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Blood Price: Unnatural Love Lasts Forever (Noble Of Blood Trilogy Book 1)

by A. L. Wright

Josaleene started out as a poor girl raised by her mother. Never having anything of her own growing up, she dreamed of one day meeting a rich Noble to take care of her. Desperate to change her ill-fated future, she carefully planned a way to get into one of their lavish parties with the hopes to meet one.

A Noble wasn’t just some rich human. A Noble was much different. They were a race of human creatures who were broodingly dark, beautiful and powerful. They all lived within an enormous palace under the peaceful rule of their leader, The Patriarch. To become a Noble, you had to be chosen and turned by dark magicks. And then leave all thoughts of a human existence behind.

Poor, destitute Josaleene just wanted to be Chosen and turned into a Noble, to live in the palace and never want for anything again. She did not expect to fall in love, to be loved in return, or to be thrown in the middle of an ages old war that threatened to wipe out all life.

Learning that Josaleene may have to sacrifice herself to save everyone’s lives spurs her Noble lover, Dartein, into action, sending him racing across the land for answers to save her. Will he find what he needs to save their love? Or will they end up paying the ultimate Blood Price?

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