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Uncommon Bravery (Tinker/Knight Adventures Book 1)

by Jamie McFarlane

The bugs have arrived and the invasion of Earth has begun. An intrepid group of friends will stop at nothing to defend their home.

A massive fleet of aliens arrived weeks back and have been battling it out with the combined fleets of mankind’s most powerful nations. The war for humanity’s very existence has begun and it’s not going very well. With supremacy in orbit, the Kroerak empire has started the second phase of their invasion by sending in their armies.

Lester Knight, Jeremy Tinker and Clara Daws have grown up in the sleepy little town, Elm Bluff on the western border of Iowa. Nothing much exciting every happens in Elm Bluff until suddenly it becomes a buffer between two armies. The town has only one chance of survival and that’s if it can be cut off from the bugs.

Read Uncommon Bravery and discover just how far a group of friends will go to protect their home.

A Race Against Unlimited Time: A Time Travel Adventure

by Chuck Markin

Jay Seger is a cryptologist working for the government on a top-secret project. When he discovers that the device he has been working on has been stolen by an insider, all signs point to his colleague, Dr. Warner. Jay confronts him, but soon discovers there is more to Dr. Warner than meets the eye when Dr. Warner kidnaps his family to blackmail him into helping Dr. Warner use the device to go back in time to alter one historical event. In this thriller, Jay must balance his desire to save his family against the need to protect the timeline of history from Dr. Warner – all while trying to recover the stolen top-secret device for his country.

Zero Nine Eight One F Thirty

by Dan Marder

The world waited for answers.

Nine thousand unexplained deaths.

And then, on a bitter-cold Tuesday nightâ?? millions.

Travis Gaits spends his days drinking and searching for the man who murdered his wife on that Tuesday night. As he pours what he thinks will be his final drink, a woman named Ellie shows up seeking respite from the anarchy of the open road. Desperate for company, she convinces Gaits to recount his story of loss as the two struggle to make sense out of one night that forever changed their futures.

Set across a desolate, snow-covered Midwestern landscape, Zero Nine Eight One F Thirty is the story of a man who will stop at nothing to seek revenge in order to make sense of his tragedy.

Skeleton Crew (Colony B Book 0)

by Michael Campling

It takes a million moving parts to send a starship across the galaxy, but only one mistake to bring it crashing down.

Almost five years have passed since The Pharaon left Earth’s orbit, bound for a distant planet, and Technical Bridge Assistant Nathan Joffe yearns for some excitement. So when an unusual incident occurs, he rises to the challenge. But while he occupies himself, events are taking a sinister turn. The ship is in trouble, plagued by a string of system failures, and Captain Coverack is determined to discover the cause. But nothing can prepare him for the truth he’s about to uncover.
Skeleton Crew is science fiction with oil ingrained in its palms and grit under its fingernails. So get ready to step aboard The Pharaon, and strap yourselves inâ??it’s going to be a bumpy ride.
NB: Although Skeleton Crew is a prequel to the Colony B series, it can be read as a complete story in its own right.
Colony B Reading Order:
Skeleton Crew

Sons of Abraham: J-17’s Trial


2nd Edition. What is mankind to do when the greatest minds of the generation are unable to save the Earth from its own demise? Build better minds. We created the Cybers to find the solutions that would save mankind, turning to them time and time again to solve new problems that plagued our species. In 3026, we believed we had control over the 3rd generation of Cybers, using them to aid in criminal investigations that involved jurisdiction conflicts between various planets. All was well until Military Advisor Joseph, aka J-17, acted out against his programming, killing a high-ranking dignitary from Parasus during an investigation. Was this a random act due to faulty programming, or do darker undertones lie within the computer augmented minds of the Cybers?

Work Kill Sex 3.0

by Pochassic

Georgina was having a normal life on Mars, until one day EVE – a sentient computer that people from the Mercury Caverns to the Plutonian moons worship as a Goddess- sends a message she’d like to see a list of humans from across the Solar System including Georgina.

While this short story references the first two it can be read as a stand alone. In fact all three were written so they do not have to be read in sequence to make sense.


by Jacci Turner

When Ann learns the truth about her father, she must make a decision. Is it time to speak out against the injustices keeping her people oppressed, even though she could end up on jail? Ann keeps hearing that things are changing, but it is true? Is the world ready to except her for who she is and who she wants to love?

Blind Sooner: Hangman’s Drop Space Western Ep. 1

by D. J. Proctor

Justice comes from the barrel of a blaster revolver.

Hangman’s Drop is a rough and tumble town on the most backwater planet in the frontier. Marshal John Merritt serves his own brand of harsh justice in a place where law and order only exists for the well heeled.

The day has finally come for Merritt to take vengeance on the man who stole his wife. But his plans go awry when a family is murdered, tossing Merritt into a range war. To make things worse, the only way to solve the murders is to work with the man Merritt wanted to kill only hours before.

Can Merritt navigate false trails, defeat bloodthirsty outlaws, and surpass a corrupt judge in order to bring the true culprits to justice? Or will he die at any one of the many hands that want his blood?

If you are easily offended by abundant violence and foul language, this book may not be for you!

Bridgehead: Invasion Earth

by Chris Lowry

Now he has a Blaster

Lt. William “Don’t call me The Kid” Bonney put together a band of bushwhacking soldiers with one mission. Kill Licks.

The aliens invaded earth three years ago, and humans were losing. Bad.

Bonney decided to do something about it in BEACHEAD. Strike fear in the heart of the enemy, if the Lick even have hearts.
High command had other ideas and sent them to negotiate with other surviving militias.

They found the super weapons, exo-skeleton suits of armor with laser blasters, technology thought lost after the invasion and destruction of all the urban centers.

Bonney’s got a new mission. Save the man the Lick stole in an ambush. Find out if one of his new recruits is a double agent. Organize the resistance.

But he won’t forget his main business. Killing Licks. And Cousin, business is a booming.

Grab the action packed sequel to BEACHHEAD and get ready for the next one: LODGEMENT coming in December.

Coding Peter (Many Worlds, One Life Book 2)

by Olga Werby

Knowing that the world is a simulation doesn’t diminish the will to live. Even when the body is made from ones and zeros, the soul doesn’t feel any less real.
In Coding Peter, the sequel to Suddenly, Paris, we learn more about the aliens who have altered the lives of the Vorov family. The URTs are a small band of scientistsâ??the only survivors of a world simulation that no longer existsâ??who seek only to settle down quietly and unobtrusively in a new home. But contact with humans has led to accidents, misunderstandings, and deaths. A hundred years later, only a few of the alien refugees survive.
Now Julie Orlov’s brother, ten-year-old Peter, is asked to take on the soul of a dying alienâ??for the good of his family, his alien ancestors, and the Earth itself. In doing so he will become moreâ??but also, maybe lessâ??than himself. It’s a lot to ask of a young boy, especially when the exact consequences to Peter are unknown, even by the aliens themselves.
What Peter decides will change the fate of two civilizationsâ??and maybe moreâ?¦

Mind Park

by Robert Lundeen

Realities collide in the exciting debut novel by Robert Lundeen. An employee’s mind vanishes from an artificial reality park, beginning a fast-paced, action-packed adventure across realities.

Isaac Pember has problems. The mass death event in one of Dachous Corporation’s reality replacement parks has the company stocks in a nosedive, and with it goes his end-contract bonus. To make matters worse, an employee has gone missing in the fantasy-themed Five Magical Kingdoms Residential Park. Not his body, which is still interfaced into the system, but his mind.

Now management wants Isaac to go chasing after the absent employee. But Isaac is a Warden, not an investigator. He protects the Parks from hackers and terrorists; he doesn’t search for lost minds. So he is assigned a guide, Ranger Leah Dannon, the only other person among the millions of residents who knows this Park is not the true reality — it’s merely one of hundreds of virtual reality realms housing Earth’s unemployables.

Isaac finds there is much more to the missing employee than his corporate managers believe, and he is soon out of his depth. But he is not alone. With the help of Leah, his handler, his revolutionary brother, and a bitter artificial intelligence, he uncovers a plot that could destroy Five Magical Kingdoms and threatens the residents of every artificial world.

Used to Be: The Kid Rapscallion Story

by Mark Bousquet

Space Buggy Press invites you to experience twenty years in the life of Jason Kitmore, better known to the world as the flashy young superhero, Kid Rapscallion.

Mark Bousquet’s ambitious novel spans the entire history of the Kid’s troubled career, from his adoption in 1994 by the billionaire Flacks to a final chance at redemption by saving the young woman who replaces him as Rapscallion’s young ward.

Between these two seminal moments, Jason’s life offers an insider’s view of the superhero experience from the mid-90’s to the present, and details how the cape and cowl community’s failure to prevent the 9/11 terrorist attacks fundamentally alters their relationshp with the American public.

USED TO BE is the story of a young hero who burns hot only to become consumed by his fame, who rises to soaring heights only to be dragged down by personal demons and self-destructive addictions.

This novel contains adult situations and language, including sex, violence, and drug use.

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