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Great Marines of Virginia

by Meriwether Ball

Our U.S. Marine Corps’ greatest men and women are finally catalogued by the place they called home, bringing to light the ordinary American lives of the most extraordinary heroes of world military history.
Great Marines of Virginia is the first in this 50+ book series. After three years of research, and Meriwether Ball’s third book is finally available.
Marines and historians heralded her first book, Puller Chronicles Volume 1, about her distant cousin, LtGen. Lewis B. (Chesty) Puller’s ancestral Christian faith, and its importance in his life story.
Happily, Miss Ball introduces us now to the many heroic and humble compatriots from Chesty’s beloved Virginia.

THE CHRONICLES OF SANGO: The rise of the soulless army

by Larry B

The captivating story of a powerful and mighty warrior king, Sango was the third king in 14th century Oyo empire.
He had the powers of a heathen god and took a beautiful shapeshifter as Queen. Together side by side, hand in hand they loved without care and fought till the very end;
A masterly crafted docu-fiction; an extraordinary tale, cleverly blending historical facts with fiction.; trained killers from assassini strongholds in the Persian dessert, mighty war generals with mystical powers, blood-sucking aliens from world light years away, soulless wraiths brought back from the dead by the darkest art in 14th century Africa and a clan of werewolves;

the plot thickens; from the arid desert of Persia to the great city of the Malian emperors through the wild jungle of the Kongo and to the lands of the proud Ashantis in Ghana, Sango’s story will be told until the end of time.

Get ready for an unusual adventure, you will be held spellbound until the very last page.

Ancient History: A Captivating Guide to Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome

by Captivating History

If you want to discover captivating stories of people and events of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome then keep reading…

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Three captivating manuscripts in one book:

  • Ancient Egypt: A Captivating Guide to Egyptian History, Ancient Pyramids, Temples, Egyptian Mythology, and Pharaohs such as Tutankhamun and Cleopatra
  • Ancient Greece: A Captivating Guide to Greek History Starting from the Greek Dark Ages to the End of Antiquity
  • Ancient Rome: A Captivating Introduction to the Roman Republic, The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, and The Byzantine Empire

Some of the topics covered in part 1 of this book include:

  • Who Were Ancient Egyptiansâ??Their Origins, History, and Geography
  • Who Held the Power: The Social Structure of Ancient Egypt
  • Kings and their Military Power
  • The Magnificent Pharaohs of the New Kingdom and Their Empire
  • The Decay and End of the Egyptian Civilization
  • A Romance, Politics, and Tragedy: The Story of Cleopatra VII
  • The Religion, Mythology, and Rituals of Ancient Egyptians
  • Funerary Beliefs and Rituals: Mummification and Afterlife
  • The Architecture of Ancient Egypt: Temples and Pyramids
  • And much more!

Some of the topics covered in part 2 of this book include:

  • Dawn of the Dark Ages
  • From Darkness to Democracy
  • Olympic Origins
  • Greece Grows from War to War
  • The Fight for Democracy
  • The Peloponnesian War
  • Enter Alexander the Great
  • Great Minds of Ancient Greece
  • Roman Take-Over
  • Cleopatra and her Consorts
  • Hadrian’s Travels
  • Gothic Raids on Greece
  • Rise of Christianity
  • End of Antiquity
  • And much more!

Some of the topics covered in part 3 of this book include:

  • The Seven Kings of Seven Hills: the Foundation of Rome and Its First Rulers
  • The Early Republic
  • The Punic Wars and Mediterranean Dominance: The Middle Republic
  • Decay, Corruption, and Civil Wars: The Late Republic
  • Gaius Julius Caesar, Crossing the Rubicon, and Death that Shook the City
  • The Rise of First Roman Emperor
  • Early Roman Empire: Princeps Augustus and Julio-Claudian Dynasty
  • The Flavian Dynasty
  • The Nerva-Antonine Dynasty
  • Late Empire
  • The Empire of Constantine
  • Constantinian Dynasty
  • Decline and Fall of the Western Roman Empire
  • The Byzantine Millennium
  • And much, much more!

So if you want to learn about ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome without having to read boring textbooks, click “buy now”!

The Tragic Tale of William Papper

by Mike Covell

During the cold winter of 1881 the Rising Sun, a fishing smack, sailed from Hull. The vessel was captained by Osmond Otto Brand, and on board was a fourteen year old fisherlad named William Papper. When the vessel returned in January 1882, poor William Papper’s parents waited on the dockside for their son, but the apprentice never returned. According to all on board, William was lost at sea.

Eventually cracks began to show, crew members began to talk, and the whole terrifying truth was revealed. William Papper was murdered at sea by Osmond Otto Brand.

Now, for the first time in print, the entire story of William Papper, Osmond Otto Brand, and the Rising Sun can be told. From the police investigation, to the public outrage, featuring historical primary sources, contemporary newspapers, and statements from the period.

Mike Covell also explores what happened next, with the attempted murder on William Papper’s sister, and the sinking of the Rising Sun, which claimed yet another life of a young fisherlad.

World War II Auschwitz: A History From Beginning to End

by Hourly History

World War II Auschwitz

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Auschwitz is a monument to the barbaric inhumanity of the Nazi regime. It is the site where more than one million people were systematically tortured and killed in support of Adolf Hitler’s determination to eradicate entire populations that he viewed as racially impure. Dr. Josef Mengele conducted horrific experiments on live victims, treating his subjects as if they weren’t human. The Jews, homosexuals, Communists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the mentally and physically disabled were less than human to the Nazis. The “Final Solution,” a cornerstone of Nazi ideology, enacted a devastating sentence upon people whose only crime was their ethnic origin or their religious and political beliefs.
But the voices of Auschwitz continue to be heard. Anne Frank’s diary speaks for all the innocent who were sent there. Elie Wiesel spent his life speaking out against the horrors he and others endured at Auschwitz. The recorded histories of the survivors of the camps keep the memories alive for generations whose only knowledge of the Holocaust would otherwise be through a school assignment to read The Diary of Anne Frank or by watching a movie like Schindler’s List.
Auschwitz holds a bizarre fascination for those who hear about it; how could such evil thrive? How could an entire nation surrender to the rantings of a diabolical man who sought revenge against the followers of a religion? The names reverberate in a gallery of maniacs who purported to be leaders: Hitler, Goebbels, Mengele, Goering, Himmler, and the countless others who supported them.

Inside you will read about…

â?? Adolf Hitler and the Preservation of the Aryan Race
â?? The Nazis in Charge
â?? The Final Solution to the Jewish Question
â?? The Angel of Death
â?? Life in Auschwitz
â?? Liberation and Judgment
And much more!

Germany today is staunch in its refusal to allow Nazism to thrive. The nation that built Auschwitz and employed its Final Solution is now the country that has enacted legislation to prevent the Holocaust from being repeated. But hatred is contagious. As Martin Luther King, Jr. once observed, Adolf Hitler operated within the law when he committed his vile acts. They were laws that he created. Evil can triumph if people allow it to do so.
Today, Auschwitz is a museum where people can see for themselves the terrible extent to which humanity can hate. But Auschwitz is also a warning to subsequent generations. Do not be fooled into thinking that any ethnic group, any nation, any religion is safe. When demagoguery and prejudice are allowed to legislate their evil, genocide becomes a solution to a problem rather than an unthinkable act. It happened once; it can happen again. The survivors and the victims alike want their story to be told, lest we forget.

Greek Mythology: A Captivating Introduction to Greek Myths of Greek Gods, Goddesses, Heroes, and Monsters

by Matt Clayton

Captivating Stories about Greek Gods, Goddesses, Heroes, and Monsters

It can be challenging to find a comprehensive collection of Greek myths considering the number of versions and translations available. However, look no further as you have found a book that includes many of the most popular Greek myths in an easily accessible format.

The purpose of this book is not only to introduce you to Greek mythology but also to captivate your attention and imagination so you can relive the tales of the most fabulous Greek gods, goddesses, heroes, and monsters.

Within this book, you’ll find the following Greek myths and topics covered

  • In The Beginning: The Creation of the World, and the Titan-Olympian War
  • The Rulers of Olympus
  • Prometheus and Epimetheus
  • The Birth of the Muses
  • The Olympian Gods and Goddesses
  • The House of Atreus and the Trojan War
  • Odysseus’ Long Way Home
  • Odysseus’ Homecoming
  • Agamemnon’s Homecoming and Orestes’ Choice
  • Oedipus and the Prophecies
  • Oedipus’ Children
  • Cupid and Psyche
  • Short Tales
  • And Many More

Download the book now and learn more about Greek mythology

The Most Terrifying Places on Earth: Searching Through the World’s Most Horrifying and Scary Locations

by Conrad Bauer

Prepare to be frightened…very frightened by these extraordinarily scary places most of us probably never knew existed!

The world around us is a scary place. With danger lurking around so many corners, the threats we can explain are often easily quantified and dismissed. Rather, it is the unexplainable, the paranormal and the strange which present the biggest threats to our psychological well-being. All across the planet, certain places and buildings have come to represent these abnormal and unexplainable phenomena. From ghosts to genocides, brutal murders to witches’ covens, these locations are both hyper specific and universal.
In almost every town, village or city, there is often an area where people are wary. A certain building people say is haunted, or a home they know has a particularly gruesome past. People might warn children to stay away, these buildings might form the backbone of some local folklore, or they might actually be condemned and restricted to the public. In these buildings our imaginations run riot and we wonder what could be possibly be lurking down the long, dank and dark corridors. But not all of these places are created equal.
In this book, we will examine some of the most terrifying, strange, bizarre, odd and depressing places on earth. These might be haunted homes or the resting place of a murderous maniac. Some have been created by the evils of modern man while others are tributes to ancient and dark mysteries we still struggle to explain. The one thing they share is their ability to chill you to the bone. But as you work through this list, the true extent of humanity’s capacity to imagine the horrific should not be underestimated. When you are ready to learn about some of the worst places in the world, like the island of the doll in Mexico, the Paris catacombs, the Hell fire Club in Ireland, the Ridges in the USA and much moreâ?¦just read on!

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