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The Curse of Ah-Qal’s Tomb

by Amy Cross

“What is it about the temple of Ah-Qal? Why has no man ever returned with his sanity intact?”

Thousands of years ago, the great king Ah-Qal was buried with a set of stone tablets that contained priceless knowledge. Since then, many people have tried to locate his tomb in the South American jungle, but most have returned empty-handed. And the few who made it home were always driven mad beyond the point of no return.

Now a new team has discovered the tomb, and they immediately break through the stone gate and head into the pyramid. Ignoring all the warnings, they try to find the long-lost burial chamber of Ah-Qal. But as their search continues, Charley Manners and her colleagues start to realize that they might not be alone. All those years ago, what kind of evil did Ah-Qal leave behind to guard his treasures?

The Curse of Ah-Qal’s Tomb – originally published as The Last Priest – is the story of a team who uncover an ancient burial site, and of a king who refuses to let his treasures pass into new hands.

The Undead: Outbreak

by Lee Jones

An viral outbreak on a global scale. Four stranger band to together to make it to the safehouse alive.

She: A tale of brutal intimacy and dark magic

by Vixen Wade

Dark Matters in Dark Places

Down in the delta black water rolls damp and hot as sweat between the thighs of a dangerous woman. In the historical shadow of exploitation and violence, a voodoo priestess empowered with dark, sexual magics sets out to extract a horrific equity and free her family from decades of abuse. But first she’ll have to endure dark and kinky perversions.

Sometimes Vengeance Is Justice.

She is a sizzling, disturbing, journey for revenge. In order to make her dominator vulnerable, this priestess must submit her will, take the rough assault, and learn that sometimes, pain is pleasure. This Happily Ever After isn’t for the faint of heart and nothing is left to your imagination.

The Infernal Clock

by David Shakes

Evil is not confined to dark hours or silent streets. It strides proudly in broad daylight, mingles in crowds, wanders hospital corridors, and props up bars. It smiles on the innocent, takes the hand of the unwary, steals hearts and minds. It sits at your table, lies in your bed, invades your dreams. Evil is the dark stain on the soul, the insignia of the Devil’s foot soldiers. Every second of every minute of every hour is filled with those who walk the wrong side of heaven. This is the time of the Infernal Clock, when the serpent sends his army out into the world to continue the eternal struggle. Their deeds are recorded in these pages, a small sample, one day in the life of tormented souls. Here you will find twenty-four stories from twenty-three authors, each giving you a glimpse of their own personal Hell.

Can you hear the clock ticking?


by Michael Hamm

Jenna and her father Rick, who works for the EPA as an investigator, are summoned to an ancient Tobacco plantation deep in the heart of Louisiana. Little do they realize, that beneath the majestic mansion lies a sinister evil, which has been waiting and festering for over a hundred years. In the gathering darkness, Jenna begins having strange visions of the plantation’s sordid past, people who have an intimate connection to Jenna’s family. Within days, the blackness begins growing larger and larger, swelteringâ?¦ forcing demon infested dolls and other ancient horrors to begin roaming the grounds, and eventually into the town of Coldwater.
Captured and tortured by the foul creatures that rule the warrens under the mansion, Jenna escapes and finds that the entire town is covered by a virulent storm that is pummeling the landscape. Along the way she finds unlikely allies in her quest to save her father, who has also been captured by the horrid demons. As she travels deeper into the darkness of the mansion’s past, she begins to realize the visions she’s having are genetic memory, showing her the terrible and tragic past of a diseased hamlet, and of the twisted family that rules over it.
If she is to survive, she must swallow her fears and trust an enigmatic professor, who lives in the guest houses surrounding Ivy Haven manor. But, as she is too soon learn, there is more to the strange man than meets the eye, and in the end, he may be leading them all to their death.

Scarecrows: A Horror Short Story Collection (3 Tales to Chill Your Bones Book 1)

by Mav Skye

In the first volume of 3 TALES TO CHILL YOUR BONES, the trapped, desperate souls of the straw men arise from their poles. They are coming for you, dear Rabid Reader. Quick! Grab your pitchforks and lanterns!

In a small farming town, a handful of teens discover more tricks than treats in the out skirting cornfields. One must never tempt a tomahawk-wielding scarecrow, especially on All Hallow’s Eve. This is the original, unrevised version of “Marrow.” It’s a bit more gruesome than the previously published audio form.

Every night, Lucy’s lover blindfolds her and leads her away to the cornfields, where she plays along with his games. One evening, the blindfold is removed. An unspeakable horror is revealed.

Spindled Souls:
Wallace and Anne are both scarecrows and lovers. They are forced to hang on poles and stare longing at each other season after season, until one day all scarecrows are brought to the castle for a macabre-ish fate. A fate written in the stars.

*A Horror Short Story Collection*

The Strangers Outside

by Vanessa Morgan

Now a movie starring Pierre Lekeux, Iulia Nastase, Olivier Prémel, and Avalon.

Two families return to their remote holiday cabin after a day at the seaside. But little do they know they’re being surrounded. Shortly after their arrival, they will come face to face with THE STRANGERS OUTSIDE. When the assailants make their intentions known, things take a shockingly terrible turn, and an intense battle for survival will begin.

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