Free humour Kindle books for 17 Aug 18

Take Us To Your Trump

by Andrew Stanek

The government has been lying to us! Not about public corruption or lurid scandals or secret wiretapping programs… Okay yes, all that stuff too, but I’m not talking about that right now. The government has also been lying to us about space aliens. Aliens have landed on the National Mall and are asking to speak with the President of the United States. For the sake of the planet, diplomat Michael Wallenson is tasked with keeping them away from Donald Trump at all costs. Will Michael succeed? Or will these heavily armed, easily offended aliens succeed in reaching our leader? Building the border dome, coal-powered missiles, and the true identities of the men in black – all in Take Us To Your Trump, another hilarious satirical comedy from author Andrew Stanek.

Human Versus Machine: How To Beat Stockfish and Komodo Part I

by Lyudmil Tsvetkov

My winning games against Stockfish and Komodo. This is for real. I have played over 50 thousand engine games, of which more than 10 thousand against Stockfish, and a large number against Komodo, so I have my fair share of wins. Read the book to learn what openings are suitable to handle the machines, how to impose your style of play, and how to approach the game in a tactically relevant way.
The games are amply commented and diagrammed.
You thought competition between humans and machines has already ended? Not at all, it has just started!

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