Free business and investing Kindle books for 21 Aug 18

Become an Micro-entrepreneur with AirBnB

by Chrissie Stephen

Reasons why this book is great:
1 – Quick and easy to read, it gives you answers before you have thought of the questions!
2 – This book shows you how easy it is to become a micro-entrepreneur using Airbnb
3 – In your hands you have a proven ‘plan of action’ to ensure success!
4 – The author is already a successful Airbnb host and is letting you into the secrets!

More about this book:
Everybody reaches a time when – for whatever reason- they could do with some extra cash. This book encourages and explains how you can turn your spare room into a money spinning asset!

Even more about this book:
The reason behind this book is that the writer has used Airbnb successfully and wants you to do the same! She learned the hard way with her husband, but wants you to be able to read this book and then confidently launch a really successful business with no fuss, high standards and importantly…. high return… This is the perfect blueprint for micro-entrepreneurs which will encourage you to make 2018 the year for a financial bonus!

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