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The Mt. Pelée Redemption: A Thriller

by Stephen Hawley Martin

Romance, mystery, suspense, and time travel, this fast-paced novel won First Prize for Fiction from Writer’s Digest and First Place for Visionary Fiction from Independent Publisher magazine.

No wonderâ??it’s very hard to put down.

Claire DuMond can’t believe her father would just lapse into a coma for no apparent reason. Even his doctors are mystified. But one thing is clear, she must find the cause before it’s too late.

Claire sets out to do just that, and soon arrives on the Caribbean island of Martinique. And wouldn’t you know? Her boyfriend followed her. Why does he never seem to listen?

There they meet a Voodoo priest who may be able to help find the answer. Does it have to do with the eruption of Mt. Pelée that killed more than 30,000 inhabitants some fifty years prior?

Fair warningâ??get ready before you start reading this book because you could end up missing a good night’s sleep.

A Misty Morning Murder (Myrtle Grove Garden Club Mystery Book 4)

by Loulou Harrington

Just as Jesse Camden is ready to shake herself out of her romantic rut and take a giant step forward with Sheriff Joe Tyler, a dead ex-fiance reaches out to yank her two steps back.

Misty Bennett, seventeen-year-old daughter of Jesse’s former beau Ronald Bennett, is the closest thing to a daughter of her own that Jesse has ever had. So when Misty flees from her father’s overbearing bride-to-be and travels across two states to arrive on Jesse’s doorstep, Jesse takes the girl in. And when the fiancée herself shows up demanding the girl’s return, Jesse sends the woman packing and vows to keep Misty safe until her father comes for her.

But when Ronnie Bennett’s body is found just miles from Myrtle Grove, Jesse is left to unravel the mystery of his murder and help gather the shattered pieces of his daughter’s life.

Nano Assassin’s

by W. Sabol

A thriller that is exciting to read,fiendishly clever and disturbingly plausible. Follow Ray Black when he is called back into service to help the United States government identify and capture the person or person’s killing high ranking officials using a method very new and very hard to combat. The clock is ticking. All involved feel the tension.

Exchanji: A Magical Gender Swap Board Game of Romance

by Alyson Belle

When four young friends head out for a sexy trip to a cabin deep in the Minnesota woods, the boys have a secret plan to help their girlfriends really let loose and let go of all their inhibitions. Connor and Frank just want Maya and Kelsey to learn to be wild and freaky, and they’ve pulled out all the stops to help them: booze, costumes, sexy videos. They want the weekend to be an unrestrained sex-fest, where the girls can let out their inner love goddesses and get comfortable getting down and dirty.

But those plans come to screeching halt when Kelsey finds an old board game in a closet and insists that they try playing it. It’s called “Exchanji: An exciting game of changes for consenting adults.” Even though it’s meant to be sexy, Connor is skeptical. It looks like it came right out of the 1900s! How hot can this game really be?

As soon as the dice hit the game board, they start to find out. Swapped body parts and enhanced libidos are only the beginning of this wild ride! Inhibitions could be a distant memory before this crazy night ends, because things are going to get weirder than anyone ever imaginedâ?¦

Skull Wave (A Troy Bodean Tropical Thriller Book 5)

by David F. Berens

Two severed heads are better than one…

TROY BODEAN is back! Who is Troy Bodean? He’s something like Magnum P.I. and Jack Reacher all rolled into one.

The quiet little town of Nags Head, North Carolina is being terrorized by a serial killer. His M.O. is the brutal act of cutting off the heads of his victims and leaving them in peculiar places to be discovered.

Meanwhile, Troy is trying his best to keep his head down and work a nice little job at the local fish market when he finds two of these heads… in a lobster cage… tied to his boat! And it all gets worse when his girlfriend’s teenaged daughter goes missing and winds up in the hands of the killer.

Will Troy be able to stop the brutal murderer in time to save her?

BUY SKULL WAVE NOW to find out!

Books in the Troy Bodean Tropical Thriller Series Include:
Back Roads – A Troy Bodean Short Story Collection
Rogue Wave #1
Deep Wave #2
Blood Wave #3
Dark Wave #4
Skull Wave #5

Wired Rogue (Paradise Crime Book 2)

by Toby Neal

Paradise has no protection from an insidious cult.

What would you do to defeat a deadly cult?

â??Wired in’ to her computers, tech agent Sophie Ang has been content in her clean, cool tech lab, where she chases criminals online, continuing a dance in the dark with the enigmatic vigilante known as the Ghost. Tumultuous changes from without and within eject her from her FBI agency cocoon to the front lines, where she finds herself in partnership with a brilliant, overbearing, larger-than-life ex-Special Forces operative, Jake Dunn. They climb walls, dodge bullets, kidnap children and dig up bodies for a case that might cost her lifeâ??and has already taken her badge.

***Award Finalist in Thriller/Adventure, 2017 Best Book Awards***

“Neal’s writing is persistently riveting… Masterly.” ~Kirkus Reviews

El Remanente: Un thriller de suspense y ciencia ficción (Los Misterios de Sacret Fire nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

by Checko E. Martinez

Un misterioso individuo al asecho. Un secreto inesperado. Una misión peligrosa sin escapatoria.

La aparición de un extraño hombre en carretera lleva a Preston Wells a un destino inesperado que le cruza con Regan Harper, un joven telequinético con quien emprende una nueva aventura para descubrir las intenciones del misterioso individuo.

Su camino termina cruzándose con la testaruda Tilly Hawkins quien termina desviando la investigación de Regan y Preston al descubrir que Bruce, el hombre que les ha estado asechando, no pertenece a su mundo como ellos pensaban y que su existencia podría estar ligada a una peligrosa conspiración.

Si te gustan las novelas de suspenso, misterio y ciencia ficción con mucha intriga y giros inesperados, El Remanente te mantendrá atrapado desde el inicio hasta el final.

Es una aventura llena de magia, personajes interesantes, intriga y emociones que hará que te desconectes de tu rutina y te enganches con la historia.

El Remanente es la primera entrega de “Los Misterios de Sacret Fire”.

Mail Order Bride – Montana Fire: Historical Cowboy Romance Novel (Echo Canyon Brides Book 5)

by Linda Bridey

FREE for Kindle Unlimited or 2.99 to own.
When famous bounty hunter, Thad McIntyre, and lonely widow, Jessie Alderman, meet, a fiery romance flares between them, but terrible events threaten their happiness. A mysterious stranger also arrives in Echo Canyon. Is he friend or foe?

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