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Don’t Be a Baby Mama, Be a Mother

by Lakeesha L. Thomas

In, “Don’t Be a Baby Mama, Be a Mother”, author Lakeesha L.Thomas explores the
“Baby Mama/Baby Daddy” trend and lifestyle, the damage that it has done to families, and the differences between baby mamas and a mothers. Both groups of women are unmarried with children, but the similarities end there. Throughout the book, various parenting topics are discussed, and the characteristics and actions of how a baby mama would handle them as opposed to a mother, are explored. You are not confined to be a baby mama just because the relationship doesn’t work out with your child’s father; you can always conduct yourself as a mother, the choice is yours. All single or unwed mothers are not baby mamas, and “Don’t Be a Baby Mama, Be a Mother” aims to prove just that. â??

The Coming of Age

by M.Y. Jaabosigo

There are many women who have had to grapple with the hard fact that the man whom they love is not, and may never be, faithful. This story deals with one woman’s long journey through a difficult obsession with a man whom she had to share with other women. The highs and the lows, the joys and the sorrows, and the painful transition to maturity and self-understanding are powerfully evoked in a book that few women will fail to relate to.

The Parenting Experiment: How I Survived and You Can Too!

by Rusty Ellis

Every family’s an experiment. A couple merrily starts out and have a child. Some continue on and have two, three, fourâ?¦and in our case, six children. Along the way, The Parenting Experiment unfolds. Two people trying to decide what to instill in their little experimental vessels (children). â?©

They work to come up with a recipe giving their little vessels the best chance at a successful life. Along the way, the scientists (parents) tweak the recipe, argue over the ingredients, try not to break the vessels, incorporate mixtures they’ve seen work from other scientists, and ultimately pray that they’ve done enough after the vessel has percolated for at least 18 years. â?©

And truth be told, it really doesn’t stop then. It continues for the rest of their lives. At some point, their vessels create vessels of their own. The original scientists try to give advice about how to mix and treat the new vessels, carefully trying not to step on the new vessels-turned-scientists’ toes. â?©

Whew! That was quite the allegory!â?©

An even simpler version��

We try to give our kids the best chance possible at the world by instilling what’s important to us; a combination of our own upbringing, individuality, and experiences.

â?©This book is a series of short stories and articles I put together over time. They make up my experiences in raising children, being raised by my parents, my wife raising me still, and moving to grand-parenting.

â?©I hope you have a few laughs along the way, gain a few ideas and pat yourself on the back for pouring your heart and soul into your children.

Healthy From Day 1 Create Your Baby’s Healthiest Nursery

by Justin Valley

In this step-by-step resource, expert guide Justin Valley informs parents about the most prevalent causes of environmental stresses in the home and advises on how to make the most beneficial choices when it comes to creating your baby’s healthiest nursery. Filled to the brim with simple, budget friendly solutions that can have a big impact on your family’s health, this book informs on crucial topics like: improving indoor air quality, reducing pollutants originating both inside and outside the home, and minimizing the effects of electromagnetic radiation. Covering everything from optimum nursery configuration to how to choose contractors for remodels, Healthy From Day 1 is the consummate guide to creating your baby’s optimum home environment.

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