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Downtown Portland (Sentinel Hotel)

by Janelle Lassalle

Downtown Portland is the place to be. Enjoy this spotlight with a curated Microguide to the Downtown district. We’ve got recommendations for places to eat, see, shop, and drink!

52 Sleeps


52 Sleeps is an e-book from showcasing an amazing hotel stay for every week of the year.

We’ve handpicked a collection of the UK’s most inspired and original hotels and tied them in with local events, quirky festivals and seasonal happenings, to give you a year’s worth of short breaks that are a little less ordinary.

From castles, spas and cosy inns to country manors, boutique B&Bs and even a boat hotel – discover 52 fabulous hotel stays spread all across the UK.

Whether it’s a stunning view, beautiful architecture, mouth-watering food or an award-winning spa, these properties are all special in their own way. And we hope you’ll use 52 Sleeps to find some great inspiration for your short breaks throughout 2014.


by John Reinhard Dizon

Based on the life of West Texas pioneer J.D. “Big John” Sanders, Generations is a celebration of Irish heritage, a story of indomitable spirit and unfailing vision, and of relentless pursuit of the American dream.

After a whirlwind romance with the formidable Nora Brooks, Big John forges a cattle town in the rugged West Texas frontier during World War I. Thirty years later, Marion Kidd Sanders journeys to New York in pursuit of fame and fortune â?? and brings the family name to new heights.

A historical family saga that spans nearly a millennia, Generations takes you deep into the lives of one family: from their beginnings in medieval Ireland, through to Boston, Texas and modern-day New York.

English – Telugu Conversation Guide (Conversation Guides Book 1)

by Aarthi Janyavula

A practical handbook for Telugu learners.
This book guides you to make Telugu conversations in the easiest way. Starting with essential words and sentence construction techniques, it continues with everyday life situations where they can be applied.
It contains plenty of tips and facts about the different ways of saying something (casual, formal, etc.) that can be used in different situations such as travelling, shopping, eating, emergency, etc.
Grammar explanations are kept as minimal as possible in order to focus on making basic conversations.
Start reading and speak like a local in no time!

SOUTH AMERICA: SPANISH TRAVEL PHRASES for ENGLISH SPEAKERS: The most useful phrases to get around when travelling in South America

by Sarah Retter

Do you want to travel with ease and elegance through South america?

This is the solution for your communication problems to get what you need whenever you need it. No hassles!

You can access the phrase you need by using a clickable table of contents that will lead you to the topic you are looking for:

Bank, Bar, Boutique, Bus travel, Business meetings, Café, Car accidents, Car rental, Car travel, Children, Cinema, Communication, Consulate, Customs, Directions, Discomfort, Embassy, Gas station, Hairdresser, Health, Hotel, Luggage, Metro travel, Money, Passport, Personal accidents, Personal information, Phone, Plane and airport, Professions, Restaurant, Supermarket, Taxi, Theatre, Time and date, Train travel, Visa, Weather

Or you can find the phrase you need by searching the keyword in the “search and find” tab of your mobile device.

When you find it you can show the phrase in you mobile device to the person and solve the problem right away!

Download you copy today and travel safe and confident!

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