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Is Someone You Love Addicted To Mobile Devices: Understanding Smartphone and Internet Addiction

by Vicky Burke

Smartphone and internet addiction focused on the brain chemistry of young people who were diagnosed as being addicted to using their smartphones or the internet. This book tells what some consequences of smartphone and internet addiction could be. Ask yourself do you spend to much time on social media or your smartphone? Do you know what to look out for as signs that you or someone you love might be Someone addicted to mobile devices or the internet.

Physics Made Easy: Measurements, Scalars and Vectors

by Godgift Kome Umukoro

The aim of writing this book is to help you, the student to have a strong foundation and achieve high scores in Physics exams. To derive the maximum benefit from the book, it is important that you devote some time to reading carefully through this book which contains strategies for providing appropriate answers to the examination questions.
The main purpose of any examination is to test the candidate’s understanding of the subject matter. The first step in preparing for an examination is thus to have a good mastery of the subject. In Physics this is usually acquired through a long period of study and consistent problem- solving. Most of the candidates sitting for the examinations are expected to have undergone several years of formal instruction in a secondary school. Assimilation of the basic concepts and principles of Physics, like most other subjects, is difficult to acquire overnight.
This book will be found to be a valuable companion to the candidate during the preparations for college entrance examinations. It is made up of twenty chapters which cover the entire syllabuses of the examinations, preceded by an introduction on strategies for taking the examinations. Each chapter consists:

Concise Revision Notes highlighting key points, essential definitions, laws and principles , description of physical phenomena and relevant equations.

True or False-Type Questions which have been carefully phrased in order to focus the candidate’s attention on key and subtle points which students often find confusing.

Detailed Explanations to the True or False type questions.

Revision Check-list highlighting all the essential points which the candidate needs to learn before attempting the examinations.

The layout of the book is such that the candidate will find it very helpful even without the aid of a teacher. It is thus a comprehensive self-help study pack which guarantees an excellent performance both in class and examinations.
This edition of the book comprise the following topic: (i) Measurement, Scalars and Vectors

Better Brain! Super Brain! Supercharge Your Brain! Supercharge Your Brain 1208 Ways!

by Richard W. Linford

Better Brain! Super Brain! Supercharge Your Brain! Supercharge Your Brain 1208 Way! Use this study to create your own plan to supercharge your brain!

Want Better College Grades? Learn the 9 Habits for Straight A’s

by Andrew Kier

Learn the 9 time-tested habits that will launch your grades to the top of your class.

You’ll also learn:
Why you should plan your term in advance
Whether you should recopy your notes
Why you shouldn’t sit in the 1st row
The 3 steps for test preparation
How to manage group projects
What attitude you need to adopt

When you are ready to increase your GPA, this is the time-tested guidebook that has been a proven road map to get you there.

Role of Java Classes To Solve DNA Sequencing and Motif Finding Problems In Bio Informatics: Bio Informatics Dry lab Experiments

by Senthilkumaran K

Role of Java Classes To Solve DNA Sequencing and Motif Finding Problems In Bio Informatics – Bio Informatics Dry lab Experiments

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