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A Family Shattered: Book Two in the Michal’s Destiny Series

by Roberta Kagan

“A Family Shattered” is book two in the “Michal’s Destiny” series

Taavi Margolis is arrested on Kristallnacht when he races out of his apartment to protect his daughter’s fiancée, Benny, who is being attacked and killed by a gang of Nazi thugs as they pillage and destroy the streets of a little Jewish neighborhood in Berlin. Taavi’s wife, Michal and their two daughters stare in horror through the window as Benny is savagely murdered. Then, they watch helplessly as the gang turns their attention to Taavi. They beat him with clubs until he is on his knees and bleeding on the pavement. When the police arrive, instead of arresting the perpetrators, they force Taavi into the back of a black automobile and take him away. Michal, pulls her daughters close to her. No one speaks but all three of them have the same unspoken questions. Will they ever see their beloved husband and Papa again? They realize, after tonight, the Anti-Semitism that is growing like a cancer all around them can no longer be ignored. Their future is uncertain. What will become of this family, what will become of the Jews? This is the story of the struggle of one Jewish family, to survive against the unfathomable threat of the Third Reich.

The Far Journey: A Timeslip Novel of Survival on the Oregon Trail

by Tom Reppert

Young, sharp-tongued Paula Masters, used to her cell phones, cherry lattes and designer jeans, suddenly finds herself thrust back in time to 1848 and the Oregon Trail. In modern life, she rebels against the curfews and restrictions of her day, seeing them as unfair hardships. But now in this alien world with its buffalo stampedes, wild Indians, and deadly pestilence, she is about to find out what real hardships are. To get home, she must set aside her Rude Girl persona and learn how to survive.

On the trek, Paula meets young Daniel Langdon, hunter and part-time scout, and an infatuation quickly becomes a great passion. She realizes this is the love of her life and to get home she will have to leave him behind.

In the tradition of Outlander, The Far Journey is a grand epic of love and tragedy, loyalty and betrayal, peril and survival. Throughout, Paula Masters is tested in body and soul and must discover the strength and toughness inside her.

“It has all the elements that make a good book hard to put down.” Foster Cline, M. D., author of Parenting with Love and Logic.

“What a grand, mind-bending tale Tom Reppert has spun!” Jim Payne, author of One Inch above the Water.

“An Intriguing story that captures you from the first page.” Sara Vinduska, author of Reflections.

A Relative Invasion: The Prequel

by Rosalind Minett

What happened before 1937 and the relative invasion? Readers have asked about the family before the boys were born. Did the adults’ previous lives predetermine the dramatic events that finally explode in Book Three? Judge for yourself as the older generation give some account of their pre-war life.
A Relative Invasion (“This well-executed emotional drama” (Historical Novel Society)) explores the fateful relationship between Billy and his talented but devious cousin, Kenneth, and how this mirrors the tensions and explosive situation in forties Europe.

The background story to the fateful rivalry between cousins Billy and Kenneth. That rivalry

From Ice Wagon to Clubhouse: The Life of Jude Mooney

by Viola Russell

At fifteen years old, Jude Mooney is driving an ice wagon to help his struggling Irish immigrant family. An obedient son and devoted brother, he willingly works in the sweltering New Orleans heat along with his friend, Pete Saluto, to help his pious and respectable parents. When his older brother’s suicide leaves the family nearly destitute and shame-ridden, Jude seeks employment in the infamous Storyville of old New Orleans, becoming the confidante of the many characters who populated Emma Johnson’s establishment.

When his parents learn of his activities, Jude leaves the family nest, becoming even more embroiled in the seedy lifestyle until a disastrous encounter forces him to leave town and join his relatives in Ireland. It is in his ancestral birthplace that he meets the fiery Maeve and joins the fight for Irish independence and then, paradoxically, the British army when his love turns sour. Upon his return from the front, he seeks Maeve, who has had his twin sons.

Together, they return to New Orleans. A series of losses then force Jude into an uneasy alliance with the powerful mob family, the Matrangas. He rises in the ranks of the Matranga “family,” becoming a valuable cog in the wheel of their bootlegging and horse-racing empire. However, any links to the mob brings risks. How much more will Jude lose as the Feds pursue the men who supply the country with the illicit nectar?

Stone Heart

by Peter J Merrigan


For two boys in ancient Ireland, their lives are about to change forever.

Following the raiding skirmishes of an invading nation, Ireland forms its first ever standing army. Made up of the boys of its uniting tribes, they train not just to fight, but to win.

Young Áed finds himself far from his family, training and working in a hillfort that overlooks the North. With his best friend, Rónán, they grow and learn together:

What it means to fight, and what it means to love.

But as they grow into the legends they are duty-bound to become, not even the druids will have the power to stop the course of destiny.

A Celtic novel of war, love and survival in a time of Ireland’s fiercest warriors.

In der Nacht weint meine Stadt: Eine Novelle zum Roman Was wir zu hoffen wagten (German Edition)

by Michaela Saalfeld

Ein Krieg. Zwei Schicksale. Eine tragische Liebesgeschichte.

Godelieve hat ihr ganzes Leben in der flandrischen Stadt Ypern verbracht. Im Schatten der berühmten Tuchhallen wächst sie auf, heiratet und gründet eine Familie. Doch plötzlich bricht der Erste Weltkrieg aus, und das kleine Ypern liegt direkt an der Front. Godelieves Familie flieht, sie selbst jedoch bringt es nicht übers Herz, ihre kranke Mutter zurückzulassen. Ohne Unterstützung und ohne Geld bleibt ihr kein anderer Ausweg, als sich als Hure in einem Bordell zu verdingen.

Dort trifft sie auf Scott, einen jungen britischen Captain. Von den Schrecken des Krieges gezeichnet, sucht er Trost in den Armen Godelieves. Keiner von ihnen hat eine Liebesgeschichte im Sinn – und dennoch entwickeln sie Gefühle füreinander. Entgegen aller Vernunft hoffen die beiden auf eine glücklichere Zukunft. Aber um sie herum tobt weiter unerbittlich der Krieg …

Die Novelle zum Roman “Was wir zu hoffen wagten” von Michaela Saalfeld jetzt als eBook von beHEARTBEAT – Herzklopfen garantiert.

Die Novelle enthält eine Leseprobe aus dem Roman “Was wir zu hoffen wagten” .

I Ging: klassisches chinesisches philosophisches Orakel â?? Das Buch der Wandlungen (German Edition)

by unbekannter chinesischer Autor

Das I Ging ist ein altes, durch klassische chinesische Philosophie geprägtes Orakel, das bei der Beantwortung von ungelösten Fragen hilft. Früher wurden dazu Stengel der Schafgarbe geworfen, was für uns heute, schon wegen des Mangels an Schafgarbe in deutschen Städten, nur schwer durchzuführen ist. Ebensogut kann man seine Fragen an das Orakel mit sechs Würfen von drei gleichen Kupfermünzen stellen. Der Wert jedes Wurfs wird notiert, aus diesen Zahlen ergibt sich das Hexagramm für die Antwort des Orakels. Ein Hexagramm mit Wandlungssymbolen gibt zwei Antworten.

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