her as well.

STEG: A Dark Futuristic Fantasy (Prologue) (THE FALLEN Dark Fantasy Series Book 0)

by Steve Windsor

A forbidden love â?¦ and the fallen angel who will do anything to avenge its loss.

Think you know the story of the beginning of Eden’s precious Garden? Think again!

** From Amazon Bestselling Author Steve Windsor **

A dark religious fantasy about the Garden of Eden as you’ve never heard it told. A “religious” fantasy novella about how man truly faced his first temptation â?¦ and the eternal consequences we are damned to for it.

The archangel STEG has a dark dilemma. He can either fulfill his heavenly duty as the knowledge bearing serpent in the Gardenâ??assist the daughter of Eden in bringing Life’s light to mankindâ??or he can chase a growing fantasyâ??a love deep inside himâ??beyond his control or comprehension.

Steg’s love is more forbidden than any fruit growing in the Garden, and to pursue it he’ll have to break just about every commandment he’ll ever know, yet to be written or silently understood hardly matters.

But love is not one to wait and wane while it withers on the vine. Neither is Steg, who, as the highest and most beautiful angelâ??the very first angelâ??is mere breaths away from being a god himself. Now, he has 7 days of creation to win the affection of the one he loves, or he will incur the wrath of a God who purports to love him above all others.Either way, the Garden will never be the same again.

Because sooner or later, the sin and treachery in Eden’s Gardenâ?¦ Eventually â?¦ sin touches every god.

The prologue novella to THE FALLEN series, STEG is a fast-paced, sarcastic and angry thriller that takes a distinctly human look into the just-may-be-possible roots of it all.

THE FALLEN series of books in order:

JUMP, THE FALLEN: Testament 1, a Thriller Novel
FURY, THE FALLEN: Testament 2, a Thriller Novel
FAITH, THE FALLEN: Testament 3, a Thriller Novel
HOLE, THE FALLEN: Testament 5, a Thriller Novel
DOGG, THE FALLEN: Testament 4, a Thriller Novel
BURN, THE FALLEN: Testament 6, a Thriller Novel
LIVED, THE FALLEN: Testament 7, a Thriller Novel
LIFE, THE FALLEN: Testament 8, a Thriller Novel
RAIN, THE FALLEN: Testament 9, a Thriller Novel
SALVATION, THE FALLEN: Testament 10, a Thriller Novel

If you love an irreverent and not-so-religious thrill-ride, scroll up and download a sample or buy STEG now!

The Fledge Effect

by R.J. Henry

GROUND-BREAKING HAVOC shook Middletown down a slippery slope of chaos. Marcel aided in this new, exiting, chance to advance his career, without knowing the possible repercussions. What was supposed to be a perfected human, became a bloodthirsty, yet tamable, fledge. His daughter is the product of a top-secret government plan.

Emily, desperate to make right with her past, jumps in to help top this plague. However, a lasting vaccine proved unattainable. She feared for her life, as well as never being able to meet her long-lost daughter.

Thrown in the middle of things, Jack Carlson, a small town sheriff, gained a long-needed promotion. His lack of degree, gave Agent Brinks all she needed to ensure the integrity of the project’s secrecy. Now, she has to gain the trust of many she wronged when Boss explains the project was to not get loose. It was meant for government use, and testing, only. That, if distributed to the public, could destroy an entire nation, and overthrow the government.

The only way to fix it is to kill her, find a lost test subject that could easily fight off the Fledges, or destroy Agent Myers’ only chance at activating the Fledges. The choice affects them all.

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