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Tales of the Commonwealth: Compendium (Commonwealth of Planets)

by Tom Noel-Morgan

At a time when Humanity was still recovering from the cataclysms that nearly ended life on Earth, when mankind was but barely done colonising the Solar System, the Commonwealth of Planets was the political institution uniting the Earth and its colonies.
Advertised as a banner under which Humanity could rally to promote both survival and progress, the CoP ushered unprecedented socioeconomic advancement. However, behind this florid image stood the brutal Tudor Regime, governing Earth to dictate the future of mankind.
Leading this dictatorship for more than two centuries was the greatest telepath mankind had ever known.
Loved by millions, hated by billions, the enigmatic Aeneas Tudor had doubtlessly changed the fate of mankind, but he had done so with no small measure of cruelty. Whether he was a hero or a tyrant was something open to your interpretation, but the fact remained that the oldest man alive would not willingly yield to the whims of the people, nor would he surrender his hold on power, even if it meant WAR.
Tom Noel-Morgan’s Tales of the Commonwealth delivers on political intrigue, societal clashes, epic battles and plenty of action and adventure that will keep you itching about what awaits you at the turn of each page. Super-science, space exploration, alien worlds, space pirates and much, much more await your imagination to take form, as we dare to dream together what the future evolution of mankind may bring us.

Captive Girl

by Jennifer Pelland

In this brilliant dark science fiction story from her collection Unwelcome Bodies, Nebula-nominated Jennifer Pelland confronts the handicap that is normality…

Alice watches the skies with two other saviors of humankind, children who were altered into monsters to save a space colony from an attack like the one that killed Alice’s parents. Alice lives in slavery to duty and machines: yet she’s content, supported by the love of her minder, Dr. DeVeaux. Marika.
Then the program is shut down, and Alice is forced to return to normal human functionality.

Loss of purpose…loss of time…loss of her machines.

And the revulsion of her beloved Marika, at Alice’s loss of helplessness.

“Her already-glowing reputation may still be just a hint of promising light on the horizon of those who like their fantastic fiction smart, imaginative, and driven by the mysteries of the human spirit, but each new story as brilliant as â??Brushstrokes’ and â??The Last Stand of the Elephant Man’ brings her inevitable future even closer. Trust me on this: Jennifer Pelland’s star has only just begun to rise.”
â??Adam-Troy Castro, author of Emissaries From the Dead

“Jennifer Pelland is addicted to writing short stories. She’s written an essay about this addiction but you don’t need to read the essay to know it’s true. Each of the tales in this collection is a testament to her love of story-telling, and her imagination. She has a keen sense of irony, and a gift for juxtaposing images and events in a way which enables her to extract emotion at crucial moments from her characters and from the reader.”

“Jennifer Pelland is a very good writer. She can evoke a setting, an environment, a mood in just a few sentences. And she does it so intensely that the reader really feels the fear of touching any potentially diseased subway riders; feels the thirst of a world without water; feels the aloneness that comes behind the metal mask.”

Beyond & Then Some: Tales of Fantasy & Fancy

by Tom Noel-Morgan

“And they were there. Not arrived. Not materialized. Simply there. Existent. Produced in an instant of the most complete anachronism. Their coming almost as insidious and sure as the minute upon the hour and the second upon the minute. They were patient and quiet and impressive.”

Prepare to be dazzled by the unthinkable and the unimaginable in 14 original tales of fancy and fiction that build on sci-fi, fantasy and pop culture to deliver vintage entertainment and food for thought.

Herein the reader will explore the past, the present and the future. You will venture into other dimensions and distant civilizations. You will probe into the human mind and the very fabric of creation. In these pages, you’re invited to immerse yourself in the limits of the supernatural and dare to re-imagine the blurry line between what is and what could be.

Written by daring author Tom Noel-Morgan, BEYOND and THEN SOME is an anthology of science fiction and fantasy short-stories delving into facets of sci-fi, folklore and the paranormal, so to take you far beyond the shores of reality, past the fantastical, beyond the bizarre, and then back towards human nature.

MyLife: Segundo libro (Saga Myself nº 2) (Spanish Edition)

by Adrián González

Katarina vuelve a entrar en acción utilizando todos sus conocimientos en la programación y en su mundo creado dentro de las redes. Con la ayuda de su traje, se mueve en la realidad virtual entre Bugs y fallas para garantizar un nuevo mundo a todos aquellos que yacen en su misma situación. Pero las fallas no dejan de aparece, el reinicio de MyLife es constante, el metaverso vuelve a sus inicios y el gobierno les pisa los talones en busca de una solución a todos los problemas.
Atascados en un mundo unido y super poblado deberá de encontrar la forma de activar su nuevo programa antes de que la creación que la devoró en el pasado, se vuelva una realidad extinguiendo a la humanidad dentro de MySelf.

Professor of Enigmas (Evil Tech Support Origins Book 1)

by Henry Andrew Wong

What if you knew how to teleport objects through space-time?
What if your parents sold you to a mega-corporation that wanted your technology?

Read Professor of Enigmas to find out Bixby’s answers…

From the book:

Ellen said, “The generators are dual-redundant, water shipments will arrive every sixty days and you have use of a shunt line. Use the line sparingly though; it’s metered on your monthly budget at market rates.”

Bixby said, “Even for the weekly update calls?”

“Of course. We aren’t a charity.” She didn’t wait for Bixby to reply. Ellen just turned and walked away, waving in the other direction. “Good luck, Professor. Make it happen.”

He said, “I’m not a professor; I’m an inventor,” knowing it was only to himself. Ellen had given him the tour already and her ship was spinning up to leave. The new remote station could only host three vessels at a timeâ??the other two were a GROK-95 Clydesdale for light cargo and the Blazon Proximaâ??Bixby’s assignment.

The corporate transport lifted twelve feet off the hangar floor, hovered towards the exit portal and zipped away. Bixby finally had a moment to absorb his new home. The staff would be arriving within the week.

He had handpicked three of them, but the other sixteen were most likely assigned to keep an eye on him. Bixby was the only employee at Smeiser without an implantâ??at least as far as he knew. His exemption was hard-earned but that didn’t mean they trusted him. It was also temporary.

Choice’s Choices: The Second Book in the Space Force One Series

by Andrew King

Space Force One has been left stranded in the middle of space. They have no idea if there are any survivors on Earth and they have no idea what else awaits them in the universe. Humanity has taken the biggest blow of all time, but they have managed to survive their own extinction. It is only a matter of time before the Herrons return to finish the job. Tarren Choice emerges from his own sorrow to lead humanity into its next chapter. He will need to find a way for them to survive for the next twenty five years while Earth recovers. He learns to harness his special skills to serve and protect the people that he leads on SFO. In an effort accelerate time, he leads SFO to a new part of the universe where time moves faster. Upon arrival, they discover that they are not alone and they are not safe. Tarren will take us on a journey like none other. All in hopes to return the people of SFO back to Earth.

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