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Simple Knifemaking

by Daniel Hall II

A guide to simple knifemaking that will take you through how to forge a knife blade all the way through finishing the knife and making a sheath. Great companion for beginner knifemakers or as a gift for knife enthusiasts or history buffs.

Word Search For Kids ages 9-12: Improve Spelling, Vocabulary, and Memory For Kids!

by Andrew Howell

Improve Spelling, Vocabulary, and Memory For Your Child!

Raising your kids is hard. And with a world filled with so much technology, it can be hard to teach your child basic communication fundamentals that improve the quality of their life now, and more importantly, as they grow into adults. The problem is, teaching your child the fundamentals of spelling, vocabulary, and memory; while having fun in the process. Who wants to read large textbooks to instill proper communication etiquette.  

This word search book is designed to teach your child these fundamentals in a fun way! How?

Spelling– In order to complete the word search, your child will need to be able to spell the words correctly. As they circle the word, they will see each letter, and reinforce how to spell words correctly.

Vocabulary- The more words your child sees, the more they will ask what it means, in turn, increasing vocabulary. 
Memory- The more new words that come into your child’s brain, the more they will try to memorize the words. The more you learn, the better you get at remembering things. 

You may think you can pick up any random word search book, however, the word search puzzles in this book were designed with Spelling, vocabulary, Memory, and Fun in mind. No other Word search book can you find the word searches made with these things in mind.

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Accelerated Drawing: Learn The Secrets That Teachers Never Told You: The 5-Step Drawing System To Accelerate Your Drawing Abilities In Just 7-Days Or Less | DRAW QUICKER, FASTER, BETTER (Book 2)

by Jamie Moore

“You do not need a University Degree or to be born with the gift of Drawing – you only need 10 minutes a Day

“Improves your Paintings Dramatically.”

“Draw cartoons like an Expert.

“If you can hold a pen you CAN draw!

At last! a Surefire proven skill based system that works!

Everything you need to get started is available here!

Discover the simple skill system taught to over 2,000 art and design students, teachers and illustrators over the past 18 years. These unique techniques get you in full control no matter what your current skill level.

Get maximum impact from your in your drawing, sketching and painting abilities quickly, easily, and confidently!

There is a formula that works.

And now it’s never been easier. Here’s how…

Let me share The 5 Secrets of artist’s skills with you.

The 6 self-taught secrets to successful, professional art skills that have never been offered together before.

A step-by-step process that begins at the very beginning level of skill. Never again will you sit in front of a blank drawing sheet wondering where to start.

A complete set of black line master exercises that you can print out and make as many copies as you require for class use or your own practice.

How to spot good materials that do the job well to free you from buying things you don’t need, in trying to achieve better results.

Notes to help you assess your class (or yourself!) before you begin and as you progress through the course.

Here are just a few benefits of learning how to sketch:

  • All you need is a pencil and paper.
  • You can sketch any place, anytime.
  • Meet new friends at sketching clubs.
  • You can sell your artwork if you choose.
  • Very fulfilling, interesting hobby.
  • It’s therapeutic!
  • To Sum It All Up:

    All you have to do is apply a proven, structured, step-by-step process, and follow a few simple rules.
    You have my personal guarantee that you’ll start seeing a difference or I will happily refund your money

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    Accelerated Learning 101: Get Good at Anything in Less Time! A Positive Psychology Guide to Improve Memory, Comprehension Skills, Boost Reading Speed, and Learn Effectively! (Deep Learning Book 1)

    by Louis Watts

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    Welcome to Accelerated Learning 101 – Get Good at Anything in Less Time! A Positive Psychology Guide to Improve Memory, Comprehension Skills, Boost Reading Speed, and Learn Effectively!

    The world is only becoming bigger, especially when it comes to knowledge. Knowledge is power, which means the more you know, the better opportunities you will present yourself with in life! 

    This book will discuss many strategies that will help you to learn brand-new concepts at accelerated speeds. From discovering how memory works to effective methods for absorbing lots of new information, your open-book of a brain will be filled with valuable knowledge in no time!

    It includes valuable information such as:

    • Attributes of Accelerated Learning

    • Retrieving Memories

    • Fast Learning Techniques for Beginners

    • Strengthening Photographic Memory

    • Mastering Mind Mapping

    • Hacks

    • Healthy Habits and so on!

    If You Are Ready to Commit to Yourself to Learn Effectively in Less Time, Grab Your Copy of “Accelerated Learning 101” Today!

    The TSA Guidebook- Thinking Skills Assessment: (Oxbridge Admissions Test): All your Thinking Skills Assessment Questions Answered

    by STEP Maths

    **** At STEP Maths we help hundreds of students achieve their dreams of studying at Oxbridge. For FREE Resources to kickstart your Oxbridge journey, visit: *****

    If you’re hoping to study: PPE, Linguistics, Psychology or Economics at Oxbridge this book is for you! Your one stop guide to answer all the questions you may have about the TSA.

    This book answers questions such as:
    What is the TSA?
    What is Critical Thinking?
    What is Problem Solving?
    Why is the TSA needed?
    What universities ask for the TSA?
    What university courses require me to take the TSA?
    What if two of the universities I am applying to require the TSA?
    What is the structure of the TSA?
    Where can I take the TSA?
    When can I take the TSA?
    How do I apply for the TSA?
    Will I be charged to take the TSA?
    How will the TSA be graded?
    Will I be penalised for wrong answers?
    When will I receive my score?
    How will I receive my score?
    Can I request feedback on my TSA score?
    How important is my TSA score in the admissions process?
    What is a â??good’ TSA score?
    How do I prepare for the TSA?
    When should I start revising for the TSA?
    What is the best way to revise for the TSA?
    Where can I find past papers?
    What equipment can I use for the TSA?
    Is extra time allowed for candidates whose first language is not English?
    What do I do if I require Access Arrangements?
    What are the guidelines for laptop use?
    Can I apply for special consideration?
    Can I use TSA Oxford from a previous year as part of a new application?
    What should I do on the day of the TSA?

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    Making Money Out Of Thin Air: How to make easy and fast money

    by Tal Angel

    Making money out of thin air. Is that even possible?
    It’s sure is!

    Read this short book and learn how other people made money from nothing.
    Learn how a “stupid” or a “foolish” idea can gross millions upon millions.
    Understand how money can come fast and with ease if you play your cards right.

    This book is only a fraction of my new bestseller book called “Your Million Dollar App”.
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    Life is all about hard working

    Current Affairs Hindi – Daily Digest – 20180806 – 6th Aug 2018

    by Sridharan .

    If you are appearing for any Govt Recruitment Examination, it is important that you are acquainted with the events happening around the world. Current Affairs is an important part of your curriculum apart from Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Reasoning, Data Interpretation, English, or Logical Reasoning! Thus, we bring you the Important General Awareness in Kindle.

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