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Morals: Dilemma for the Anesthetised Mind (Individual & Society Book 2)

by Tom Noel-Morgan

Are you a moral individual? Do you consider yourself an ethical person? What about in business? Is it important to be moral in business, or will your successes justify anything you do? If you think so, I’m afraid you’re not alone â?¦

Here is an introductory essay discussing the impact of a moral individual in a modern society that wants to escape the moral repercussions of its decisions. The contentions between State, Religion, Science and Secularism are briefly explored alongside the idea of personal conscience and free will.

Is Religion the villain in modern democracies, or is the laic State more intrusive? If the State is laic but the majority of a population is not, how legitimate is legislation that usurps taxpayers’ money to pursue religiously questionable goals? Is mere pluralism the width and breadth of a genuine democracy? Should moral tolerance be infinite? What part does intolerance play? Hard questions are the ones worth asking, but there are not enough people asking them. Explore these subjects and awaken your mind to the central dilemma of our generation. Wake up to the chief contention of our age.

Roughly Polished: If You Knew Better, Youâ??d do better

by P.S Banks

Talib is a regular guy, who’s not your average guy. A heart-broken heart-breaker and seeker on a quest
to make sense of the ambiguousness of life and authenticity. His playful observance and at times
precarious entanglement with friends, lovers, associates and acquaintances past and present reveal to
him the degree to which every choice echoes.

One a comically ill-fated couples trip to Chicago with his girlfriend Helena and friends, Bryce and Aryanna,
erupts in furniture-shaking squabbles, spilled liquor and sleeping in hotel lobbies. Talib is rudely
awakened to the reality that love and honesty cannot be given in earnest to anyone else until you give
them to yourself.

If he knew better, he’d do better. Talib’s learning and he wants to remind you that no matter how much!
smut and coal is caked inside each of us, there are jewels and gems to excavate.

ninsikinokanatanomono: keanohonsitunana (Japanese Edition)

by inamochishouzou

ã??人é??とは認è­?のã?なã?のè??でã?ã??ã?ï¼?岩ç?°2015:107ï¼?ã??そã??はã?äººé??とはã?èªè­?できなã?ã??のとæ?ã?ã?ã¨ã?ã?ã?とでã?ã??ã??ä»?è??は認è­?できなã?ã??ç?æ?§ç??にæ¦?念å??ï¼?conceptï¼?できなã?のでã?ã??ã??æ¦?念ã??はã??ã?にè¶?ã?ã?ã??のなのだã??å?·ä½?ç??にè¨?ã?ばã?å??ã?っã?とæ?ã£ã?ç?¬é??にã?ã?でにæ??ã?殻だã?ã??æ®?ã?てç«?ちå?»ã£ã¦ã?ã??とã?ã?ç?¶æ³ã ã??
ã??ä»?è??とはã?ã?のã??ã?にã??ã?ã?ã??なã?ã??のã?ã??å??å?¨ã?てã?ã??ã??ã??認è­?のã?なã?のè??ã?ãªã®ã ã??ã??ã?ã??ã?ä»?è??ã?ã??ã?å??æ?ã®å¿?ç­?ã?è¿?ってきã?ã??ã?ãã??ã?そè?³ç¦ã®å??びとなã??のだã?ã?ã??幸ã?とはã?のã??ã?なå?¶ã¿ã§ã?ã??ã??

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