Free horror Kindle books for 18 Aug 18

PulpWork Summer Special 2018 (PulpWork Special)

by Joel Jenkins

It’s 1975 and the world is about to be plummeted into a second Ice Age by the Illuminati…unless the ladies of the Dark Star Detective Agency can stop them.

An ancient demon is summoned to swallow the sun.

A young soldier in Afghanistan finds more than just human foes to combat when an evil entity possesses innocent people and causes them to commit heinous murders.

Detective Camilla Jones finds herself embroiled in the Case of the Falling Ghost.

In 1920 the British Royal Occultist Charles St. Cyprian and his bloodthirsty assistant, Ebe Gallowglass confront a madman.

The PulpWork Summer Special contains five fantastical stories of action and the occult, particularly chosen for your summer reading pleasure.

Cinema 9

by Simeon Gregory

It’s date night at the theater for Daniel and Gretchen. An ordinary horror movie changes their lives forever when a sinister being emerges from the dark.

Cinema 9 is one of the short stories found in the upcoming book: Things in the Dark by Simeon Gregory.

The Pack (Book One)

by I.J. Smith

A long time ago the world changed. A group of humans became cut off from the rest of the world. Eventually they grew way beyond what their land could support. The Vampire nations began and so was born the Order.
For centuries the Order have battled against the Vampire threat. Only ever recruiting the ones that would never be missed. For seven years service, they would be allowed to begin again. Problem is, they needed to survive first.

The Rosary

by Chris Writes

When a young man finds a family heirloom, he finds himself haunted by an evil being.


by Simeon Gregory

Winter has revealed a cluster of holes in the ground that were previously hidden by overgrowth. Anton Moss discovers that his country property along side Highway 24 is not your normal ranch. Something is lurking beneath the ground.

Monster University: A Set Of Short Stories

by Katherine Rochholz

“I watch the monsters day in and day out. They never notice me the lowly human. But I watch them. I know them. I know their weaknesses, their strengths, their desires. They don’t think anybody could ever figure it out. Ha! One only has to watch and listen to see what is really going on. Of course, nobody watches. And nobody pays attention to the dying girl. The girl that is quiet and mousey, the girl that doesn’t say two words unless she is in class or spoken too. No nobody notices the dying girl. And because of that I can watch them. Study the monsters. And learn how to kill them. I don’t have the strength to kill them. To get rid of the evil that plagues this town. But I hope that someday that humanity won’t be lost to them. I hope that someday that someone will have the strength to take them down. But I watch. That is all I can do. Watch and record. And now I want to share this all with you. Share with you how I came to find out how things go bump in the night. And the stories of Monster University.”

The Chronicles of Battle

by Katherine Rochholz

Hello, my name is simple; you hear it every day, you know you do without even knowing it, my name is Battle. Well that is what they call me now. But once upon a time before my life changed, when I was young, my parents had named me Katrina. My grandmother and grandfather called me Kat, and I was naive, that was then and then is what shaped my life today. So come on my journey with me and I will tell you how I ended up here. Where is here? I am laying here with a stake in my chest, releasing Hell upon Earth. Come listen to the stories of an ancient slayer turned vampire… Listen to my stories, learn from the mistakes of the past… So when Earth gets her second chance… Humanity does not fail a second time…

Creepy Time Volume 1: Short Horror Stories

by Robinson Fowler

Do you like short horror stories?
If your answer is YES … You are welcome. These stories are brief, but I guarantee that you will immerse yourself in the deepest terror that you can know …
Stories and paranormal experiences that you will never want to happen to you. Welcome to these Creepypastas, to these paranormal experiences that could happen to anyone and that you would never want to be a protagonist.
Welcome to the world of Short Horror Stories…

The Starving Artists and Other Stories: Nine stories of sci-fi and the supernatural

by Howard Casner

For those who like the weird, the odd, the out there, here are nine stories with supernatural and sci-fi themes, from a DJ who might or might not be the last person on earth, to a visit from aliens about our nuclear capability, to a young boy whose life changes when “he” came out of the desert. Expect the unexpected.

Creature Features: Weird Tales of Dark Fantasy and Horror (Pulp Shorts Book 1)

by Aleister Davidson

Three Twisted Tales of Lovecraftian Terror!

The Idol of the Frog God

When a young girl finds an ancient artifact it changes her life forever in this brutal, and gory, grimdark fantasy.

Cthulhu vs. San Francisco: the Scourging of the Yuppies

A comedic send up of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos, and the Google Effect. This weird sci-fi short is told from the point of view of several characters, including the ineffable demon-god Cthulhu himself.

The Trench Coat

A man down on his luck finds one of his greatest wishes comes trueâ?¦before he realizes his dream is actually a nightmare.
A strange tale of otherworldly weirdness and sci-fi horror

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