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Crossing Over Easy (Eastwind Witches Book 1)

by Nova Nelson

For a witch like me, death is only the beginning.

My name is Nora Ashcroft. I used to think of myself as a modern woman. I built a successful career as a chef, had more money than I could spend, and nobody told me what to do.

And then I died. Oops.

But death wasn’t the end for me. For some strange reason, I was given a second chance. Now I have to start from scratch in this crazy paranormal realm. You might think I’d be bored in a small town with cobblestone streets and (gasp!) no internet. But not so. Because I’m there only a few hours before I discover that I’mâ??wait for itâ??a witch. Not just any witch. A Fifth Wind witch, meaning I can talk to ghosts. Waving a wand around? Not my strong suit. But I do have a familiar, a giant black dog named Grim, who I can communicate with telepathically. That might sound awesome, but I suggest you reserve judgment until you meet him for yourself.

This new lifestyle is a lot to take in, and it only becomes more complicated when I stumble upon a murdered werewolf. With time running out before the deputy makes an arrest, I enlist the gorgeous owner of the all-night diner to help with my search for clues. If I can’t discover the killer’s identity soon, I can kiss my second chance at life goodbye …

Crossing Over Easy is the first book in the Eastwind Witches series, which is best when enjoyed in order. If you love snarky female sleuths, lighthearted humor, and scrumptious loves interests, you will adore Nova Nelson’s magical cozy mysteries.

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Stranger Danger

by Steve Richer

Don’t trust anyone. Especially children.

After his parents are found murdered, eight-year-old Boyd is sent into foster care. Tori and her husband Lucas believe a child is the one thing that can improve their idyllic suburban life.

They are wrong.

The gifted boy’s unstable nature bubbles to the surface, driving a wedge between Tori and Lucas. She’s certain they can help Boyd with support and therapy, but Lucas has his doubts.

Meanwhile, Detective Gannon is counting down the days until retirement as he investigates the murders.

What he discovers is the stuff of nightmares.

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