Free reference Kindle books for 21 Aug 18

Photographic Memory: How to improving your memory ( Accelerated Learning,unlimited memory)

by Lawrence Franz

Do you have problems with memory? Does your partner constantly berate you for forgetting important days in his or her life?

Is your boss fed up of having to remind you of every deadline of every project?

If any of these questions or other memory-related questions plagues you, then you have come to the right place.

This book has memory improvement techniques that will help improve your brain functioning while giving you amazing opportunities to improve your memory power to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life. So, whether you are a student, teacher, lawyer, translator, accountant or in any other professional, the tips and tricks given in this book will help you improve your memory and lead a more productive and efficient life than before.

The following items are discussed in the book:

The benefits of having excellent memory

The connection between our memory skills and our brain

How do creative thinking and visualization help you improve your memory?

What is the peg system and how to use it?

Tips to remember names

How to create mind maps?

What is the memory palace and how to create one?

Other general memory improvement tips

So, if you want to leverage the advantage of the tips mentioned above and more, click here to buy the book.

My Personal Bank Book: How to beat the bank and pay interest to yourself

by Paul Gregory

Ever wanted to know the real secret to building wealth? Ever wanted to have more money to buy the things you want, invest more and use in an emergency, without having to pay ridiculous interest rates to a bank or a pay-day loan company? With some self-discipline and this book, I can show you how to build your own personal bank over time so that the interest rates you pay in the future on loans for things like cars and holidays can be paid to a bank that you control and increase funds that you can continue to borrow in the future. If used for margin loans to buy shares or other income producing assets, this book could be the key to your new found success in abundant wealth.

My Awakening From Sleep Paralysis: A Queer Eye For A Straight Mind

by Ranulfo Almeida

Growing up, I was never a normal child. I lived a life mostly secluded to hide my identity. I left my Mother Country, to try and live the American Dream but also to run away from the nightmare that it was to be me. .

Some Christ believers do believe that a church is their second home. In the spiritual place I chose as part of my faith, they had a say: prior to being born, we chose our family.  Although I might believe that to be true, it is not always the case when it is the other way around. .

My book is my utopia as a plotted revenge to avenge everyone who has done me wrong; especially every member of my family because to be normal is overrated. .

Dear Mom, Dad, friends and family, may you all burn for eternity in hell for what you have done to me.

Spiritual Gifts in the Bible: Who are prophets in the Bible?

by Cornelius Iida

There are two distinct types of prophets in Scripture. One group produced the Holy Bible, while the other never did. You know that our Lord Jesus taught us His followers to ask our Heavenly Father for gifts to live a productive Christian life. He had in mind the gift of prophecy of the second type, along with those of wisdom, healing, etc. Some of us hesitate to ask, while others of us ask in a wrong way. This booklet attempts to elucidate the right way through examining Biblical passages.

Ghosts of the Red Light District: Sex, Drugs, and Redemption on the Korean Peninsula

by Bradley Knox Bennington

A small-town American boy dreams of escaping his provincial upbringing with his imagination and his musical instrument. Following a life-changing medical catharsis, he is reunited with his estranged father in the most unlikely of places. This coming of age tale is a candid biopic which speaks to the indiscretions of youth and to the universal themes of love, forgiveness and healing on the Korean peninsula.

Enterprise Linux for Government v6: Administer & Secure Red Hat Family Linux version 6

by John Timaeus

Covering the entire Enterprise Linux family (Red Hat, CentOS, Oracle Linux), this book takes you from logging in and navigating the bash command line, through advanced process management and securing a server to DoD standards.

Originally developed for the US Military as a two-week intensive course, Enterprise Linux for Government is a great resource for anyone deploying Linux where security matters. It is suitable for beginners as well as advanced users transitioning to Enterprise Linux.

Part of the JANUS Technical Academy Program, this course is based on Enterprise Linux version 6, released 2010-2017. The current version, Enterprise Linux 7, will be addressed in a future edition of this book.

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