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Regency Romance: A Gentleman’s Unexpected Choice: Clean and Wholesome Historical Romance

by Lenora Levon

In this clean and wholesome Regency romance Laura Tallant does not lead the life of the typical young lady, but does she know why? -DOWNLOAD FOR FREE WITH KINDLE UNLIMITED

An unfulfilled love, a lonely heart, and an eventful journey.

Laura Tallant has been living a secure and predictable existence in the home of her sister, Mary Tallant. She has all that she has ever needed, including a sweet relationship with the reliable Hampton Gordon.

She has been hoping for a short engagement to Hampton, so she can begin to have her own married life. Being a wife and a mother consumes her thoughts as she watches her sister’s beautiful life take off.

Then an unexpected coach ride leaves her with hard questions she is unprepared to answer.

This is a clean and wholesome Regency romance about discovering what is truly important. Will the stable young Laura come out of this journey the same? Will her life be forever changed?

Find out in this sweet and clean historical romance.

Una Amenaza Certera (Las Crónicas de Merriman nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

by Roger Burnage

Con agentes revolucionarios franceses viajando libremente, pero en secreto entre Irlanda e Inglaterra y la inevitable guerra con Francia, el gobierno inglés del señor Pitt está desesperadamente ansioso por descubrir los complots entre los rebeldes irlandeses y los franceses.

El teniente James Merriman con su barco, el balandro Aphrodite, es enviado al mar de Irlanda para ayudar al principal agente del Tesoro, el señor Grahame, en este trabajo. Merriman se hunde de cabeza en el mundo del espionaje y, con Grahame seriamente herido, le corresponde a él llevar a cabo la investigación.

Se descubre un complot para secuestrar al Lord Teniente de Irlanda, el Virrey, en el mar, en el que están involucrados contrabandistas y un traidor del más alto nivel de la sociedad. Hay un complot secundario para robar grafito en las minas de Cumberland, un producto que Francia necesita desesperadamente para la fabricación de armas.

El joven James Merriman ha de ingeniárselas para frustrar estos planes, especialmente cuando se revela que su adversario, Henri Moreau, es un agente francés excepcional quien espera que, al ayudar a los irlandeses a deshacerse del yugo inglés, Francia podrá utilizar los puertos irlandeses para atacar a Inglaterra. Y, para añadir más problemas está Helen, la hija morena del doctor, que lo molesta de modo extraño.

Before Saint’s Summit: Two Red Wraith Prequels (The Red Wraith)

by Nick Wisseman

A fate-reading dancer struggles to make her most important vision come true; four outcast shamans are summoned to a green pyramid.

Before Saint’s Summit contains two novellas: The Battle Dancer and The Ascenders. An earlier version of each won an honorable mention from the Writers of the Future contest.

Please note: Neither novella fully resolves on its ownâ??they’re meant as lead-ins to The Red Wraith.

A Crown for Two Islands (Planters of the Crown Book 2)

by Patrick Highers

A Crown for Two Islands begins with the war in Ulster. Thomas Radcliffe, the English Lord Deputy of Ireland, invades Armagh and threatens Ulster’s most powerful chieftain. As a result, Ireland becomes a central point of concern for Pope Pius IV. With the sovereignty of Ulster hanging in the balance, one Jesuit priest travels to London to deliver a message. He believes he is a messenger of God, and has a special cypher to communicate with Rome. With the method and means to kill Queen Elizabeth, the Jesuit becomes conflicted. Is it God’s will that he takes her life? If so, why has he fallen in love?

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