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Heartwood (The Elemental Wars Book 1)

by Freya Robertson

Winner of the New Zealand Sir Julius Vogel Sci-Fi & Fantasy Award for Best Novel.

Previously published by Angry Robot Books.

A dying tree, a desperate quest, a love story, a last stand.

When Chonrad was a child, the Arbor turned him away. As an adult, he comes to Heartwood for the Congressus peace talks with mixed feelings, but he is prepared to put aside his resentment to keep peace in the land. And then the Darkwater Lords attack.

Now the tree is dying, its heart stolen. The real meaning of the Veriditasâ??the ancient power of the greeningâ??has been lost. The tree’s roots are no longer keeping the land alive.

The four peoples of Anguis and the Militis knights of Heartwood must work together to save the Arbor. Chonrad discovers he can provide the vital link between the people and the land as the element of water begins to rise. Will he help? Or will he turn his back on the tree who rejected him?

There will be journeys to the ends of the earth, to the bottom of the ocean, and to the deepest part of the hearts of men and women. Truth, honesty, and love will triumph, but the Darkwater Lords are many and powerful, and only the strong will prevailâ?¦

Book 1: Heartwood
Book 2: Sunstone

Fans of Terry Brooks, Katherine Kerr, and Marion Zimmer Bradley will love this epic journey!

Magic Runes

by Devyn Jayse

Meet Carmen Rebello – Rune Witch, owner of the best magic store in Barcelona, and black sheep of her family.

When Carmen successfully removes a spell from a bewitched human, she never thought she would get ensnared in an ongoing Supernatural Bureau of Investigation case. Her life is already complicated by trying to stay hidden from her powerful family members, Carmen can’t afford the attention of joining the investigation but the SBI insist on her involvement. Add an annoying (but hot) SBI agent and her life is getting more difficult by the day. Can she help the SBI without exposing her identity?

Magic Runes is the intriguing first novel in the Magic Runes series. If you enjoy stories filled with supernatural creatures, magic and mystery, and a sprinkle of romance in an urban fantasy setting, this is the book for you!

Story also contains:
-A snarky gargoyle
-Psychic friend
-Feisty supernaturals

Going Home (Cedar Valley Hauntings Book 1)

by Renee Bradshaw

Ashes to ashes. Dust to life? What is buried must not come backâ?¦but what happens when it does?

Meg must face unimaginable questions after the death of her abusive father. The old family home lies deep in the woods of Cedar Valley, Oregonâ??a place she never thought she would return toâ??and it is her job to clear out years of her father’s hoarding and place the house on the market. One week of work, then Meg is back out of town and free again.

The past returns with her first step over the threshold. A mother, who abandoned her as a young child, haunts her dreams. A beloved aunt, dead eleven years, conveys warnings to Meg from her decaying mouth. Soon, she is faced with a choice she thought she had left behind all those years ago:

Run away from the home that never truly left her mind and hope this time it stays in Oregon. Or stay and uncover the truth about herself and the women in her family that came before her.

Mark of a Witch’s Slave (Descendants of the Witch Migration Book 1)

by Angeline Brown

Created as a haven for all, Wiccandra was supposed to be a safe place…

Trapped in a house fire, Poppy and her younger brother, Mike, have no possible way to escape. As death is about to claim them, rescue arrives from the most unlikely of places. Dragged to a world created by witches centuries ago, they find themselves under the protection of an elephant named Jelani. However, the magical beast’s strength may not be enough to help them survive the dangers of a world filled with witches, warlocks, and other fairy tale creatures.

Targeted by an evil coven, Poppy and Mike find themselves in peril as Mike is whisked away to become a sacrifice to the Great White Trees, and Poppy is left in the hands of a cruel slave trader. Things go from bad to worse as she prepares to be sold to the highest bidder in a sick world so unlike her own. Though Poppy knows Jelani and the other friends she’s made along the way are searching for her, she’s determined to escape the slave trade because she is no one’s property!

Magic and mayhem unite as Poppy and her friends fight to overcome the evils of a magical world built to save the very people it is destroying. Surviving won’t be easy, but nothing in Wiccandra is.

Stranger Dreams

by Alyssa Stevens

They speak to her in dreams.

She’s spent her life trying to hide from them.

Kate leads a quiet life teaching psychology and researching her next book. She’s got it together, she’s not the scared little girl she once was. But dark things lurk-not only in her dreams but in the sinister halls of the closing down mental hospital she’s working in. Now the dreams are back, and Kate is in dangerâ?¦and one man can protect her. If he’ll believe her.

Gray has been a cop long enough to know crazy when he sees it. And crazy isn’t the word he’d use to describe the beautiful professor. She’s a victim, a witness in his murder investigation, and should be off limits. Keeping his hands off the lady doctor will be hard. Dealing with the strange things happening to her will be even harder.

Something is stirring deep within the walls of the mental hospital. Something worse than madness and lost souls. Kate may the only one who can stop it before it’s too late…

Warning: This book contains elements of horror, lots of f-bombs, and some seriously hot love scenes. Not for anyone under 18. Not for the squeamish. If you don’t like being creeped out, not for you. If you don’t like smoking hot heroes with attitude problems, not for you. And if you don’t love strong, smart women who kick ass, definitely not for you.

The Shining One (The Swordswoman Book 2)

by Malcolm Archibald

Fresh from the campaign against the Norse, Melcorka the Swordswoman is unsettled. She wishes revenge on Egil the Norseman for the death of her mother, yet knows that Defender, her magic sword, cannot kill without cause.

After Bradan the Wanderer, her pacific companion, arranges for her to visit the seer Fitheach to settle her mind, she receives a dire warning. They head toward the Western Isles in search of knowledge, facing many dangers on their path.

With the help of pirate leader Osprey and Hector, leader of the Ulvust, they forge on toward the Standing Stones of Callanish to face the most fearsome foe of all: The Shining One.

The Shining One is a standalone novel and can be enjoyed even if you haven’t read other books in the series.

Far Endeavor: A Windflower Saga Novella (The Windflower Saga Book 9)

by Aleksandra Layland

Awarded a Silver Medal in the 2018 FAPA (Florida Authors and Publishers Association) President’s Book Awards in the Young Adult (Romance/Coming of Age/New Adult) Fiction category, Far Endeavor is a book suitable for adult and young adult readers alike.
Set in the medieval-like world of Kimbria, it tells the story of the eldest mixed-race son of King Ansgar and High Chief Keholani, who are the romantic protagonists in the epic fantasy novel “Ansgar: The struggle of a People. The Triumph of the Heart.” (Part I of the Windflower Saga trilogy). Named Lord Branimir Rongo of Ansgar at birth and later known as Brother Branimir, he is is one of few characters mentioned in all three parts of The Windflower Saga trilogy without being a major character in any of them.
What brought the eldest son in a royal family to a rugged island far from home, wearing only the robe of a lay brother and searching for any indigenous survivors of a cruel and unjust exile? This is the story of a young man born to nobility who chooses a life of simplicity, service, and struggle. This is a story of love in its broadest sense and truest meaning. For a reader unfamiliar with The Windflower Saga, it’s a blend of adventure, romance, and self-discovery.
For readers familiar with the story of Ansgar, “Far Endeavor” solves the mystery of Keholani’s lost family, who left Kimbria when she was only 8 years old and were never heard of again. It also tells the charming romance stories of Branimir’s next two siblings in age, his brother Kahu and his sister Keho. But the major part of the novella is devoted to Branimir’s own journey, from his comfortable role as a future professor at a prestigious university, to his finding and helping the only other intact and extant, albeit threatened, indigenous community in the region to survive under precarious conditions and threat of annihilation. In this, he mirrors his own father’s life and service to the Kimbrii people of Kimbria.
“Far Endeavor” is an inspiring tale of one man’s journey to move beyond his assumed future in life, to find that something so much broader and bigger in impact awaits him. Branimir is a hero who doesn’t fight for justice with weapons of steel, but with weapons of law, learning, love, and devotion.

Flat Earth Physics


An in-depth look at the shape of our planet.

BILLION DOLLAR: PLAYING IT COOL: ( Billionaire Alpha Male Sweet Romance) ((Contemporary Billionaire Romance, New Adult Romance) Book 1)





A young maiden from the lonely mining town of Blackwood where her mother works, fixes her marriage to an elderly of 52. Being a girl with a religious upbringing and devoted to her mother, Jana a bit of a over sexed girl gives her consent to her mother and gets married to Ramos. Her marriage does not last long. She meets a young stranger in town who happened to be the owner of virtually the whole town. She begins to have a clandestine with the young man.

Ramos her estranged husband coming to know of her affair with someone who he cannot ever dream of fighting, has no option but to abandon Jana and disappear from her life. Jana then begins to be more bold and she spends more time with her young lover. Later they decide to get married and after marriage Jana is forced to change her way of life to fit into her billionaire husband’s society. She takes up the challenge and educates herself and comes out with flying colors. With a college degree under her belt. Happy beyond any misgiving her husband, Carl, rewards her with a very special dinner outing and a fabulous session of love making./

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