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The Full-Time RV Lifestyle: Finding Freedom and Fulfillment While Traveling and Working on the Road

by Chris Lutz

Are you tired of the status quo?
Do what we did: Hit the road and live in an RV!

This isn’t another book of 101 tips and tricks or a series of blog posts. It’s years of real experience on the road and how we made the lifestyle work.

This is the story of our initial decision to travel full-time, planning and selling our stuff, living an ongoing adventure, and working on the road.

We provide an overview of the full-time RV life cycle that helps newbie and veteran travelers hit the road, avoid headaches, and enjoy the full-time experience.

Included are strategies for working remotely and staying in shape while traveling.

Finally, there are links and resources to help you live a fulfilling, full-time RV lifestyle. Use the “look inside” feature and if you like it, pick up a copy.

DIETA VEGANA PARA CICLISMO: Incluye 50 Recetas Veganas para mejorar tu velocidad y salud (Spanish Edition)

by Mariana Correa

Dieta Vegana para Ciclismo es el mejor libro para cualquier ciclista que está buscando mejorar su velocidad, resistencia y salud

Usted sólo alcanzará sus mejores tiempos si su cuerpo está sano desde adentro hacia afuera. Va a mejorar su rendimiento a través de comer los alimentos adecuados para usted. Este libro incluye una explicación clara de lo que necesita para tener éxito y cuenta con más de 50 recetas veganas fáciles que le ayudarán a conseguir su mejor rendimiento.

Su conexión con los alimentos es la mayor influencia para su bienestar a largo plazo. La primera cosa a considerar cuando se desea hacer un cambio en su vida es su dieta. Una alimentación sana es la base de su programa de entrenamiento y desarrollo atlético.

La autora Mariana Correa es una ex atleta profesional y nutricionista deportiva certificada que ha competido con éxito en todo el mundo. Ella comparte años de experiencia tanto como atleta y entrenador aportando una perspectiva de valor incalculable.

Disfrute de este libro con postres veganos, desayunos, cenas veganas, aperitivos veganos, comidas veganas y mucho más.

The Poker Joke Book

by Ashton Cartwright

Ah poker!

Surely there is no more ridiculous pastime in which otherwise sensible adults amuse and abuse themselves.

The thrill of the cards, the joy of the win, the despair of the loss, and the complaining of the bad beat . . . all of which make poker such a thoroughly exciting and dynamic dance of silliness.

Some people take poker rather seriously however, and those people are often the most unintentionally hilarious of all.

Hence the creation of this poker book of jokes! Undeniably the best poker book of jokes ever written! (Also the only one!) In the many years I’ve spent happily wasting my time and money at poker tables around the world, I’ve heard just about every poker joke known to either man, donkey, or fish, and I’ve collected them for posterity in this mighty tome.

I hope you enjoy them!

(And I hope even more that you annoy your friends with them at your next poker game!)

Happy reading,

Ashton Cartwright

Martial Arts and Self-Defence for Everyone: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

by Gary Quinn

Have you ever thought of taking lessons in martial arts or self-defence? Did you ever consider martial arts as an activity for your children? Are you confused by the vast range of martial art styles?

Martial Arts and Self-Defence for Everyone: A Complete Beginner’s Guide is an insightful, easy-to-read manual packed with invaluable advice and information, including:

Comprehensive descriptions of 10 of the most widely practiced styles

An extensive list of 100 martial art and self-defence systems from around the world

How traditional martial arts differ from self-defence training

How to choose a style that suits you or your children and common mistakes to avoid

How to find the right club or instructor and important signs to look for

A detailed look at how martial arts training and self-defence practice can enhance your life in more ways than you ever imagined.

This book strips away the misconceptions and mystique surrounding martial arts. For anyone interested in starting martial arts or self-defence training, this is the ideal guide for beginners of any age.

HOME WORKOUT CIRCUIT TRAINING: 6 week exercise band workout & bodyweight training for fat loss, strength and muscle tone

by James Atkinson

The most successful fitness and weight loss stories are from those who can self-motivate and are willing to learn. These qualities are more valuable than having the worlds most qualified and expensive personal trainer at your disposal

If you are looking for a home workout fitness routine that:
-Can be done from your own home
-Uses minimal fitness equipment and utilises bodyweight training
-Is progressive for at least 6 weeks
-Is designed to effectively burn fat, tone muscle and develop cardiovascular fitness
-Won’t take you more than 30 minutes four times a week
Then this is the one for you!

Hi, I’m James Atkinson (Jim to my friends and readers). I’m a qualified personal trainer/ fitness coach, competing bodybuilder and have a burning desire to help others reach their fitness goals.

I have been training for over fifteen years. This training has taken me from long distance running to bodybuilding competition.

It is fair to say that I have learned the secrets of weight loss and fitness from my own personal journey. I have been fat, skinny and muscle bound throughout my fitness career and I really feel fulfilment from helping and advising others when it comes to their goals.

So I have designed this home workout training routine to effectively burn fat, tone muscle and develop cardiovascular fitness.
In this day and age, the pace of life is fast for many, and there are probably millions of people that would say that they haven’t got enough time to lose fat, tone up or work on developing their fitness.

But my home workout routine is not something that will take up hours of your day, I can tell you that you won’t even need to train every day, you just have to follow the routine that will last less than 30 minutes for a maximum of four days per week and each week, you will have a slight upgrade to the previous week.

This type of consistent progressive training is a sure fire way to get your fitness results! If I were looking for fat loss, muscle tone and total body fitness and I did not have access to a gym, this is what I would do.

Be warned! Although this is a “stand alone” fitness routine, I would NOT recommend this to the beginner to fitness, some of the exercises may be too advanced for someone just starting out.

If you do happen to be a beginner, I would recommend my “Home workout for beginners” fitness routine.
The home workout for beginners routine was designed as a “prequel” to this and if you were to start with it, and then decide to try this, you will find that it follows on very nicely.

By all means, grab both of these books and plan for a 12 week progressive home workout routine instead of just 6. You will learn how important the planning aspect of your new routine is in both of these books.

Having a longer plan does help many people have extra focus when it comes to a new workout routine, but again, everyone is different and this will not be right for all.

Whatever path that you decide to go down I will wish you the best of luck and Il see you on the inside!

Please remember that I am always happy to help where I can, so give me a shout if you get stuck or have any questions.

All the best
Email: [email protected]

Shooting Beginners Guide

by Helen Dorsey

Getting Your FREE Bonus

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Shooting Beginners Guide

Are you looking to learn how to shoot like a trained soldier? That is exactly what you’ll learn from this book.

You won’t find the basics of gun parts, or how to load your ammunition without dropping it here. This book contains the techniques of shooting with accuracy, again and again!

It’s not unrealistic to think that you can. You just need to master the fundamentals, and practice them well enough so that you don’t need to think about them while shooting. After that, you’ll be able to focus on more advanced factors, and truly learn to be a sharp shooter!

This book aims to teach the reader how to accurately shoot from whatever distance their firearm can handle. Sniping is a unique and highly specialized skill, and only those who have already excelled in shorter range shooting need attempt it. If you are ready to learn the skills of a sniper, it is assumed you do not need to become familiar with the fundamentals presented in this book. Therefore, how to be a sniper is not covered in this fundamental shooting book.

The use of both pistols and rifles is important to the well-rounded shooter, but I feel that many shooters looking to sharp shoot will be interested in longer ranges than pistols allow for. That’s why we’ll only briefly touch on any specific pistol use in this book. However, the fundamentals are often similar, if not mostly the same. The basics can be applied to any type of small arms shooting, including pistols and rifles.

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