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Amish Dreamer

by Marta Lancaster

Lizzie is a restless Amish woman who eavesdrops on some of her friends talking about going on their Rumspringa. She wants desperately to tag along and do what she has thought about for a long time…leave what she considers to be her stifling Amish community for good…Following through on her plans, Lizzie discovers what some of the elders have known all along…that the grass isn’t greener on the other side.

Rachel wants desperately to leave her Amish community. She finds it all boring, stifling and looks forward to a life in the Englisch world. She does not want to become like her sister who works in the family bakery and is content to do that with the rest of her life. Rachel is all set to leave until her father hires a handsome Englischer to work in the bakery. Rachel then rethinks her decision and begins to think that life in the Amish bakery isn’t so bad at all.
Life is complicated for Rachel when her best friend Lovina stakes her claim on Jacob, the man Rachel secretly loves. Rachel leaves her community to take a teaching job in the Englisch world but hates the job. Will she remain in the “English” world with all its conveniences and freedom, or will she return to her plain Amish life and settle for a marriage, perhaps one without love?
Amish sisters Lovina and Sarah and their friend, Rachel have always been close. The two sisters however, both have eyes for handsome Isaac, leaving Rachel to watch from the sidelines. But when Lovina and Sarah become distracted by a family problem, Lovina and Sarah make a deal as to who should have Isaac’s affections…at which point Rachel decides to make a play for Isaac herself.
An Amish young man struggles to take care of his three younger sisters after his parents die in a tragic accident. Their family farm is starting to go under and he enlists the aid of a woman outside the Amish community. She is a whiz at accounting and business and the farm starts to gain back money. The problem then becomes when they realize they have fallen in love with each other but they completely different beliefs. Can their budding love survive their differences?
Amelia is a young Amish woman who has achieved her life long ambition…To take on the role of the community mid-wife. She performs her job dutifully for many years but ignores the prospect of starting her own family. She resigns herself to spinsterhood until a handsome teacher comes into the town. Like Amelia, he was orphaned as a young boy and has suffered his share of heartache. But will he and Amelia be able to come together and make each other whole again?

The Amish Long Way Round

by Terri Downes

Amity is an Amish woman faces tragedy as her older sister dies shortly after giving birth to a daughter. She helps around the house and with raising the baby until she feels affection toward her sister’s husband. Feeling as if she’d be betraying her sister, she distances herself from the man…But is their budding romantic feelings toward one another real and in Gott’s plan?
Jeremiah is an Amish man who returns to his community after serving time in prison. His life seemed destined for happiness until he accidentally killed a man when defending the honor of his fiancee, Rachel.

Now back in the community, he sees Rachel’s family is now in hard times. Rachel does greet him with open arms as she is now dating someone else…But with his feelings for her still strong, he holds out hope as they both choose between two futures…
Hannah is in love with one of the hired hands on her father’s ranch. But the young man seems to be playing with her heart…One day is attentive and loving…the next, he seems distant.

There is another young man in town who loves Hannah to death. He is the best friend of the farmhand and feels reluctant to make his own feelings known as he doesn’t want to hurt his friend.

Hannah knows of the man’s feelings and realizes that he is the more stable character… but she cannot ignore her own desire for the farm hand. Hannah prays that God makes his will known to her…Can she figure out God’s plan for her love and life?
Caylee is a reporter who visits a local Amish farm trying to follow up on a story that one of the houses in the community may be haunted. It is a frivolous news story but she soon meets a handsome man who doesn’t want anyone delving into the past of the home. While looking through the old house, she discovers an old treasure map and the two begin a fun search for the “lost treasure.” Caylee finds herself drawn to the Amish man but fears that her own secret will keep them apart.
Emma is an angry young Amish woman. Her father had tried to set her up with son of his best friend and she refused. She runs away with the blue-eyed Englischer, Travis, but soon longs for her simple Amish life. Will the community take her back after she has turned their back on them? Or will she remain on the outside world and work things out with Travis?
Esther is a young Amish woman hired by a recently widowed man to help take care of his child. Esther agrees to terms with Isaac, but soon grows to love both him and his child.

Esther thinks Isaac has feelings for him as well but they are both too shy and professional to make those feelings known. Isaac’s family feels the need to help him find another wife so they begin seeking out another mate for him. Esther then begins to fear that their love will be forever unrequited. Or will one of them finally admit their feelings before it is too late?

The Expedition

by Joel Reed

Archaeology student Levi Marsh is beginning to fall behind in his classes due to an active social life, so Levi is invited by his friend, Nate, to join him during reading week in the exploration of an ancient archaeological site located north of their town.

When Levi’s mother becomes aware of the trip and the potential dangers that her son would face, she stops by his apartment the morning of their departure to give Levi a Bible. Reluctantly he agrees to take the book with him on his trip, if only to appease his mother.

Traveling deep into the wilderness on an abandoned logging road, the pair plan on reaching their destination by kayaking the remaining distance downriver. Levi and Nate set off down the river which turns out to be much wilder than anticipated.

Levi and Nate are faced with a number of challenges throughout their journey (physical and spiritual), as they are suddenly forced into a life and death situation. Find out what happens to Nate and Levi by purchasing a copy of the eBook.

Charlotte and the Chivalrous Duke: Regency Romance (Clean & Wholesome Regency Romance Book)

by Grace Fletcher


Charlotte has obtained the enviable position of housekeeper at the Duke of Westminster’s country estate. Despite her young age, she quickly gains acceptance and approval from the rest of the household, by her work ethic and pleasing personality. She is compelled to make the best of this placement as she is the sole breadwinner now for her family. But her work proves difficult when she keeps encountering her employer, a man who takes her breath away.

Peregrine Asquith, Duke of Westminster, is struck by the beauty of his young housekeeper from their first chance encounter. She shows herself to be of great character and Charlotte proves to be a welcome addition to his home. Her charming demeanor is a threat however to Lady Jane Foster, a woman who has her eyes set on becoming the new duchess.

Will love win over in this awkward mutual attraction or will decorum and protocol of the day prevail?

“Charlotte and the Chivalrous Duke” and all Grace Fletcher’s novellas are clean, wholesome Regency Historical Romances.

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