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Copywriting: The High-Paid Content Writers Secrets About Powerful Copy That Sells And Generate Leads

by Federico Fort

Want to become a better blogger? Learn today super effective copywriting secrets to make your content shine brighter than you ever thought possible!

If you could hire four top copywriters to write your content, what would they do for you?
What are the tricks they’d use to engage more visitorsâ?¦ and get them to convert?

The best-known content marketers and thought leaders are always learning, and using this knowledge to create unique and powerful content that engage thousands of readers.

To find out, you could shell out well over $1000/hr and believe me… that’d be money well spent.

Imagine having to drive from your home toâ?¦ somewhere.

How do you plan your trip? You can’t, right?
You need to know your destination first.
Writing great copy that sells is much the same.

Just like on a trip, visitors travel through your content towards a destination.

To get visitors to your desired destination, you have to ensure they know how sunny that destination is and how will your product or service improve their lives.

That’s why whenever you write, you’re appealing to someone’s emotions. This is absolutely the only way you will ever sell anything with your writing, ever.

As human beings, we have emotional reactions to all kinds of things. Some of the very common ones that trigger emotion are family, love, security, success, power, excitement, sex, and glory.

So what you need do know is how you can figure out which emotions and effective triggers your audience responds to and incorporate them into your copywriting.

Avoiding also the biggest mistakes not only makes your content more compelling; your confidence as a writer also grows and you can stop staring at a blank sheet.

So, why Copywriting is so important?

Content is king, good marketing copy attracts people, leads to engagement and converts people into customers. Copywriting can boost your sales, improve your market penetration and your margins.

Good copywriting can do a whole lot better. And world class copywriting can transform your performance out of all recognition and I’m going to show you how.

Because Taking the time to find the right words can mean the difference between mediocre and great copywriting that converts more leads in hungry buyers.

Why is this book different?

There are lots of great courses on copywriting but this book is a copywriting master guide which allows you to learn and take your skills to the next level in an easy to follow system.

I will show you how to use your copywriting skills and use the best marketing tactics to get clients fast and skyrocket your sales with the most powerful sales-lead generation secrets of all time.

Here is what you will learn:

The business writing “rules” you should revel in breaking
Apply the power of emotional drivers, even when writing in a B2B environment
How to build trust and create empathy in prospects
Structure and write the best killer and compelling sales copy and use the power of words to generate more leads and sales
How to write powerful headlines and call to actions
How to “read your customers’ minds
How to write powerful stories step-by-step
The easily avoidable mistakes that are turning your customers off
More and more…

Who will benefit?

Aspiring novice copywriters wanting to master their skills as a real Master Copywriter
Small business owners, Entrepreneurs, Start-up companies and freelancers
Web designers seeking an extra revenue stream from existing clients
Anyone aspiring to reach new customers and improve sales conversion
Anyone who wants to use copywriting to make a six figure income working from home.

If you have a strong desire to be a great writer this course will really boost your business writing and Communication skills that will make you stand out.

What are you waiting for? Take action today and get your copy!

Lead with Grace: This is The Shepherd Metaphor: Leading Community in Disruptive Times

by Vicky McGahey

Are you tired of listening to the repetitive rhetoric of untrustworthy leaders?
Are you worried that others see you as no different?

Here is your FREE Book to help guide you toward becoming a leader trusted by people – a person who leads with grace.
It contains links to more material including a FREE Leadership JOURNAL with Mandellas to colour.

The world is lacking leadership that inspires people to shine! We need people who lead with grace. Leaders who are empathetic, compassionate, courageous while being gracious and generous. Some leaders take! Take! Take! They do not seek to serve others only to exploit people for their benefit.

We are tired of hearing about the need for us to display authenticity, integrity, transparency and respect when the world’s leaders display far less! It is time to say it as it is! Most world leaders suck!

To lead with grace is a call to action! The Shepherd Metaphor is a way to put grace-filled leadership into to practice. Moreover, it begins with you and me! It starts in the home, on the playing field, in the workplace and the quiet moments when we listen to ourselves.

We are all called to step up! Make sure when you do you lead with grace!

A Fórmula da Marca: Aprenda a se destacar como um especialista em qualquer nicho e lucrar muito (Portuguese Edition)

by Geferson Coelho


Marca é muito semelhante à publicidade, mas em um nível mais profundo. Marca significa encorajar um cliente em potencial a considerar seriamente um produto pelo fato de que o produto é singularmente diferente e melhor que seus concorrentes.

No atual “mercado”, onde há tantos produtos para escolher, pode ficar bastante competitivo, atraindo assim o cliente a permanecer fiel ou considerar o produto alternativo é muito importante.

Unpacking the Purge: Transform Your Life by Eliminating Clutter Once and for All

by Rolanda Lokey

Unpacking the Purge is a holistic examination of the concept of self-improvement through the lens of a professional organizer. Rolanda L. is a New York City-based organizer who supports executives, entrepreneurs, and everyday people in achieving their personal and professional goals by implementing “success-positive” home and work environments.

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