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Loves of Tomorrow: A Clean Romance Book Collection

by Mica Benchley

Get THREE clean amish and western culture short stories PLUS bonus 8 clean romance stories inside!

A Mismatch Made in Muscle -Clean Western Culture Romance

This book is about a couple deeply, and madly in love, but their relationship defies every conventional maneuver. Jennifer is a female bodybuilder who loves auto mechanics, action movies, and being physically dominant. Douglas is a scientist who is a small and skinny man, who has a huge brain, but is otherwise a huge wimp. The two of them meet, fall deeply in love, and have a charming life together. They suddenly are hit with a major, emotional, and painful issue that threatens their marriage and livelihood.

They must find a way to cope and problem-solve, or else their marriage will be destroyed. One of them has got tons of muscle, one of them has tons of brains, but is that going to be enough?

Game of Love -Amish and Sports Romance

Isaac and Katie are two young adults from the Amish community settled in Ohio, USA. They have been friends since childhood and are expected to marry and settle down as a happy couple. However, Isaac has slightly different interests.

He is an avid football fan, owing allegiance to the Cleveland Browns. When an opportunity presents itself, he signs up for the NFL sports camp in Cleveland and runs away from home when he gets accepted. Nobody in the family knows anything except for Katie, who eventually has to spill the beans upon being questioned.

Five years later, Isaac appears in the headlines as the first-ever Amish player to make it through to the NFL team of the Cleveland Browns. Katie is at the stadium to see her beloved friend in action. But what will be the reaction of the elders in the community? Will they be able to look beyond their short-sightedness and acknowledge Isaac for his achievements or will he be another casualty of spiritual high-handedness?

On the Outside Looking In-Amish Contemporary Romance

Kenneth Garrity works as a stocker in a department store. On a regular basis, he sees the nearby Amish community coming through to get their supplies. He’s spent the early part of his twenties making bad choices and, for several of those years, he’s made it a point to talk to the Amish people whenever they came into the store. Especially one bright, attractive young woman named Eve. Every week, she comes in with her father, mother and some of her siblings.

Kenny is always there to help them find what they need. He forms a bond with them, beginning to trust them for the good, wise people they are.

Kenny’s made the decision to turn over a new leaf and he wants to do it by joining the Amish community. Unfortunately, his bad reputation reaches even the quiet solitude of the Amish. Can Eve trust that Kenny’s motives for joining the community are genuine?

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Rosemary and Sawdust

by Terri Downes

A collection of Amish short stories from Terri Downes and others…Englischer Paul gets the wrong directions and accidentally enters the home of a young Amish woman named Emma. He is in the Amish community to collect on his uncle’s inheritance, who has a series of properties in the town. His eyes are on the money but when he gets to know Emma and the people in he community he begins to realize that this could be a place he could call home.

Tales of a Duchess: A Sweet Regency Romance Collection of Short Stories

by Elizabeth Taylor-White

TALES OF A DUCHESS: A Sweet Regency Collection of Short Stories.

Duchess in Disguise
As the carriage passed through the Mayfair streets, towards St James, he was surprised to find himself wondering briefly about his child-bride. What would she look like now? He thought. Since she had not married in all these years, she must look like old cheese, or be of so sour a disposition that gentlemen had avoided her. He shuddered at the thought.

Marianne’s Return
She found herself standing close to the entrance, where couples were still trying to edge their way into the ballroom. Conversations from both inside and outside rose to her ears, not in full sentences, but in stilted phrases.
“Married his mistress . . . but she was born before . . .”
“Her mother was born the same . . .”
“Of course her grandfather protected her, but Gloucester couldn’t make her legitimate . . .”

Proposal Declined
She knew that there was a chance that her former love could be there, in his title as Benjamin Farley, the Duke of Ravensthorpe. She had come to the last party at this house with him, as his partner, but it had ended badly, and she had not been in society since. It had been a humiliation, both for her and for him, but only due to his last act. There had been no difficulties at all, until he had asked her to be his wife.

Seven Years for a Duchess
That was the reason, of course, for her failure to secure a husband. After that first year, a whirlwind of passion that had made her the envy of every woman in the ton, there had been the crushing blow of her beloved’s disappearance. One night, he was there at the ball, to dance with her and sit beside her at dinner, and the next he had just gone.

Wager for a Duchess
I propose that you, Duke of Tempsford, will not be able to obtain Miss Frances Bradley’s hand in marriage.”
The duke laughed. He knew full well that he was a very handsome manâ??and wealthy. Any woman would be delighted to marry him. “I don’t see why that is worthy of a wager.”

Hearts on Fire: Amish and Firefighter Romance

by Etenia Hoffman

A Standalone Sweet Clean Amish Romance. Download for FREE with Kindle Unlimited

This heartbreaking story begins with danger and suspense but ends with compassion, romance, and true love. The plight of the Amish Johannsen family follows a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs but love wins out in the end. The story covers interesting societal issues that anyone can relate to. Follow the trajectory of these young people’s lives as they make their way through loss, growing up, and reaching adulthood. A cast of interesting characters come in and out of the Johannsens’ lives as romantic love grows alongside great friendships.

Hearts on Fire has dynamic relationships at many different ages, from siblings and peers, children and adults, and adults of varying age. Get caught up in a mystery with a surprising twist on who the guilty parties are and the motive for the crime. Our firefighter hero is young, handsome, and Amish! He finds himself entangled in an unfolding drama with the woman that he loves but she doesn’t know he’s alive.

Can he save the lovely young woman before it’s too late, or will her drama bring an end to his life as he knows it? This great story with a happy ending will make you want to fall in love with our hero, too.

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A romance novel ending happily ever after PLUS 9 free bonus clean romance short stories inside!

The dukeâ??s scandalous brother (Regency Romance) (Regency Tales Book 17)

by Regina Darcy


Miss Arabella Cartwright , a preacher’s daughter, just arrived at Warrington Abbey as the new governess for the Duke of Ainsley’s three children.

Whilst she is curious about her new surroundings and her new employer, it is his scoundrel brother that has her twisted in all sort of ways.

But soon it is clear that more is afoot at Warrington Abbey than the attraction between the duke’s brother and his governess. Stolen kisses, misunderstandings and thwarted villainy. Sometimes all a rogue needs to find his way is a good woman. b>Buy it now to find out how it all ends.

The duke’s scandalous brother is a Clean Regency Historical Romance.

Regina Darcy writes clean, short, regency romance stories that always have a good old fashioned happy ending.


1.Once Upon a Regency Romance (Regency Romance Timeless Tales) (15 Book Box Set)
2.How to capture a Lord (5 Story Box Set 1)
3.When a Rogue finds love (6 Story Box Set 2)
4.A heart set on love (6 Story Box Set 3)

Sea Captain’s Promise

by Joyce A. Scott

If you’ve lost yourself, you need someone else to show you the way home.

When Thomas Quinn is eight-years-old, he asks a promise of an Irish sea captain: “If ever I should become like me father will you dunk me under the water ’til I cannot breathe? Will you, sir, please?”

The captain agrees.

Ten years later, Thomas is a womanizer, a thief and a drunk, who remembers a promise, but doesn’t know what it was about or who it was with.

While flirting with a young woman in the Galway marketplace, he is accosted by her grandfather. The man is gruff with him and knows too much about him.
Afraid, Thomas runs and goes on a drunken binge with his friend, Farrell. Late that night, they are knocked out by someone wielding a club.

When Thomas wakes, he finds himself tied to a ship’s yardarm by his ankles and dunked over and over into Galway Bay until he cannot breathe. Only then does he learn the young woman’s grandfather is the captain of the ship.

Kidnapped and taken out to sea, Thomas fights with the sailors, steals ale from the hold, runs from a battle with a female pirate and falls in love with the captain’s granddaughter.

But it isn’t until he finds out who he really is that Thomas’ restless soul finds its way home.

An Engagement with War

by Dione M. Sheehan

Annie Lore has always dreamed of one day being Mrs. Albert Wyst. It is as simple as that. Albert’s special smile and sensitive, caring eyes captured her heart long ago. But when a proposal finally comes, nothing is simple anymore. A devastating civil war is ripping the country apart. Albert is abandoning his home of Brucston, Kansas to aid the Union cause. And Annie, the bride-to-perhaps-never-be, is left behind.
Yet as Annie struggles with Albert’s departure, an old passion arrives and seems quite intent on staying. Medicine. She has always been interested in doctoring, although now it is much more than simple interest. With Albert gone, she needs a diversion from her lonely heart and hollow thoughts. And medicine seems quite the suitable solution. But in a small prairie town like Brucston, not all folks take too kindly to the idea of a woman pursuing a career in medicine. Is God leading Annie in the wrong direction? Is He leading her at all?
Deeper than uncertainty though, deeper than anything else, runs the fissure of war. Correspondence forestalled, Annie and Albert begin to question their own feelings and wonder if their relationship can truly survive the ravages of war. Daily confronted with death, Albert loses faith in himself and his mission, while tragedies at home cause Annie to severely doubt her medical capabilities as well as her relationships – most of which have begun to crumble. Coming desperately close to losing faith in one another, can Annie and Albert find a way to bridge war’s irreparable crevice?

Same Ole, Same Ole

by Jerrice Owens

Determined to honor her dying father’s wish, Jessica begins her quest for a good Christian man. But when the one she wants shares different beliefs, will love overcome their religious obstacle?

Serenity Hope (He Calls Me by Name Book 1)

by Michael Winstell


Serenity Hope MacAlister loves three things: God, her family, and her horses. Riding across the grassy, windswept hills of north Texas, she finds happiness and contentment. But when an old flame comes back to town, memories of heartbreak and sorrow are stirred up again. Serenity finds herself torn between the desires of her heart, the path to her future, and the challenges that her burden her family. Can she find healing for her broken heart, the courage to hope again, and most importantly, the peace and serenity that only God can provide?

Book 1 of He Calls Me by Name

Unlocked: a short prequel to Lokte, a Christian Suspense Thriller

by K.J. Bryen

New York, 1985.
Sophia Parks is used to battling demons. But when she is approached by a girl who needs help banishing a demon, Sophia struggles to help her, and must go up against the most powerful demon she’s ever faced. To fail might mean losing everything she loves . . .

This short prequel to “Lokte” delves into Sophia’s past, and incorporates some unlikely characters from the novel. “Lokte” is available now on Amazon.

Lawfully Saved: Inspirational Christian Historical (A Bounty Hunter Lawkeeper Romance)

by Patricia PacJac Carroll

Lawfully Saved
Rose McCabe is a mail-order bride and in love with her intended, Ben Anderson. But he’s missing. Her only hope is Rand Ketcham, a retired bounty hunter who has given up on life. Can she persuade him to leave his rose garden and whiskey bottle long enough to help her?
Then there is her past. Ben had written to her that it didn’t matter, but was he telling the truth? Was Ben kidnapped, or is he running from her?

Sweet Memories

by Diana Morgan

Grace Mast is good at dealing with problems in the Amish classroom where she is the lead teacher, but not when one of the problems comes in the form of an adorable nine-year-old, Rachel Esh. To make matters worse, Rachel’s father accuses Grace of being a bully. Can God bring the two of them together? Or will they remain far apart?

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