Free fantasy Kindle books for 19 Aug 18

The Shade Amulet (Koven Chronicles Book 1)

by Andrea Pearson

Who’s more dangerousâ??the brooding, attractive man she’s partnered with or the things they’re hunting?

Lizzie Ashton thought being a professional Fire Impeder was dangerous, but using her magic to stop bombs, guns, and fires before they start is nothing compared to what happens when Abel, an intense man she’s worked with previously, storms back into her life.

Abel needs assistance with a dangerous task that only Lizzie can do. She hesitates to accept his job offer, as what little she knows of his dark past unnerves her, despite their moments of attraction. But when the local police department calls her in on a disturbing murder investigation, Lizzie must put aside her misgivings and partner up with Abel.

Luckily, she has the Shade Amulet to help her. But as more people are murderedâ??and closer to Lizzie’s homeâ??the case quickly becomes personal. Is this job worth her life?

If you enjoy edge-of-your-seat fantasy action, slightly snarky humor, and a hint of romance, you’ll love the first book in the pulse-pounding Koven Chronicles. The Shade Amulet will thrill you to the core. It will keep you up late into the night, devouring its pages. Grab it now.

Legacy (Keeper of the Sphere Book 1)

by D M Youngblood

When the forces of evil gather, can an accountant save the world?

Dee Connor lives in suburban Phoenix, Arizona, enjoying a boring life–until she inherits an estate in Ireland, along with the responsibility of protecting the Sphere, an ancient and mystical artifact.

The Sphere holds immense power.

That power draws the attention of a bloodthirsty god who ruled Ireland until he was banished from Earth centuries ago.

Now, Dee must harness the power of the Sphere, bring together an unlikely alliance of cantankerous and lecherous deities, and prevent the end of the world.

What could possibly go wrong?

City of Men: Book one of the Last Incarnation Trilogy

by Matthew Landis

The city state of Carcere huddles against the ocean, its encompassing wall stands like an impenetrable bulwark against the inland wilds. The insulated population is precariously divided between those that have and those that have not.

Samuel Daily, a laborer in the rough and tumble city storehouse, struggles to find equilibrium between morality and the pressures of his malicious peers. His family is all he loves and he endures injustice, violence, and corruption to sustain an illusion of normality, hiding his scabbed knuckles and purple bruises from his mother, father, and sister.

Despite what he may think, Samuel is not the only member of his family with secrets. Like maggots in a wound, all secrets must come to light.

Rebel (A Cassidy Edwards Novel Book 4)

by Carmen Caine

The latest from USA Today Bestselling and Award-winning author Carmen Caine:

Revenge. I understand it now. The ice-cold soul. The single-minded focus. The strength it provides.
My name is Cassidy. Cassidy Edwards. And I’m the first of my kind.

The Job:
Investigating a prison break in the Nether Reaches.

The Players:

A warlock who doesn’t know he has a secretâ??but I do.
A mysterious, golden-masked figure controlling the Knights Templar from behind the scenes.
A new family member who wants nothing more than my head on a silver platter.

The Curveball:

A Nether Reach investigation rips me from the arms of love and sets me firmly on the cold path of revenge that threatens to consume my very soul.

Ice Blood (Steam Dragon Shifters Book 1)

by Lisa Daniels

A power to kill dragons. And a dragon who wants to use it. Who is taking on more than they can handle, however? The dragon slayer? Or the dragon?

Mia has the power to defy gravity and endure the harshest winters. Mia also has the power to kill. Specifically, when it comes to dragons, who have a natural weakness against her gifts. And that’s fine by her. She’ll happily kill any dragon for the right price, since she’s not particularly fond of them. What she doesn’t know, however, is that her new, potential employer happens to be a dragon as well.

And he has other plans for herâ?¦

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a stand alone paranormal romance with an HEA. This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.

The Seven Deadlies (A Guardian’s Life Book 1)

by Katherine Rochholz

For The Guardians Of Earth…
Time Shall Stand Still…

Kari, Catherine Von Kampen, was born October 31st, 1472. Her life revolved around her younger brothers. Her life was destroyed by a demon on May 1st, 1490. She picked herself off the ground and became a Hunter. She was killed during her mission to seek revenge on November 16th 1492. The Death Fairy gave her the choice to become a Guardian. Forever shall time stand still, while she hunts down the being that destroyed her reason for living. She took the opportunity presented to continue on her path for revenge. She came back from hell on November 16th, 1493, and has continued to hunt the beings of hell ever since.

Flash forward to the year 2012. Kari was happy with status quo; she had her soul mate, James Colt, and his two sons at her side. However now she has opened a door to hell releasing The Seven Deadly Sins from their cages in hell. Now she must not only battle the deadlies to send them back to their place in hell; she must fight a growing attraction to The Morning Star… Lucifer himself… Will the hunt for The Seven Deadlies destroy her chance at redeeming her soul? Or is Lucifer right… That she is destined to become the Mistress of Hell?

Like the mythical Phoenix, she rose from the ashes of death to defend mankind from the demons of hell. Kari gave her life to fight the beings of hell, and now she will risk her soul to continue the battle… Join her on her journey to Hell and back…

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