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DIY Solar Bank Charger: Build Your Own Mini Power System: (Solar Power, Power Generation)

by Ronald Johnson

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DIY Solar Bank Charger

Build Your Own Mini Power System

Welcome to DIY Solar Bank Charger: Build Your Own Mini Power System, a DIY book specifically meant to teach you how a Solar Bank Charger works and how you can build your own. Navigating the information surrounding Solar Power can feel like a foggy mess and one of the many clusters of foggy information out there is on how you actually build the Solar Bank Charger that connects your solar power to your power grid. This book is designed to bring the knowledge of how it works, how you should design yours, and a basic build of how to build one of your own.

In the first chapter, we will go over what a Solar Bank Charger is along with a few other details, such as:

  • Why you may or may not want to have a Solar Bank Charger
  • Whether a Solar Bank Charger or a Solar Battery Charger is more appropriate for your situation
  • How having an electrical grid that consumes more receives more benefit by running off a Solar Bank Charger

The second and third chapter revolves around electricity and the batteries themselves. Inside of these chapters, you’ll learn some basic electrical mathematics and how to connect batteries via serial and/or parallel methodologies. We’ll also cover the two primary types of batteries in use by most that set up Solar Power Grids and a little tip on whether resistance is something you need to calculate for.

In the final chapter, we’ll be building the Solar Bank Charger itself and this includes:

  • A General guide on how Controllers work and how to hook most of them up
  • A construction guide on building your bank and how to store them
  • A few tips and tricks on how to maintain your Solar Bank Charger to make your life easier

This book is meant to fully but only cover Solar Bank Chargers, how they work, and how you can build your own.

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Survival Cooking: 20 Recipes and Cooking Tips for Beginner Prepper: (Prepper’s Cookbook, Outdoor Recipes)

by Andrew Thomas

Survival Cooking: 20 Recipes and Cooking Tips for Beginner Prepper

Welcome to recipe and recipe tip guide book designed to help you in all the various situations you might find yourself in. In this book, we go over some prepper recipes, some recipes on the go if you have ready ingredients, some quick recipes for random ingredients, and some ways to cook for generally any part of the world.

First, we will go over five recipes you can use to prepare meals that will last you a very long time while also being relatively cheap. These recipes include beans, rice, and some other ingredients that are known to last a very long time. Then we’ll go over how to make meals under situations where you have a set of ingredients and the ready, and then ingredients that come at you randomly like:

  • Tomatoes
  • Hazelnuts
  • Celery
  • Flour

Since there isn’t a recipe book that can tell you all of the recipes in the world, we delve into how to both catch and safely cook a large range of the meats you will find in a survivalist situation, such as:

  • Fish
  • Rodents
  • Big Game
  • Snakes
  • How to tell most poisonous snakes a part from non-poisonous snakes

These are just some of the recipes and tips you will find in this book to help you survive a range of different situations.

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