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Toddler Parenting Success: 2 Books in 1: Toddler Discipline + Toddler Potty Training for Effective Toddler Care & Development (Includes Quick Start Action Steps for Parenting Success)

by Marie C. Foster

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Toddler Parenting Success: 2 Books In 1!

Learn Toddler Parenting Success today by owning this Ultimate Toddler Care and Development guide:

Book 1 – Toddler Discipline: Proven Toddler Discipline Strategies for Stress & Guilt-Free Parenting

Book 2 – Toddler Potty Training: Incredibly Simple 2-Day Potty Training that Works


Learn Stress-Free & Guilt-Free Toddler Discipline Strategies today to help you raise an emotionally healthy, well-balanced child!

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Have you ever tried to discipline your child –

– for hitting
– for screaming
– for not eating during meal time
– for throwing things
… and finding it a challenge not getting the positive results you desire?

Have you always wanted to know effective discipline strategies to your toddler –
– in public
– at bedtime
– at the dinner table or during meal time
– in the car
– at the daycare
… without feeling guilty or stressed out?

If you answered “Yes” to any of questions above, then this book “Toddler Discipline: Proven Toddler Discipline
Strategies for Stress & Guilt-Free Parenting” is for you.

â??â?? Here is What You Will Learn: â??â??

1. How to come up with a discipline strategy that is ideal for your son or daughter
2. The most effective strategies for different places and situations, which can be implemented without guilt or stress
3. The benefits of developing a discipline strategy that suits your child’s specific mental and emotional needs
4. How effective communication plays a role in toddler discipline
5. Common myths about child discipline and the science that disproves them

â??â?? PLUS: Bonus Section Included – How to Discipline Children with Special Needs â??â??

By implementing the lessons in this book, you will have a well-behaved toddler in no-time. You can work through the terrible two’s and help your child learn to practice self-control and emotional regulation, with your positive support as a driving force.


Learn Potty Training for your Child in 2 Days Or Less!

Have you wanted to potty train your child but lacked the time to do it?

Have you always wanted to learn information on potty training such as –

– what to do when your toddler refuses or won’t do potty training
– what age or about when is a toddler reading for potty training
– how to help your toddler potty train – without the stress ?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, then this book “Toddler Potty Training: Incredibly Simple 2-Day Potty Training that Works” is for you.

â??â?? Here is What You Will Learn: â??â??

1. How the 2-day potty training boot camp works and how it makes it easier for working or busy parents
2. Detailed specifics of the 2-day method – and why it is one of the most effective ways to toilet train your child
3. How to come up with a plan for your toddler, including what to buy for toilet training, choosing a reward, preparing them for the big weekend
4. Potty Training Tips for Boys
5. Potty Training Tips for Girls … and many more!

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Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome: The Easy-to-Understand and Practical Guide for Parents, Educators and Those with Autism Spectrum Disorders: What if you … really understand and connect with autism?

by Tiago Henriques

Do you think autism is hard to understand?

Then this book will surprise you. Why?

Because this book was written in an easy-to-understand language. Through simple illustrations and comparisons you will understand the answer to the following questions:

  • How does the autistic brain work?
  • How does someone with autism see the world and experiences thoughts, emotions and sensations?
  • What’s the right way to teach complex ideas to someone with autism?
  • How to teach emotional intelligence and empathy to a person with autism?
  • How do you teach them to deal with their own emotions and the emotions of other people?
  • What strategies can someone with autism use to deal with bullying and aggressive people?
  • What are the real special needs of autism?
  • What are the appropriate ways to meet these needs?
  • What is sensory hypersensitivity and how can you use this knowledge to avoid many nervous breakdowns and panic attacks?
  • What is stimming and what is the hidden message behind repetitive movements?
  • What causes a meltdown, how to predict it and how to get through it quickly?
  • Why is vitamin D supplementation vital for brain development during the first years of life?
  • What are favorite people and how can you become one?
  • What 4 supplements, including vitamin D, have been shown to improve the symptoms of autism in clinical studies published in scientific journals?
  • What are their appropriate dosages and possible side effects?

The higher the degree of autism someone has, the greater the dedication needed to apply these pieces of advice. However, this book guides you step-by-step, using many examples written in an easy-to-understand language.

What’s more, if you have Asperger’s Syndrome, this book will help you understand how your brain works and how you must adjust your daily routines to reduce your anxiety and lead a better life.

Based on more than a decade of experience with people with autism and an extensive research in the scientific literature, biographical reports and reference works, Tiago Henriques â?? independent author, researcher and educator â?? guides you through each of the unique characteristics of the autistic mind, their special needs, and the right strategies to meet each one of those needs.

This practical guide is an essential reading for parents of children with autism, educators and teachers, and anyone with autism.

199 Ways To Make Your Good Marriage Great or Your Bad Marriage Better or Get Your X Back!: Romance your spouse or intended or X.

by Richard W Linford

199 Ways To Make Your Good Marriage Great or Your Bad Marriage Better or Get Your Spouse Back.
Romance and improve your marriage today!
Romance your spouse or intended or X.

Body Language. What their Body is Saying But their Mouths are not Telling You.: The ultimate guide to Speed Reading Body Language Easily

by Thomas Trautmann

Your body language, or the way you use different parts of your bodies when you are in public, in a relationship, is a very important indicator of your mental state. Several experts have noted how you can read people’s minds just by looking at their bodies. This is known as body language reading.

What men often refer as the women’s sixth sense is in fact the female brain’s over-developed ability to read body language.

Learning the basic skills to read your partner’s body language is going to help you save your couple, improve your relationships, and even date with more success!

From the hands to the eyes, learn how to read what other people subconsciously think and become the master of persuasion.

Freedom Caged in Trumpâ??s Racist Right America: Information Technology Overuse Blamed for Surveillance State

by Dave Masko

Freedom Caged in Trump’s Racist Right America, by Dave Masko. American under Trump seems like a fantasy world, a world of lies and evil racist delusions; while America’s greatest task is to now find “reality” without “Trump screwing things up,” say deeply concerned seniors in the wake of Donald Trump lies and deceptions “that tell us these are not little things, but impeachable things that need fixing now before more Americans feel their freedoms caged.” The seniors think good Americans know that Trump suffering is ubiquitous. So they say the best solution is to, “give Trump darkness the middle finger, while laughing more or risk allowing the Trump cancer to remain in this current evil Donald Trump inspired roars, growls and tweet squawks that are all lies. A holy woman reminds us that “A brown-skinned Jew named Jesus would likely throw-up today in 2018 if Jesus witnessed what Republican backers of Donald Trump are doing to hurt American values in God’s name,” said Bonnie Vogel, a 78-year-old grandmother who participated in the famed Women’s March on Washington “We have Chief of Staff General John Kelly threatening and then firing former Trump aide Omarosa because Kelly said it was an â??integrity’ issue when there is zero integrity in this White House that masterminds the caging of thousands of migrant children seeking asylum in this Land of the Free,” added Vogel with tears in her eyes. “People view Trump’s 2016 presidential victory as mostly a backlash against having a black president for eight years,” added the old woman with fear on her face saying, “I don’t recognize anything in the way of integrity going on in the White House. Vogel also thinks “Trump does a bang-up job of lifting fear and hate of working-class white voters who view Trump’s strategy on that stupid â??Apprentice’ television reality show as proof that old Trump can cut a good deal; when it’s a lie via Trump even used a ghost writer to pen his infamous â??Art of the Deal.’ Trump messes with Mexicans and people of color because its red meat in terms of Trump’s evil promises to restore white pride in America again,” added the woman. Vogel once considered becoming a Catholic nun. This would be “Sister of Mercy” thinks its “hypocritical that Trump flouted Christian values his entire public life as a cheating husband and truly vulgar human being with zero character, would suddenly embrace Christian values as a newbie Republican. Go figure this and other Trump lies as meant to deceive, distract and totally â??cage’ our American freedom,” added Vogel who is especially upset with “this fake president for his crass exploitation of faith, with Pence and the other so-called â??Christian’ Republicans allowing this crass hypocrisy of faith in God and the presidency.” At the end of the day, the American citizenry are human beings with limits that Trump tests daily until Trump is finally ordered to pay his debt to the American public and be impeached, say many seniors here along the West coast where real fear about the loss of freedoms under the Trump administration drives this special “new journalism” report with probing essays about the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of Trumpism in this dystopian “Big Brother” information technology surveillance state where everyone is assimilated by the machine and the all-powerful artificial intelligence (AI) presence online that literally runs the world.

De príncipes y cuentos… y más cuentos: Novela Corta Juvenil (Spanish Edition)

by Meysbol Torres Herrera

Arianna Rossi se cansó de tanto cuento. Una novela corta que cuenta la historia de una niña que creció creyendo en cuentos y príncipes azules, una hermosa niña que encuentra el amor y despierta de la más dura forma a una realidad ajena a los cuentos de fantasía que tanto anheló.
Convertirse en mujer siendo presa de los maltratos de su príncipe azul la llevarán al extremo, su perdida de toda libertad inspirará a muchas jóvenes propensas a ser víctimas de algún tipo de abuso en sus relaciones amorosas. Un libro de amor, de lucha y de empoderamiento femenino que te cautivará hondamente.
¿Cómo salir de una relación tóxica? Una decisión.
Una novela de princesas, bosques encantados, castillos, hechizos y desencantos. Historia de amor y desamor.

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