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Beautiful and seductive (Japanese Edition)

by Jones Zach


How to Draw Flowers: The Easy and Clear Guide for Drawing Flowers, Rose, Lilly, Tulip and More – Step-by-Step Tutorial Book

by Andy Warick

This learn to draw book will be a perfect introduction for your kids. Sometimes, learning a new skill can be frustrating at first – no one can draw perfectly straight away. This means that sometimes children can become disinterested or even upset. Not with this book!

The informative, engaging and simple step by step instructions will allow children to enjoy learning how to draw at their own pace. In order to improve, they first need to develop an enthusiasm, which is exactly what this book is for. In no time at all, they will be reveling in their new talent!

What’s more, learning to draw is a stepping stone for a huge array of other skills. In no time at all your child’s hand-to-eye co-ordination will advance, which is important for everything from writing to playing music.

You should encourage your child to appreciate the magic of art as soon as possible – not just because it is an important talent but because it is an entertaining pastime. This should come first and foremost. If you want them to become a great artist, it is important that you allow them to take their time and learn from their own mistakes.

Your child will only develop a passion for art once they start to enjoy it, which is exactly what this book will encourage!

The Power of Cute!!: Control Stress with Kittens . A simple method that works. (Kitten / Cat Photography, Images, Pics Book)

by The Secret Libraries

The Power of Cuteâ?¦
Based on scientific research.
Japanese researchers have shown that looking at pictures of cute animals can help to improve your work performance and powers of concentration and reduce stress. The simplest things in life work the best. And this couldn’t be any more easy. As long as they’re pictures of kittens not cats, puppies not dogs, babies not adults our body releases the chemicals we need to stay more focused.

The researchers state in the published paper:

“This finding suggests that viewing cute images makes participants behave more deliberately and perform tasks with greater time and care,”

“This study shows that viewing cute things improves subsequent performance in tasks that require behavioural carefulness, possibly by narrowing the breadth of attentional focus,”

For many years now researchers have proven that we are predisposed to respond to “cute” baby-like features such as a large head, round face, a high protruding forehead, and large eyes, known as the “Baby Schema.” Baby animals also have the baby schema features, which explains why we innately think puppies and kittens are cuter than dogs and cats.

The baby schema features activate a number of innate processes in people, including smiling, saying awww, positive effects and nurturing behaviour. These baby schema attributes are perceived as cute and elicits stronger motivation for caretaking behaviour in other individuals. For survival babies require the parents to pay careful attention to their physical and mental wellbeing, such as being aware to potential dangers. The research shows cute images improve attention and perception performance on detail-oriented tasks that require concentration.

In the experiment undertaken by researchers at Hiroshima University, the participants who were shown images of kittens and puppies performed their tasks better, than those who were shown cats and dogs. Performance scores greatly improved by 44%. The researchers call this effect a “cuteness-triggered positive emotion” and suggest placing cute objects at work to improve focus and concentration and therefore stress levels. The research paper concludes by stating “This study provides further evidence that perceiving cuteness exerts immediate effects on cognition and behaviour in a wider context than that related to care giving or social interaction,”

Please find the 2012 science paper called ‘The Power of Kawaii’ (Kawaii meaning cute) free to read here:


This little book contains a collection of 100 beautiful high quality images of the most adorable kittens. To revisit every time you’re feeling a little stressed to take the edge off and stay focused. We filtered these down to make sure we have the best cuteness-triggered pictures to make you start the day with a smile.

The book also contains a password and link to our website to access a downloadable free image pack off the 100 kittens found in this book, which can be used as a scrolling photo gallery on your device (No annoying email sign up required)

Thank you for your purchase! We spent a long time building this book we hope you enjoy it.

‘The Power of Cuteâ?¦’ is a new series from The SECRET Libraries – New 1st EDITION for 2018

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