Free science Kindle books for 17 Aug 18

In the Path of Young Bulls: An Odyssey on America’s Continental Divide Trail

by Thomas Jamrog

After completing thru-hikes of the Appalachian (AT) and Pacific Crest (PCT) Trails, Tom Jamrog rises up out of his retirement rocking chair to invite three members of the AT and PCT’s MeGaTex team to join him on the ultimate multigenerational vacation. In the Path of Young Bulls details a team’s five-month-long stint of daily challenges along the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail, one of the USA’s toughest long-distance journeys. The book also serves as a resource for section and longdistance hikers in planning their own CDT adventures, by including daily mileages from starting and ending locations, as well as on-trail reports and conditions for each day’s hike.

Reverse Diabetes: A Complete Diabetes Guide- LOWER Your BLOOD SUGAR TO NORMAL, Lose Weight and Live Healthier (Diabetes Books, Diabetes Diet, Diabetes Cure, Reverse Diabetes)

by David F. Wilson

Do you suffer from diabetes?

Would you like to know how you can lower your blood sugar, lose weight and become healthier?

It’s true. You can stop diabetes from being the central part of your life, just by following some simple principles that are laid out in this in-depth and well-researched book.

Within the pages of Reverse Diabetes: A Complete Diabetes Guide, you will discover ways in which you can stop this chronic condition and even reverse the symptoms through:

  • Understanding what diabetes really is
  • Building your knowledge of the food you eat
  • Medical facts about diabetes
  • Putting the right nutrients into your body
  • Changing your eating habits
  • A real case and how it worked for him
  • And much moreâ?¦

Diabetes currently affects hundreds of millions of people around the globe and is becoming more and more prevalent as the years pass.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to define who you are or how you lead your life any more. You have the power and control to stop diabetes from ruining your life and with Reverse Diabetes you have the perfect companion guide to help you.

Get a copy TODAY and see how it can work for you.

Strength in a Heartbeat: diary of a heart transplant

by Lynne Robitaille

This is my journal I kept when my daughter Lauren Meizo became sick and eventually ended up needing a heart transplant. When my daughter became ill, I gave up my business designing custom gift baskets to be by her side 24/7. Family comes first. Lauren’s health declined to the point that I lived in the hospital in Boston Ma. with her for months on end. During that time, our story will define all the ups and downs of life in a hospital.

To sum it up…

I have slept in hospital chairs, window sills and couches. Skipped meals and cried from fear. I have become an expert on Lauren’s condition. I am a strong advocate that had to make life changing decisions.

I am a parent of a medically complex Warrior!!!

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