Free fiction Kindle books for 19 Aug 18

The Highlander’s Missing Daughter: (Scottish Highland Romance)

by Fiona MacEwen


The Lady Lileas lives forlorn and confined in a tower, with her nursemaid. She is not allowed to leave. Her father is the laird of the clan who lives in a castle, not far away. Or is he?

One day, Lileas is astonished when a handsome warrior bursts into her tower, claiming that she is the missing daughter of his murdered laird. Did Robbie Munro lose his mind after failing to protect his laird and his family so many years ago?

But Robbie is insistent. He has never gotten over the events of that awful night. When he is told the strange tale of a lady locked away in a tower, he must investigate. Could this be his laird’s missing daughter?

Lileas is reluctant to leave the only home that she has ever known, nor her beloved father. So, Robbie takes matters into his own handsâ?¦

Is Lileas the missing girl who disappeared all those years ago? And why is she inexplicably attracted to the man who might indeed be mad and is taking her on a wild journey through Scotland to a strange castle?

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