Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 19 Aug 18

The Chieftain’s Choice (The Wolf Deceivers Book 1)

by Elaine Manders

Alana McWayre is a lovely, docile lass of noble lineage, but no man will offer her marriage. She is the daughter of a notorious traitor who decimated the clan during a post-Jacobite uprising. Having grown up lonely and unloved, she’s astonished when the dying and much revered chieftain of Clan Carmichael chooses her to wed his younger son. She’s perplexed when the older son and heir, Gavin Carmichael, arrives to claim her as his bride. Hasn’t her beautiful cousin, Vanora, the heiress of Gilmour Hall, boasted since girlhood she will marry Gavin to enjoin their bordering lands?

Gavin expects nothing more from his arranged marriage to Alana than a compliant wife who will produce the future heir and an escape from her malicious, deceitful cousin. He underestimates Vanora’s schemes, however. Trouble erupts between the Carmichael and Gilmour clans. With rumors swirling of tainted blood and witchcraft, Alana becomes a prisoner in her own home.

Attacks on his wife stir Gavin’s protective nature, and his feelings quickly turn to love. But it will take a higher power to save Alana from the evil hidden behind the walls of Gilmour Hall.

Mail Order Bride: Catherine: The Courageous Orphan Brides (Western Historical Romance)

by Cassie Malone


No nineteen-year old should have to spend her birthday like Catherine Lamott, burying her entire family after a devastating illness took their lives. After her father’s debtors left her almost penniless and her fiancé broke their engagement, Catherine considers it fate when she learns about the mail order bride program from a stranger.

Catherine corresponds with Samuel Cardwell, a businessman looking for a wife and partner to help manage his mercantile in booming Texarkana. Having decided it the perfect match for a St. Louis born and bred, educated young woman, she catches the train to meet her suitor. But she does not bargain for the man waiting at the end of her long journey.

Jackson Trimble is content on his ranch, raising cattle and working hard from sun up to sun down to help him forget the tragedy of his past. When he hires a young innocent woman who is down on her luck to be his cook and housekeeper, he does not anticipate that his feelings for her would go beyond a purely business proposition.

Catherine’s story is a clean short read western historical romance in the “Courageous Orphan Brides” series.

Each story is a complete standalone story.

Cultivating Gratitude: Enhance your life and relationships with the simple power of gratitude

by Patty Hlava

Gratitude is the quickest way to improve your relationships with your romantic partner, co-workers, friends, and even casual acquaintances. When you learn how to make gratitude an intentional part of your daily life, it becomes a protection that helps weather all storms. “Cultivating Gratitude” outlines simple yet powerful ways to bring appreciation and thankfulness into your life. Even if thoughts and expressions of gratitude don’t come easily to you, the good news is that gratitude can be learned – and Cultivating Gratitude shows you how. The step-by-step practices outlined in this book will help you develop habits of gratitude, which will bring greater joy, hope, and love into your day-to-day experiences.

Mail Order Bride: Christmas Miracles (Christmas Brides Book 1)

by Emma Ashwood

Millicent Cranhurst has a hearing disability, developed as a young girl. Raised in high Boston society by nannies and tutors, she has been somewhat of an embarrassment and disappointment to her socialite parents. While her older sister has secured a husband, Millicent faces banishment to her cruel grandparents in Paris. Her life will not be worth living, and she accepts the help of the family’s loving cook to escape this prospect.

Jessie lives in the simple wooden cabin he built in the Utah countryside, with his precious son, Joseph, while his beloved Stacey lies buried out back beneath a simple white cross. Joseph needs a mama and Jessie and the house need a woman’s touch.

The Cranhurst’s cook, Patricia smuggles young Millie out of the city and she is soon journeying alone to her new life in Breakmill, Utah, to be a wife and mother. She had lied to Jessie Swanter during their brief correspondence by letter, and it was quite plausible that he would reject her once he found out that she was deaf. She would cross that bridge when she got to it.

From then on in Millie’s life is filled with bridges to cross, sometimes perilous, often pleasant and always character-building. Join this young lady and her brave husband, as their intrepid little family weather all that life throws at them and celebrate the blessings scattered upon them. Can the hearts of selfish parents be changed? Can one family have more than just that ONE Christmas miracle in their lifetime?

Millie learns that you don’t need lavish parties and an exquisitely decorated house to experience the true meaning of Christmas; all you need is love and family.

The Tangled Roots of Bent Pine Lodge (White Pine Trilogy Book 1)

by Jane O’Brien

Kate Lemanski’s world has been shattered with one family problem after another. When she inherits her family’s log home in West Michigan, she returns to the river property to make a new start and to put the pieces of her life back together.

As soon as she meets the handsome stranger who lives through the wooded path, Kate immediately feels a connection, but is unsure of what it is. Living alone in the woods along a river presents some challenges, but it isn’t long before she begins to feel like herself again. When she starts to dig into her family tree, a long-time hobby, she discovers some new and unsettling facts. But what does it all mean for her and her new found relationship with the man next door?

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