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The Prodigal: Arrival in Darkness (Chris Clancey Book 1)

by David W. Walker

It is late 1938; American aviator Christian Clancey has finally answered the summons of his famous uncle to journey to Germany, the land of his mother’s heritage. Major Max Klemkeit, a renowned WWI ace, and now a prominent ambassador for the German aviation industry, has persuaded Chris to explore his future in a country bent on conquering the skies. As an impetuous youth, Clancey had made his way from his Iowa farm home grabbing hold of any flight opportunity from barnstorming to racing to snagging a job at North American Aviation. Caught out on a violation of procedures and being in the wrong place at the wrong time, he is released though having saved a valuable prototype and the life of a test pilot. Blocked at every turn, this ‘natural’ pilot is approached by his German uncle, with secret funding from Goebbels’s ministry of propaganda envision him as a future German-American publicity coup for the New Germany. This hidden arrangement is not only discovered by Goebbels’s rival, Admiral Canaris of the Abwher military intelligence, but also the unofficial intelligence body organized by Winston Churchill in ultra secrecy. So begins a game of cat and mouse played out around the American flyer. Who are his friends? who can be trusted? Lufthansa Stewardess Nina Engel? British photo-journalist Mark McCormick? Movie star Marta Vechmann? What is this new Germany? Chris Clancey comes to experience more than he bargained for stepping into this maelstrom of shifting fortunes and deceit. Experiencing the nightmare of “Kristallnacht,” Clancey becomes involved with a web of secrets greater than he could have imagined along with a pair of star-crossed lovers in a Jewish seamstress and a French aviator on a diplomatic mission. He learns of a plane that might change the course of aviation, passing the designs of the Germans and British… a secret that becomes a curse and a blessing that could not be foreseen as the days to war wind down and Chris Clancey must decide who he will serve.

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