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Gemstone Wyverns

by Scott Michael Decker

Under Guardian William’s rule, the people of Alsace huddle in castles, dreading the next attack of the Gemstone Wyverns. After one of the wyverns steals the diamond belonging to the next king, Josh Wyrmherd is accused of helping the drake, and becomes an exile.

With his friend Alyson, they search for the diamond and make their way to a mountaintop eyrie where thousands of wyverns nest.

The two soon learn that humans and wyverns did not always live apart. With Alyson at his side, Josh embarks on a journey that will change their lives and shape the future of the whole kingdom.

The Trailokya Trilogy, Book One: The Shadow Soul

by K. Williams

2015 Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention in Science Fiction, The Shadow Soul is the first part of The Trailokya Trilogy, a Fantasy series that follows the rise and fall of fabled races and souls at the junction of three worlds: Zion, Earth and Jahannam. K. Williams weaves a tale that will leave you questioning long held convictions about the human legends of Heaven and Hell. Are you ready to enter the gates of Zion and learn the truth?

Captain Maiel is a duta warrior of Zion, a race of giant, winged guardians and chroniclers of the lesser souls. Maiel’s assurances are shaken when she nearly loses a young human girl to the dark forces of Jahannam, the prison realm where the lowest beings reside. To avoid answering to the leaders of her world, Maiel seeks refuge on Earth, but she is pursued by a baron of Jahannam intent on destroying her. Can she be saved before time runs out? Or will she be sacrificed to secure the borders of Zion and to hide the lie her journey uncovers?

With each step further into darkness, long held secrets are revealed and shadows rise from the past to challenge absolutes.


by Florian Armas

The Wanderers could see the future: civil war and destruction. They could not change it.
In the remnants of a lost empire, seigneurs and ladies, sages and soldiers come together in a time of sorrow. A mysterious sect of assassins lurks in the shadows; a young prince tries to win back his throne; a mother fights for her children, as powerful men covet her lands, and covet her. Amid tragedy and betrayal, allies and enemies, the fate of Jara’s family hangs in a precarious balance.

His family dead in an ambush, Codrin, the legitimate heir to the Arenian throne, runs for his life into the wilderness. Trained to fight by a renegade from the Assassins Sect, he has only one friend left in the whole world – his sword. A chance encounter with Jara and her family draws Codrin to Severin, a land threatened by Orban, the slayer of Jara’s husband. The Circle of Sages, a secret order created to rebuild the lost empire, is helping Orban, and Severin must fall, but the Sages may not know everything.

Filled with mystery, intrigue, romance and adventure, Errant is by turns taut medieval fantasy and touching love story, an irresistible read.

Join the adventure now.

Transformation: The Clandestine Saga Book 1

by ID Johnson

To survive, she must elude an ancient vampire queen.

Cadence Findley never gave much thought to vampires until one night when a dark encounter changes her life forever.

When her friend Drew is lured into the woods by a handsome stranger with steel-gray eyes and pale skin, Cadence instinctively knows he is dangerous, so she follows at a distance. Shocked at what she discovers unfolding before her eyes, she intuitively reacts. Seconds later, she finds herself alone in the forest, a decapitated head in her hands and the body of her friend at her feet.

Out of the shadows steps a man dressed all in black who insists she flee immediately. It seems the gray-eyed monster has friends of his own-the bloodsucking kind.

Now, they are coming for her.

Swept into a world full of creatures she never dreamed existed, Cadence is left with a choice. Can she outrun the clan of vampires who’ve marked her for death, or should she follow the advice of the one in black who saved her in the woods and transform into a vampire hunter?

Get ready to experience a world you’ve never known before, one full of Vampire Hunters, Guardians, and sinister Vampires who, if left unchecked, will destroy humanity. The Clandestine Saga follows Cadence Findley’s journey as she discovers the world isn’t always what it seems, and we are capable of much more than we’ve ever imagined when we are forced to choose between becoming the victim or the victorious.

Book 2: Resurrection, Book 3: Repercussion, Book 4: Absolution, and Book 5: Illumination are now available! 

Prophecy of Darkness (Legends of the Tri-Gard Book 1)

by M. Lynn

Only magic can save them. But by the time they get it back, will there be anything left to protect?

Trystan is a born leader: son of the King and heir to the throne. With the realm on the brink of starvation, the hint of magic offers hope, and he is only too willing to seek its user.

Together with his best friend and sister, Trystan leads a quest to find the lost “Tri-Gard” – powerful mages who stripped the realm of its magic, and who can restore it once again.

The King believes Trystan is the subject of a prophecy, and that only he can save the land.

But the prophecy speaks of darkness. And Trystan’s quest might just allow evil into the kingdom, bringing ruin upon them all.

Perfect for fans of Game of Thrones! - Young Adult Books Central

An epic fantasy journey! - USA Today Bestselling author Kelly St. Clare

The Legends of the Tri-Gard series:

  1. Prophecy of Darkness
  2. Legacy of Light
  3. Mastery of Earth

Shattered Illusions: An Urban Fantasy Reverse Harem (Ashryn Barker Trilogy Book 1)

by Laura Greenwood

Don’t get in the way of me and my sai. At least, not if you’re a vampire. That’s a quick way to end up dead.

My name is Ashryn Barker, and I’m a vampire hunter. One of the best in fact.

I also have a secret. One I can never tell anyone else. When I look someone in the eyes, I can see their deepest secret, the one hidden behind the illusion they show the world.

My name is Ashryn Barker, and I’m here to shatter your illusions.

The first installment in the completed Ashryn Barker trilogy, an urban fantasy/paranormal reverse harem.

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